The Dead Shall Live

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Mere moments ago I finished The Dead Shall Live in a tumult of emotion, the primary one is I can t believe it is better than This Crumbling Pageant I truly can t believe it, but so it is.Of course, I hardly know how to write this review without spoilers because the dead who lived is not really the dead I expected to live, but know that that person is living, I see where the clues led I mean, before that dead person actually drew breath, I had it figured out, but throughout the reading, I didn t put them together until near the end.Another aspect I am not sure how to write about without giving away too much is that there is a sub theme of redemption Some who we may think despicable may not be quite as awful as we thought and some who we though quite delightful just might not seems that way now Persephone has depths we could never have imagined Let me also caution the reader Unless one has read This Crumbling Pageant one will be hard pressed to understand what the heck is going on in this, Volume Two of the Fury Triad.The expression Never trust a Fury turns up in the dangest most unexpected places and at last we learn the story behind it and
I would give this book than 5 stars if I could This book is described as the second in a series Actually its the second part of a full book In this case you need to read the first book That being said, I highly recommend the se book s.Ms Burroughs has created an incredibly in depth fantasy world where the Ordinaries and
I received this book for free in return for an honest review.Wow This book is amazing It is the second in the series of The Fury Triad and I think it is even better than the first This book starts off with a bang It is simply a continuation of This Crumbling Pageant, but it doesn t let up through the entire story I was totally immersed in this story and couldn t put it down The story is set in Ireland, but the world building and descriptions are wonderfully done The characters are fantastic Yo
It s an interesting thing about middle books The Dead Shall Live picks up right where This Crumbling Pageant left off it is NOT a stand alone book I don t want to be spoilery For me, the pace was a little slow That worked for Vespasian and Persephone s developing I m not sure if one can call it a relationship yet Yes, they re tied together through their magic, but both of them are working on accepting their magic and themselves, and in that process also accepting each other I felt the book was mostly about them, and everything else was secondary I don t know if that s the intent or my perception I do have to say there were so many heads I wanted to knock together, though I felt like there was a lot of progression toward Untune the Sky many things that possibly needed to be set up for that book to work Of course, I won t know that until I read it There were some things that did truly shock me, I won t say what because they may not be the things that shock others Redemption and moving on from your past that those things don t permanently mold you and as people we are still mutable and worth forgiveness are a theme I did have a couple of issues with some things the idea that one s gender determines the capacity for magic bothered me There also seemed to be no after effects from an event that occurred be
Disclaimer I was given this book for free as part of the Library Thing Early Reviewer LTER program for an honest review This book picks up where book one left of The book continues to have great story and character development Persephone continues to explore her powers and how they intertwine with Vespasian.It was great to see Persephone grow and mature as the story progresses I found myself liking her and many of the decisions she had to make I also like her and Vespasian as a couple, and though it was not a healthy or good relationship to begin with, I felt that as they grew as peopl
Best Series Ever I downloaded the first in this series, The Crumbling Pageant, months ago but never got around to reading it I m so glad that i finally did,I m in love Patricia creates a world with characters in our that draw you in and you never want to leave Her stories kept me up until 3am, only going to bed because i literally couldn t keep my eyes open any longer The Dead Shall Live was just as good as the first in this triad The worst part about it is that the third is not out for me to download yet My favorite part about this story of Persephone Fury Wyllt s life is that you experience every thought and feeling that goes through her and her wretched husband, who believe it or not you actually end up liking There were so many new revelations in this book,both good and bad, that i can t wait to see where they take the story This book does end on somewhat of a cliff hanger,but that doesn t bot
I didn t think it was possible to come close to the first book in this series, but this does and then some I am so invested in these characters I don t want the series to ever end Persephone and Vespasian have a love hate relationship that neither one is truly aware of At times you just want to shake them It is hard for them given their pursuit of evil in the courts Between the war and the changes in her family, she truly seems alone at times This is a
This review will contain spoilers.This is a staggering novel that kept me up late every single night until I finished reading a masterful blending of fantasy, mystery, and romance And if you re a sucker for romance like I am, you will not be disappointed.I am putty in the hands of an author who can portray a protagonist whose journey checks off all my boxes Give me a man from a family cursed with poverty that brings about neglect of all his needs, emotional as well as physical Let him have a past in which he does things, both good and bad, for ignoble reasons Now, give him an epiphany of understanding that drives him to do the right things for his people, regardless of the consequences for him personally Have him deny himself any solace as self imposed punishment for his sins.Now bring in a woman who sees through to the core of him and chooses him anyway Chooses him over and over again, regardless of who asks the question.Persephone is a mighty heroine, acknowledged by all even her impossible husband as the most powerful magician in recent memory As a child she had an insatiable drive to learn As a woman, she is able to channel that learning into finding the full meaning of the prophecy that drives the Earthborn rebellion.I waited for what felt like forever for this book to be pub
All the heart eyes for this one Book two does nothing but extend and improve the amazingness from book one I would normally be so sad at having to wait what will probably be years before book three comes out, but then I think about how I ll get to re read the first two several times