When We Believed in Mermaids

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This is a wonderful story of survival and the special bond of sisters There are different ways to survive and this story shows how two sisters choose their paths It s heartbreaking to read about the slippery slope of addiction I loved the characters and the bond that Josie and Kit sha
It s surprising to me that something written by an author I consider a good chick lit writer, leaves me with the one word description of powerful It s quite an accomplishment to write a book with torturous family dynamics, a love story or two, some good sex scenes, a hint of mystery and an even smaller hint of ghosts, and leave this reader with the description of powerful Throw in a house that s almost one of the book characters and a description of NZ that has me ready to book a flight, and you have just about a perfect chick lit book This one moves beyond chick lit however, with the traumas the young Biancis experienced And though it lacks O Neal s signature
This was a 5 star read all the way for me Ms O Neal s writing is superb The book is about family dynamics, addiction, lies and deception and false perceptions It is a dual point of view the view of two sisters who have been separated by oceans and lies for ten years Kit didn t know Josie was aliveand that s how Josie wanted it If Kit finds her, it may mean the end of the life Josie has built for herself in New Zealand The life she has now is the life she s always wanted and she won t give it up no matter what.When We Believed in Mermaids was striking in that the description of New Zealand by Ms O Neal was done in some miraculous manor that also revealed the souls of the two sisters She somehow made you FEEL the place through each of the sisters Every tree, every flower, every ocean breeze and every wave was vitally important to the women in this book and how they responded to life Every bite of food and every sip of wine became an integral part of them and Ms O Neal made me feel as if I was experiencing all the joy and all the pain right along with them.The men in the book alive and dead demand their own importance They play a vital p
When Kit Bianci sees her sister on the television, it came as a shock after all, she WAS killed years ago on a train during a terrorist attack So Kit hops a plane for New Zealand to search for her missing sister While Kit starts out angry that her sister would let her believe she was dead for the past 15 years, she ends up re connecting and time melts away I love th
This book was a little cheesy for me The love story and all the woah is me stuff were a little too much and I found myself uninterested irritated Kit and Josie definitely had horrible childhoods, but everyone needs to move on and move up eventually I wanted to shake both of them.The dialogue was well written, though The descripti
3.5 Stars for this ARC Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing When you read this book, you will feel like you are on vacation Ms O Neal has a way of immersing you in her settings whether it s in California or New Zealand, not just in her characters lives Her writing is subtlety descriptive A lot of issues are being dealt with death, grief, abuse, lies, addiction, and always love and forgiveness I recommend sitting by the beach with your toes in the sand will bring this book to life Kit and Josie are not just sisters, they
My sister has been dead for nearly fifteen years when I see her on the TV news With that fantastic opening line, we drop in to the story of 2 sisters, one presumed dead and one barely living.Two little girls, Josie and Kit, are raised by parents so enthralled with each other that they neglect their children, leaving them largely unattended in a little cove by their home During a storm, a broken and unwanted teenage boy appears as their door, offering the girls a bit of security and stability but he has his own issues of neglect and abuse.Josie dies in a terrorist attack, or at least seems to, until 15 years later, when Kit and her mother see her on the news But Josie isn t Josie any Kit goes half a world away to track down her sister and get some answers The description of the events of these two lives, abuse, neglect, death, catastrophe and ultimately rebuilding of a sort, is like being battered by wave after wave, with periods of calm just long enough to catch your breath The ocean is a central theme in the telling of this story but also in how it s told, the ebb and flow of past and present, the switching narrative of sister to sister.O Neal does a beautiful job with language, immersing the reader into the ocean, the atmosphere and even the food I could have done with less of the sizzling romance although I realize that it was important to show Kit letting her guard down and being open to reeval
Wow, this is a five star knockout This is such an emotional story, on every level, a real tear jerker A horribly broken and dysfunctional family, that appears to have been destroyed, along with the earthquake that left them displaced and homeless, is given a chance to rebuild 15 years later Josie, dies in a terrorist attack in France and Kit is left to struggle alone, managing to become a doctor, but so disconnected and unloved Then she sees Josie on TV, running from a fire in New Zealand, apparently, very much alive, and Kit goes to find her.Barbara O Neal is a masterful storyteller, and that she was able to pull this together was amazing Lots of lives broken and damaged by the neglect of uninvolved parent
I LOVE THIS BOOK What a story I was hook from the moment Kit and her mother saw Josie Mari on TV It was passionate, and it was thrilling uncovering all the details of the story It has great romance and love of family. I love the occupation of the characters and that love conquers all It was sad how the parents messed up their children s lives but when you don t deal with your own childhood it will come out some way