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Space Sushi free Space Sushi , Space Sushi pdf, Space Sushi pdf free,Space Sushi pdf download, Space Sushi epub, Space Sushi ebook, Space Sushi read online, Space Sushi pdf download, Space Sushi epub, Space Sushi kindle, Space Sushi Mobi – This Story Is Part Of The Upcoming Inaugural Futuristic In Nature Anthology Which Will Be Released Annually Volume One Will Be Available In July August Chang Luis Sahari Is The Most Celebrated Food Critic In The Cosmos But The Competition Is Always Snapping At His Heels Set 100 Years In The Future, Space Sushi Follows A Passionate Food Critic As He Faces His Hardest Challenge Yet A Dish Which Is Such A Delicacy That It Is Only Enjoyed By The Rich And The Elite A Tasty Delight That Is As Potent As It Is Gorgeous With The Potential To Kill Him The Culinary Wonder Is Poisonous And There Is No Known Antidote Death Is Guaranteed If The Poison Is Digested, Already It Has Claimed An Impressive Number Of Victims.There Are Very Few Chefs Who Can Prepare It With The Meticulous Care Necessary To Make It Safely Edible Chang S Employer Sends Him To The Universally Renowned Chef Nikons Restaurant To Sample The Notorious Ambrozian Sea Slug From The Andromeda Galaxy Despite Being In The Care Of A Personal Friend And A Gastronomic Legend Who Has Prepared The Dish Fifteen Times Chang Still Feels Extremely Nervous After All, It Isn T Every Day That You Sample A Meal That Could Be Your Last. Space Sushi A great, excellent short story that keeps in suspense until the very unexpected end It shows a thin line between life and death This book is worth reading. Space sushi is longer than a story but shorter than a book I was just in the mood for this kind of lenght of a read today.I didn t know what to excpectfrom the story even though I knew the plot approximately.I m not going into details of the story, read it for yourself, but there was an interesting tension throughout this read I didn t know what the next page was bringing and it kept my interest going till the end.When I realized what this story is mainly about I just couldn t wait for the damn guy to finally eat this meal and be left in peace to try it The ending was conected with the beginning, totally unexpeted view spoiler he was so worried he will die from the food poisoning as this is an extremely poisinous meal if not prepared with careand the bizzare ending and some dark
This was a great short story that will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time you are reading it It occurs in space A food critic by the name of Chang is going to a friend and chef who s name is Chef Nikon to eat a very good dish, probably the best thing that one can eat, but if not prepared right it is poisonous Chang goes to the restaurant and he is there by himself Him and his robot Tablet There is a lot of description about how the food is prepared and what can go wrong if it is not prepared correctly In fact Chef Nikon is so sure of himself, he decides to eat a piece of this grand dish along with his friend so his friend can see no tricks were played This story was so good because of the big buildup The descriptions of what was going on were so precise and you really start wondering what is going to happen and how is it g
No ifs, buts, or maybes about it I love food I think of myself as somewhat of an epicurean and I delight in trying new and unusual things.I love the sensation that excellently prepared food delivers to the senses It can really be a supreme and even sensual experience.And I m not talking about a Boston cream donut There is however one thing that I m pretty sure I don t want from this pleasurable relationship.And that s for my food to deliberately want to kill me.I m not talking about hunting it first in a savage jungle with hoards of spiders and snakes in the way to getting the beast onto my plate.I am talking about the simple act of the food sitting there in the plate and imagining it smirking at me while whispering Bite me This story is precisely about someone, a food critic no less, who decides that the potentially mind blowing experience of sav
The Suspense is killing me Chang Luis Sahari is a renowned food critic Chef Nikon is one of a very few people who can prepare the Universe s most delectable meal while not killing the customer So far, at least For the meat of the Ambrozian sea slug, from the Andromeda galaxy, is enclosed by sacs of the deadliest poison, yet yields the most exquisite taste known to mankind Nikon, anticipating a glowing review, invites Chang to sample the deadly meal at his soon to be opened restaurant Chang, with his outdated robot, attends and is greeted by Nikon and his distracted waitress And nerves begin to get the better of him Does he trust Nikon Is this to be his last meal ever There is no antidote if even one drop of the poison touches the meat.This is a story of suspense Thankfully it is a short story, for one cannot put the book down until the end The reader is led to believe there will not be a happy outcome, but will not be prepared for the final twist.Read this story you won t be disap
Note I was provided a copy of this book for review.Space Sushi is a short story that is very well told with an equal balance of information, anticipation, and good writing Currell tells the story in a light but detailed manner that is engaging and makes you eager for not just the outcome but the journey towards it Set one hundred years in the future there are similarities to the present world but also new technologies that represent the advancements that have been made, while also touching on a few downsides Throughout the story we learn about the main character Chang and his food critic profession, how he is so skilled, and why he is one of the best Asked to try the dish by his boss in order to help the company cyberzine sales, Chang attends the yet to be officially opened restaurant where his friend Chef Nikon is to prepare it With his T 21 worker bot Tablet at his side, Chang prepares himself to taste the prominent dish, the wonder of the cosmos that is supposedly delicious but with a touch of danger attached As a character Chang is used well in establishing the atmosphere of not just the nervousness about what he is experiencing and anticipating, but also providing a wider context, history, and supporting details about the world in which the story is set We are provided with an intense build up about what may
I decided to sit down to a lunch of Sushi while I read this story I had Salmon and a tuna roll The story is about lunch 100 years from now Chang Luis Sahari is a famous food reviewer for a webzine His latest assignment is to review the dangerous and rare piece de resistance from another planet It is a sea slug, named Ambrosia and is very hard to harvest Only people with millions usually order it Chang s boss thought that either way this piece would bring in lots of revenuewhether Chang dies from it s poison or he completes the review.Chang and his friend Chef Nikon, who just happens to be the best at preparing the ever poisonous and elusive Fugu, have been sending messages back and forth setting up the review.Holy SUSPENSE Chang and his bot Tablet an iPad but with a robot attached to analyze the data and assistant to Chang are preparing at Chef Nikon s unopened Restaurant Chang literally thinks of every possible way that he could die from the Sea Slug Fugu The Fact that Nikon s teacher died painfully from his poor eyesight while preparing the dish, making an oopsie before consuming it He even put his will and stuff in order I was even hyperventilating with Chang wai
You should know that I was provided a free copy of this short story for a fair and honest review Thanks, L.R I enjoyed the read this morning with my coffee Space Sushi is set around 100 years in the future, as food critic Chang and his robot companion Tablet prepare to taste and review an incredibly rare, expensive, and potentially deadly seafood dish from another galaxy I enjoyed the sci fi elements, the writing was spot on, but I had some issues with some of the plot elements Maybe it s just me I don t have a subscription to Food and Wine magazine, and I spent several years eating in the orange food group when my kids were toddlers Our food critic is old friends with the chef, Nikon by name, and they correspond So I found it just a tad bit odd that these old friends, who are in the food business, haven t shared information about the food critic s view spoi
In L.R Currell s futuristic short story, Space Sushi Lunch In 100 Years , part of the Futuristic In Nature Anthology, we meet food critic Chang Luis Sahari, whose editor has commissioned him to taste Space Sushi, an expensive, rare and potentially deadly delicacy from the intergallactic Andromeda region.His friend, Chef Nikon, is the expert feeding him the killer dish, with help from his surprisingly human distracted waitress, Judy Most people have robotic assistants now, like Chang s Tablet.Will Chang taste the culinary version of Heaven, or go visit the REAL Heaven The 30 pages fly by before you know it The reader is taken into a futuristic Earth where good food can easily ki
Space Sushi, R.L Currell s entry into the Futuristic in Nature anthology, is a simple, yet clever story about a food critic about to feast on an epicurean delight which might, if not cooked properly, kill him The short tale centers on the critic s time in the restaurant, nervously waiting while the chef prepares the Ambrosian Sea Slug, chatting with his robot assistant or flirting with the somewhat distracted waitress, wondering all along if the delicious dish he is about to eat will be his last meal.Set 100 years into the future, although it s a story that can take place in any