The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe

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The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe Book ReviewIf you are not an avid reader, a strong indicator of an enjoyable book is when you extract yourself from reading the story, and on return, harbour the notion that you re about to continue watching a film.Effectively, this is testament to a book s ability to provide convincing visualisation of its characters and surroundings an important element of a good novel.I am not an avid reader, but fortunately, this book gifted me with that cinematic perspective.From a male viewpoint, I will sporadically read a chic lit book for two reasons First, to better understand the enigmatic female psyche, and second, because it helps provide me with a diverse education of literature s multiple categories the wild journey of protagonist Jenna Jaghe certainly permitted accomplishment of these goals The main selling point of this book, is that the vast majority of the intended audience women will be able to identify with the lead character s plight in this case, a woman who faces the prospect of single parenthood after learning of her partner s infidelity With its comical edge and diary entry format, it possessed a similar allure to contemporary films like Bridgette Jone s Diary.The separation of lead character Jenna and her partner Flannigan is presented well with his deliberate icy conduct and disparaging comments obvious attempts to conce
Jenna finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her the same day she finds out she s pregnant She decides to make the best of it and go through the pregnancy solo with the help of her friends This book had the potential to be great It s funny and the characters each had very distinct personalities It was easy to read and kept me interested and entertained throughout I loved her friend Sara despite her aggressive tendencies Unfortunately, it s potential is not completely realized Jenna, the main character, is a little bit over the top She gets herself into ridiculous situations and quite often has diarrhea of the mouth She has no filter and just spews whatever nonsense comes into her head At some points this is what makes the scene funny At other points, I was cringing There were also a lot of coincidences That she keeps having embarrassing moments in front of the same lady got a little old by the end of the book Overall, this was entertaining It definitely had some very funny and enjoyable moments and showed a real side of pregnancy where everything is not always glowing skin and happiness She shows the discomfort and the sometimes embarrass
Jenna is a woman in her thirties who just has found out that she is pregnant and that her boyfriend is cheating on her If you think nothing else could go wrong well let me say that is just the beginning A hilarious book that will introduce you into the mind of a peculiar woman.Written like a journal, the book tells the nine month of pregnancy of Jenna well, actually less because she found out that she was expecting in her 18th week It has a rough start because it seems only a list of event or thoughts that help to set you in the time and place Luckily when she discovers that is expecting a child and dumps her boyfriend, the fun begings Of course, if you are not too fond of English humor you may not like it that much But I love the irony, the black humor and the laugh of the bad sides of life.Jenna is a curious character you don t know if you like her, hate her or just feel sorry for her There are situations when I was wondering if she was for real or how can anybody act like this But I ended up loving her and eager to see how thing would work out However, there were times where I wonder if she was really 32 because her character has really childish at
I absolutely loved this book It was a bit different then what I m used to as this was written from the perspective of Jenna Jaghe sort of a diary format and takes place in England I was kind of confused with some of the lingo in some places, but can t hold that against anyone I laughed my behind off so much in this book My husband kept looking at me like I d lost my mind Even asked me What s your malfunction to which I replied THIS BOOK IS EFFIN HILARIOUS We follow the entire pregnancy of Jenna with all her ups and downs that pregnancy causes Her life is such a comedy of errors, but I feel like this is an honestly written diary of what most women go through when pregnant It s not all rainbows and sunshine, it s absolute turmoil in some spots, but she makes the most of her situation an
I started this book thinking the character was a little immature Funny and I liked the diary style but skeptic that this book was going to really win me over Laugh out loud is definitely appropriate on the cover as I discovered the further I read Absolutley hilarious Very cheeky with chick lit appeal placing Jenna alongside Becky Bloomwood as another silly heroine but engaging none the less I was a little disappointed in the ending and hoped for just a bit but otherwise I really enjo
Laughter and laughter I think I read where someone stated this reminded them of Bridgett Jones Diary which was my first thought when I started to read this The mind of a pregnant woman tied up in a cute novel as we
This is the first time, in all of the reviews I ve written that I have no idea how many stars I m going to give a book at the start of my review I am literally split down the middle on this one So, when in doubt, make a pro con list Cons The main character, whose perspective this is written from is horrible I have never wanted to punch a fictional character so bad in my entire life She s whiny, everything is always someone else s fault, and the world is out to get her She s rude Oh my goodness is she rude Part of the humor in this book is that Jenna is always doing and saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment But, she never apologizes for any of it There s a scene where she accidentally uses a stranger s bathroom Instead of, like a normal, decent human being, apologizing and begging forgiveness, she yells at the home owner s young son and his parents As usual, Jenna screwed up, then screwed up worse, and then blamed everyone else for her faults She s very inconsiderate and immature Everything is about her and she could care less about any one else, even when she s wreaking havoc in t
This book is fast paced, and had me laughing my socks off Don t usually read this kind of book but was recommended and so happy that I did as it puts a humourous slant on women s real life issues I could relate to many of Jenna s conundrums and felt myself cringing fo
A sassy explosion of wit and humour a must read