The Sword Decides

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My knowledge of Hungarian and Italian medieval history is limited, thus I approached this work of historical fiction with interest I was previously unfamiliar with all the personages and events depicted in this novel The author does a great job of making the people believable and painting pictures of their surroundings I ve never been to Italy but I could envision the scenery well owing to the quality descriptions.The narrative is fast paced, mainly owing to it being heavy on dialogue, making this a character driven text This is the type of story I favour.By the end I wanted to know what happened next , prompting me to do a Google search for Queen Giovanna of Naples Although I realise Wikipedia isn t to be wholly relied upon, it s likely to present accurate facts than The Sword Decides is, considering it was published i
I came across a lovely 1908 copy of this at the 2nd hand book shop in Highgate I d read a collection of spooky stories by Marjorie Bowen before and really liked them but I d not heard of this book A quick google search said that it was a historical gothic novel about the Queen of Naples which sounded like it could be quite good I throughly enjoyed it It was a little like Game of thrones if GOT had been written well, with beautiful language and strong women characters.I wasn t familiar with the story at all and there were many unexpected twists and turns that I really enjoyed The characterisation was brilliant with only one exception the characters were all various shades of gray, there was no hero everyone was doing things for their own interests and did some good and some terrible things which I reall
Marjorie Bowen was a really good writer, the facts she has about King Andreas death in this Book are as near to fact as she could get it as the details of his death are confirmed by other sources.I have always said that histor