The Royal Rabbits of London

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Scrawny Shylo is a target for the scorn and derision of his brothers and sisters and most of his fellow rabbits When he overhears a plot concocted by a group of vile ratzis to take a photo of the queen, Shylo goes immediately to his friend and mentor, Horatio, who urges Shylo to travel to the Royal Rabbits of London who are sworn to the queen s protection Shylo is a character children can easily identify with, and his story of rising above his physical limitations
I received a copy of this title from Simon Schuster Australia for review.Ten Second Synopsis Shylo is small for a rabbit and his older siblings pick on him But when he overhears a plot to embarrass the Queen, Shylo must gather his courage and set off to find the only ones who can prevent it the Royal Rabbits of London.Totes adorbs, as the young folk would say The Royal Rabbits of London is a delightful read for youngsters with an underlying gentleness that balances out the scenes of action and close escape Shylo Tawny Tail is the runt of his litter and his older, bigger siblings miss no opportunity to remind him of this fact Shylo finds refuge with the elderly Horatio rabbit, who tells him stories of the Royal Rabbits of London, a secret society of agent rabbits living under Buckingham Palace, whose job it is to protect the Royal Family.When Shylo overhears a plot to embarrass the Queen, he is suddenly thrust into a much exciting life, as he attempts to contact the mysterious and reclusive Royal Rabbits and make them aware of the pending plot Th
Size doesn t determine worth in this hopping adventure, which packs tension in a fun and exciting tale.Shylo is the runt of his family something his siblings refuse to let him forget But none of them know of his secret, forbidden friendship with an old rabbit on the edge of the forest When Shylo overhears rats plotting against the Queen of England, he informs the old rabbit, who sends little Shylo on the adventure of his life.This is a tale with a bit of a quirky mixture There s a serious, traditional feel with the burrow life, where Shylo is constantly being picked on there s a touch of modern day as rats run around with tablets and cameras there s poking humor as the dangerous rats, aka Ratzis, want to publish pictures in the tabloids and there s the palace in London with it s royal life and dangers Parts of this hang on modern whimsical, while others have a traditional atmosphere like Watership Down It s odd, lifts eyebrows at times.and it works Splendidly.Shylo is the perfect, tiny hero He s shunned by his siblings but still has the never dying love of his mother He s brave and kind, which is clear from the first pages It s easy to like him and root for him until the very end And he does get into some pretty sticky situations, which are sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats Still, the authors manage to keep even the most
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Usually, it s British parenting that worries me In this, it is the odd preponderance of books about sentient rabbits that this culture produces Watership Down, Redwall, Beatrix Potter Just don t know that it would be popular with my US students. No niin, nyt saatte vapaasti mollata minua ymm rt m tt m ksi pilkunviilaajaksi, mutta min en oikeastaan pit nyt t st tarinasta ollenkaan Vaikka aihe oli hauska, mielest ni koko tarinassa oli jotenkin ep miellytt v s vy P henkil n kokemat kiusaamiset omassa perhepiiriss olivat kummallisesti kuvattuja, ratsien pahuus sielunsy jin kohtuutonta En my sk n pit nyt v kivallan kuvauksista Koko tarinasta j i v h n paha maku suuhun Pisteet tulevat hyv

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