Reborn in Fire (Untamed Elements #1)

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Kasey MacKenzie is a new to me author and this book was a fun surprise I really enjoyed it It was interesting and action filled from the get go and definitely a page turner I devoured it in one sitting and was eagerly ready to dive into the next one I enjoy books with mythological aspects and this one absolutely fit the bill with its metaphorical dragons, phoenix, gryphons, selkies, magic, elementals, and There are plenty of twists and turns and an air of urgency and danger that follow the characters throughout the read Coming from an unhappy childhood and going from foster home to foster home after a tragic incident at the one that was supposed to become her true home, Cassidy Grant has been trying to find her place in the world She has an unknown past, few friends, and works as a paranormal investigator with her ex as a partner debunking stuff that goes bump in the night She knows none of the stuff she is hired to investigate is true but she loves her job and has worked hard to get where she is So what happens when myth and legend merge with her reality One fateful night the world as she has known it comes crashing down and through death and rebirth she is awakened to an entirely new world full o
One of the authors I follow recommended Reborn in Fire , so I decided to give it a try Wow, am I glad I did This book starts off flaming hot, literally Cassidy Grant, aka Cass is rescued after being murdered and dying in the fire Her savior, Jacob Zi, aka Jake, says he is a Dragon, and informs Cass that she is a Phoenix That s how she survived the murder attempt They fight off two attackers attempting to murder them both Apparently some organization wants Elementals like Phoenixes and Dragons eliminated Cass meets Jake s sister, Rhianne, a Selkie Water Elemental and his mother, who takes an instant dislike to her There is an immediate attraction between Cass and Jake that only increases with time Between romantic moments are hair raising escapes from the would be murderers, who don t mind killing innocent people close to Cass The burgeoning romance culminates in an intense sexual experience, vividly described This was a very intense, fas
ONE AWESOME ADVENTURE Wow A spinning vortex of inadvertent circumstances and inconceivable mishaps propel those coiling emotions bursting into play smoothly One blazing storyline and gripping plot along with the unnerving drama, perilous events and bone chilling suspense rock this gem to the core A non stop, action packed, pulse racing, page flipping dynamo takes this bad boy to a whole new level Battling through all the trials and tribulations keeping pace with an abundance of twists and turns along with a few incidents propel this baby to life smooth as silk One non stop, action packed, pulse racing, page turning dynamo that keeps you riveted on a razors edge The characters are unique and realistic with traits and on point personalities that blend and flow The secondary characters add a little spice to the mix hooking this baby together piece by piece flawlessly
I received this as an e book in exchange for a fair and honest review Kasey Mackenzie is a new author to me, and this will certainly not be the last book I read by her Reborn in Fire, Book 1 in the Untamed Elements Series , ticked off all the boxes for me Elementals, Mythology, Dragons, and kick butt heroines Throw in multiple plot twists, and some seriously shady characters, and you ll understand quickly why Cassidy Grant has trust issues No idea where she is from or whom her parents are, she has been shuffled through the foster system Now, she is on the run from The Society, dedicated to killing any magical being Enter Jacob Zi, mom Breena, and sister Rhianne after a particularly explosive burst into her unknown powers I recommend this book highly, and can t wait to see what happens
I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy OMG, this was a great book Very well written, and maintained my interest If you love magic, dragons and elementals then this is a must read You meet Cassidy who is thrown in a world of magic and has her world turned upside down She experiences some crazy adventures and mee
This author is new to me and this book was amazing and heartfelt The story is a must read for all as it talks about how Cassidy Grant tackles life and faces challenges head on I totally recommend this first book in the Untamed Elements series
Delightful story Wonderful characters Interesting world Explicit scenes Unexpected turn of events Overall a great paranormal romance and urban fantasy story I look forward to future stories in the series.I received a copy of this book as a gift This is my honest review. I loved this book It looks you in right from the start Loved the twists along the way I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next Can t wait to read the next book I the series. 3.5 Cassidy, a paranormal investigator, and her partner, Keith are attacked and held hostage while investigating a haunted house Bound and helpless, Cassidy is forced to watch as Keith is set on fire and dies horribly She flashes back to a similar scene in her childhood that left terrible scars Her attackers are disappointed She should have had the power the to save him, explained their leader before he kills her in the same fashion Cass death isn t the endthe inferno revives instead of consumes While she adjusts to that startling realization, a man steps into the flames, scoops her up and whisks her out the back door just as rescue vehicles approach the front.Confused, angry and not sure if she can trust this stranger who miraculously appeared in her life, Cassidy struggles to regain her equilibrium To survive in this strange new world, she must establish a new identity and unravel the mystery of her own past Not a bad sta