Redemption for the Devil

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Originally posted at an Irish Devil shed his troubled past and find love Liam Cormac hopes so, but the path to redemption may be too steep Four years after the 1916 Easter Rising, Liam is released from jail and returns home only to be told he is not welcome As a Protestant fighting with the Rebels, Liam has disgraced the family Because he is an expert with explosives, he returns to the men he fought with and accepts an assignment from leader Michael Collins Mary Margaret Kinkade, Peg to her family and friends, is devoutly Catholic When her adventurer father sets off on an expedition to the Arctic Circle and is later deemed missing, Peg tries valiantly to hold things together But the Cork house and her father s business is entailed and must pass to a male heir Enter Archibald, an odious cousin who wants the house, the business and Peg After an attempted rape, Peg is protected by a neighbor and the family priest who exacts a second class passage on a liner sailing to America Enterprising Peg turns in her ticket and hires on as a cabin maid with plans to use the refunded passage money to get started in the new World On board, Peg meets Rena, and they become friends as well as cabin mat