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First, before I say anything else, I have to offer a huge thanks to Anna for my copy and for keeping me in Snuggly s book release email loop Simply put, this book is beyond excellent I m still a relative newbie in the world of French, fin de si cle, and decadent literature, and a name that has kept popping up is L on Bloy So I was over the moon when Anna asked me if I wanted to read this book, a collection of 32 short stories which, in the words of Brian Stableford in the introduction to this volume, reflect Bloy s search for a particular naturalism of his own a naturalism which, not in spite of but because of its cruelty and its infusion with religious conviction, was markedly different in stripe from the Naturalism of mile Zola xxiii Let me just say that if it s realism he was striving for, it shows in these tales in so many ways, especially in his interest in the marginalized elements of society The Tarantulas Parlor and Other Unkind Tales is a delightful blend of dark fiction, dark humor, savage storytelling and often outrageous observations a majority of these little gems turns on the idea of exposing someone who is not, or might not be, the person one supposes, an idea which is carried throughout the book I will also say that some of these stories are wicked funny, subtle, laugh out loud worthy, and actually bringing forth a belly laugh in one case, The Tarantula s Parlor I
A smattering of shocking tales from Chuck Palahnuik s penitent precursor, featuring a sublime selection of obscure terms, as viewable on the longer review on this page which contains words than this and so renders further content here pointless. Babil Kitapl serisinin bas lan 24 adet kitab n da sat n ald m i in yeni y l hedeflerim aras na seriyi tamamlamak da kat ld lk kitab ba ka bir ehirde b rakt m i in seriye ikinci kitap olan Sevimsiz yk ler ile ba
This is the first book of Bloy that I ve read as it seems not all that many of his books have been translated into English, a fate that sadly seems to have befallen many of the writers of the 19th century French Decadence see also the criminally ignored Jean Lorrain , and while reading through it I quickly saw why he and J.K Huysmans had once upon a time been friends their attraction to the aesthetics of Catholicism notwithstanding, both men had a well articulated hatred for the modern world and modernity in general , a tendency to pepper their poisonous prose with words of an archaic character to cherry pick a few from this present text opuscule, lactescent, disoppilated, excogitate, nugatory, and phenicopter, that latter example being an archaic word for flamingo , and a manner of describing people they found unattractive in the most unflattering light possible a woman in the story The Stroker of Compassion is described as being irritable enough to make dogs abort, a wine seller in Monsieur s Past has a broad face that looked like a baboon s hindquarters, and in The Awakening of Alan Chartier, we get this colorful description of a Symbolist poet named Florimond Duputois I have neglected to mention that Florimond Duputois had a stub nose, eyes like soup ladles, the mouth of a lepidopteron, scaly skin, and low slung hindquarters he was also mortally a
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Hardcover limited edition of 60 copies, of which 55 will be made available to the public. Yazar n eserleri bir anda ve rahats z edici ekilde bitirmek gibi bir zelli i var Borges taraf ndan da bunu en iyi beceren ki i olarak adland r lm Yaln z beni en ok etkileyeni a a daki kesit oldu Sahip oldu umuz, d ng ye girmi ve sanki hi k r lmayacakm gibi gelen eylerin de erini ok abuk unutuyoruz Misal sevdi imiz insanlar n ger ek manada de erini onlar kaybedince anl yoruz Peki biz niye bu kadar abuk unutuyoruz Halbuki akl yla v nen ve evrende kendinden daha ak ll s n kabul etmeye haz r olamayan biz, ok g vendi imiz akl m z n ihanetine u ram olmuyor muyuz Kitab n ba lar nda geldi im bu k sa b l m y z nden di er k s mlara pek odakland m s ylenemez Bir keresinde Macedonio Fern ndez bana k sa bir hik ye anlatm t yle diyordu Ne garip Hi bir zaman nas l soluk al p verdi imle ilgile
Bloy sait manier l art des nouvelles, ce livre n en est que l illustration de son talent pour les chutes redoutables, le style incisif, v h ment et enfin son talent pour d truire les fondations m me de la soci t bourgeoise de la fin du XIXe si cle, celle dont l influence est toujours aussi forte de nos jours Contrairement certains de ses romans le D sesp r , on rit beaucoup dans ce petit livre Bloy montre les malheurs de notre soci t travers le rire et le sarcasme Certes, l optimisme n est pas r ellement de mise ici, certaines des nouvelles du recueil sont tr s noires Tout ce que tu voudras Jocaste sur le Trottoir et le style litt raire de Bloy est tr s recherch et demande une certaine culture g n rale, voir religieuse et un