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RATING 5 STARS2017 Kids Can Press Hachette Book Group Review Not on Blog One night a little Bunny is being carried home by his mother and imagines what people around him are doing He knows one thing though, ev
This is a gentle story of a mother carrying her young bunny home after dark What the young one sees, hears and senses during this night time walk There are lights into people s homes or shops, hints at others experiences Those lozenges of light bring warmth to the street And when the little one gets home and to bed, there is the reliving of the walk, imagining how everything turned out for those in the small interludes he saw the party under way, the pie out of the oven, etc So much to think about before falling asleep.I really like Miyakoshi s illustrations as I have in the previous books I have enjoyed They are soft, evocative, primarily charcoal and white with limited expressive uses of color, bring out the comparisons in the story so well here the warm lights shining in the night, the warm and friendly sounds of friends and family brighten the darkness The larger scenes show a city with some lights on throughout the city while the bunny
Akiko Miyakoshi s The Way Home in the Night portrays a little bunny being taken home by her mother late at night, when the city becomes very different But rather than being frightening, it s a speculative city where the bunny wonders about the neighborhood residents she glimpses through their lit windows Where do the restauran
Some nights are ordinary,and other nights are special.But every night, we all go home to bed The Way Home in the Night is the story of a young bunny being carried home in the arms of Mom Readers see the world through the eyes and wonder of the bunny as they slowly walk through the pockets of light and shadows As the noises and smells of the night pass by, bunny begins to wonder and dream about the neighbors and places around them Whose phone is ringing What does the bookseller do when he gets home The little walking trio Mom, Dad, and young bunny feels safe and warm with words like snug and tuck encouraging a sleepy, cozy mood My first stroll through this book actually felt dark, but when I really looked at the small touches of color and the eyes of the characters the warmth shined through The yellow points of light on the page provide warmth and imagination Every soft lit window inspires curiosity and peace it says someone is hom
Some nights are ordinary, and other nights are special But every night, we all go home to bed This is my second Miyakoshi book, and her artwork never ceases to amaze me In this book, a boy s parents carry him home at night at the end of the day Through lit windows he observes the goi
This is my other favorite of 2017 s New York Times Best Illustrated Children s Books A little bunny is carried home in the dark through city streets From the safe vantage point of their mother s arms they catch Edward Hopperesque glimpses of the lives of the other residents of their street These residents are also anim
Beautiful story about a mother walking home with her child as evening fallsvery touching. This is a very special book It makes the world slow down, which is my favorite thing picture books can do Each scene is rendered simply, yet has so much resonance Each character, each evening, in that tender, liminal time of night before going to bed Miy
Japanese author illustrator Akiko Miyakoshi, whose picture book The Tea Party in the Woods was translated into English 2015, produces another breathtakingly beautiful work here A young bunny, being carried through the nighttime streets by her mother, observes brief moments in the lives of others, as she glimpses various scenes through the lighted windows of their businesses and homes When she gets home herself and her father puts her to bed, she imagines the conclusions to some of what she has seenOriginally published in Japan in 2015, and in this English translation in 2017, The Way Home in the Night was chosen as one of The New York Times best illustrated children s books of 2017, and it is not difficult to see why Miyakoshi s artwork, done in pencil, charcoal and acrylic gouache, is simply lovely, capturing the beauty and mystery of the night, adeptly playing with light and darkness, and skillfully contrasting the outdoor and indoor scenes The story here, which is gentle and contemplative, reminded me of of Julia Denos Windows , which, although very different in style from The Way Home in the Night, also features a child walking through the darkness, catching glimpses of other lives through the lighted windows of the buildings he passes The

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Yoru no kaerimichi
  • Akiko Miyakoshi
  • English
  • 26 May 2018
  • 9781771386630