Remang free Remang , Remang pdf, Remang pdf free,Remang pdf download, Remang epub, Remang ebook, Remang read online, Remang pdf download, Remang epub, Remang kindle, Remang Mobi – Foul Fiends And Horrifying Hauntings Fill The Pages Of This New Collection Of Malaysian Tales Whether Inspired By Homegrown Creatures Of The Night, Like The Pontianak, Or Featuring Supernatural Beings And Lost Souls Created Especially To Chill Your Blood, These Stories Will Keep You Turning The Pages And Looking Over Your Shoulder All Through The Night A Man Seeks For A Miracle Cure For His Heartache Langsuir On A Train A Rape Attempt On A Woman With Mysterious Past Supernatural Guardian From A Small Village In India Haunted Back Alley Sixteen Horrifying And Distinctive Tales In This Long Awaited Collection, Curated By Daphne Lee Daphne Lee Is An Author, Editor And Columnist With Over Twenty Years Of Experience With Stories From Well Known Writers Like Tunku Halim, Shih Li Kow And Golda Mowe, And Exciting New Authors Like Atikah Abdul Wahid, Wong Jo Yen And Fazlyn Abdul Malek, She Brought Together The Best, And Most Promising, Writers In Malaysia For This Collection. I am one of the writers in this anthology so, I m going to be a tad biased Just a tad Instant 5 stars Lol I m not going to touch on my own short story but on the ones that I enjoyed from other writers I am not that self indulgent Also, yes, this is a horror anthology written in English Although my story is pretty much under the categories urban fantasy and horror, a lot of the entries in this anthology are inspired from classic Malaysian monster lore and familiar horror tropes There are the usual Malay ghosts and monsters like pontianak and toyol but there are also a few that I m not personally familiar with like the spectre huntsmen in Tunku Halim s opener story The ghost stories in here have a very Malaysian flavour I also like the recurring theme of people becoming exposed to creepy otherworldly creatures tha
Buku yang sangat menarik. Kisah seram yang disampaikan dalam bahasa Inggeris terasa lebih seram. Tak tahu kenapa tapi memang meremang semasa baca buku ini. sebab tu amik masa sikit nak habis. dari bulan 3 hari tu, ini baru habis..