When We Walked Above the Clouds

When We Walked Above the Cloudsfree When We Walked Above the Clouds, When We Walked Above the Clouds pdf, When We Walked Above the Clouds pdf free,When We Walked Above the Clouds pdf download, When We Walked Above the Clouds epub, When We Walked Above the Clouds ebook, When We Walked Above the Clouds read online, When We Walked Above the Clouds pdf download, When We Walked Above the Clouds epub, When We Walked Above the Clouds kindle, When We Walked Above the Clouds Mobi – There Is The Mythology Of The Green Berets, Of Their Clandestine, Special Operations As Celebrated In Story And Song And Then There Is The Reality Of One Soldier S Experience, The Day To Day Loss And Drudgery Of A Green Beret Such As H Lee Barnes, Whose Story Conveys The Daily Grind And Quiet Desperation Behind Polished For Public Consumption Accounts Of Military Heroics In When We Walked Above The Clouds, Barnes Tells What It Was Like To Be A Green Beret, First In The Dominican Republic During The Civil War Of 1965, And Then At A 107, Tra Bong, Vietnam There, He Eventually Came To Serve As The Advisor To A Combat Recon Platoon, Which Consisted Chiefly Of Montagnard Irregulars Though Nothing Extraordinary, As Barnes Saw It, His Months Of Simply Doing What The Mission Demanded Make For Sobering Reading The Mundane Business Of Killing Rats, Cleaning Guns, And Building Bunkers Renders The Intensity Of Patrols And Attacks All The Harrowing More Than Anything, Barnes S Story Is One Of Loss Of Morale Lost To Alcoholism, Teammates Lost To Friendly Fire, Missions Aborted, And Missions Endlessly And Futilely Repeated As The Story Advances, So Does The Attrition Teammates Transferred, Innocence Cast Off, Confidence In Leadership Whittled Away And Yet, Against This Dark Background, Barnes Still Manages To Honor The Quiet Professionals Whose Service, Overshadowed By The Outsized Story Of Vietnam, Nonetheless Carried The Day. This smallish book is the author s memoirs of his time in service with the US Army Special Forces He was first deployed to the Dominican Republic during the civil war there in 1965 and then shortly after he volunteered during the Vietnam War to be a member of a US Army Special Forces training team He was subsequently posted to a team based in Tra Bong, situated in Quang Ngai province His main role in Tra Bong was to help train and serve with soldiers of the Civil Irregular Defence Group CIDG made up of Vietnamese and Montagnard soldiers.Don t expect daring do accounts of combat with massive enemy forces, last ditch stands in a Firebase, etc Nope, this book is about life and surviving in Vietnam, digging trenches, burning human shit, working with local forces, picking off leeches, killing rats, searching for lost and dead teammates and the every day grind of an unrelenting war This is an excellent story and I found it hard to put the book down, it s written well and is laced with humour and sadness and I think if you really want to know what these men went through then this would be the book to read Here is one example of the author s style of writing as he introduces the M 16 rifle to the reader The 5.56mm M 16 Plastic stocks, techno gun Bangs like a toy, little recoil You can tell it s Mattel, it s swell The slug was another matter entirely Evil Its velocity, after spiralling out of five lands and groves, was nothing short of amazing Brought smoke, as we w
Author is mainly a fiction writer Mentions that for many years he hesitated to write this non fiction chronicle about his Vietnam War experiences Former compatriots, though, urged him on Though his experiences weren t dramatic, they no doubt reflect the mundanity that many others who served there experienced Although trained as a Green Beret, at first he was assigned to routine camp cleanup duties He bemoans incompetence in command, lack of orders to do what he was trained for, and miseries of residing in a muddy, moldy, mosquito and rat infested bunker Some officers enjoyed commanding men they d talk, listen and laugh when laughter was called for But for another particular officer, team members would fabricate a rea
A word from a subsequent commander of the Special Forces unit assigned to Tra Bong Author H Lee Barnes, former Special Forces demolition sergeant, recounts his sejour a a team member of A Team A 107, Tra Bong Vietnam Forget Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong Want to know what it was like to be a grunt Green Beret in Viet Nam, most specifically at Tra Bong Read Barnes and skip the middle class intellectual bullshit of 99% of what has been written to date about A
Deep Mr Barnes has written a gutsy, harshly readable but finely crafted book about a war that still polarizes many Even today Vietnam is not yet a country but still a war, such was its influence on our political and social discourse lo these fifty years past Barnes was a member of the exclusive Army Special Forces, known to civilians and one singer songwriter Barry Sadler as the Green Berets These troops didn t stay green very long, those who survived Based at a remote encampment somewhere near Da Nang, but in much rougher country, Barnes itches to get into the weeds and engage in a dustup with Victor Charles, the VC, or hard core North Viet regulars, the NVA His year long tour is disappointing at best, characterized for its on base political intrigues than the opportunities for Barnes to do what he s trained for, to kill the enemy Yanked from an early patrol, his replacement is killed, and this event marks him for the duration, perhaps even still It s the classic question among combat soldiers why him and not me When We Walked is war without the Hollywood glitter, and not for the squeamis
When We Walked Above the Clouds is the story of H Lee Barnes s experiences that led to and included his time in the Green Beret American Special Forces during the Vietnam conflict He was stationed in one location for his time there If you are looking for exciting moments of bravery and battle, you may be disappointed In fact, he seems somewhat matter of fact when it comes to the battles he was a part of He does paint a vivid portrait of the stress and drudgery that alternatively preoccupy his time in camp He is a naive kid when he starts his service and it seems that he is truly born again hard when he leaves He has good commanders and bad commanders, he questions his role in the war and the war itself Some of it seems like hind sight, but what do you expect from a work written many years after the event.I read the book in just two days and it move quickly with a certain flair that makes the chapters fly by He is the hero of the novel and those people he liked are strong characters and those he does not are very weak, superficial almost, some become even nameless The only thing that troubled me was the way death seemed so easy, from the torturing of rats to the death of the Vietnamese strikers , who were confederates of th
An honest account of the Vietnam war, this work is tightly focused on the author s individual experience on the war he saw, the war he fought, while a member of a Special Forces team in A107 Tra Bong This narrow focus and the author s simple but graphic style give this work an authenticity that truly puts the reader back into that time and place, physically and emotionally and places him there with real people The author s descriptions of the men with whom he served, both American and Vietnamese, the flawed and the heroic, are masterful the individuals unforgettable And the work is completely free of any political agenda, free of any partisan interpretation It is simply an objective account of a tiny piece of the war the experience of one man on the ground in 1966 at a time when both the war and the author were young As such, it is also the Bildungsroman of a remarkably sensitive individual, one of the many quiet heroes of that war I rec
When We Walked Above the Clouds A Memoir of Vietnam by H Lee Barnes University of Nebraska Press 2011 959.704 is an exceptionally well written memoir of one man s experiences during the Vietnam war The author acknowledges that he was in a rural backwater in the field and does n
I enjoyed this book I believe the author painted a truer picture of the real Vietnam conflict. Very good first person book on the Vietnam War Explained things well without getting to preachy.

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  • 16 January 2017
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