Points of View

Points of View free Points of View , Points of View pdf, Points of View pdf free,Points of View pdf download, Points of View epub, Points of View ebook, Points of View read online, Points of View pdf download, Points of View epub, Points of View kindle, Points of View Mobi – In The POINTS OF VIEW Series, The Hero Is A Young Blind Londoner, Named Horace Mayberry, Who Is A Cautious Lad, Who Occasionally Enjoys Vivid Dreams Of Being A Secret Agent Then He Becomes Fitted With Superhuman, Nanotronic, Eyes For Free, But There Is A Catch They Are Inherently Intelligent And Can Develop Various Functions To Assist In Whatever Awkward Situations He Experiences In Payment For The Eyes, He Is Recruited Into A Secret Government Agency As An Apprehensive Assistant To An Experienced Agent And Embarks On A Series Of Adventures, Including Being Abducted Twice By An International Gang Of Terrorists Their Leader, Rudolph Beckman, Is A Billionaire Financier Who Is After The Secrets Of The Laboratory That Developed The Nanotronic Eyes He Uses A Trio Of Henchmen To Do His Bidding.Each Risky Situation Horace Encounters Causes His Eyes To Develop Something New, And Enables His Introvert Personality To Evolve Too His Dreams Become Meaningful As He Becomes Somewhat Impulsive And Headstrong The Exciting Finale In This First Volume Covers An Attack By The Two Agents, Backed Up By A Spanish SWAT Team, On The Crooks Hideout In Tenerife, One Of The Canary Islands My opinion It s the first time I write a review without having read the book until the end You may wonder, then, how could I provide you with a full review Well, I will rather tell you why I didn t manage to finish this reading.Point of View, Tome 1, had everything to arouse my curiosity First, it was a spy book, and it s one of my guilty pleasure, even if I haven t read that many novels of this genre The second detail about the story was the fact we had a hero who is blind, at least at the beginning of the story And, you may not know it yet, but I m blind myself, and representation really matters to me So I was glad to finally find the main character who shared something with me.I will first talk of the story and the plot At first sight, I thought the summary was promising A super spy with advanced technological eyes, it could be very interesting But halfway through my reading I realized that I hadn t got attached to the characters Maybe the doctor who implants Horace s new prosthetic eyes,
A secret agent with futuristic eyes on the hunt for stolen deadly weapons See my official review here Horace Mayberry has always dreamed of becoming a special agent, but being born with eye problems, his dreams seem even impossible when, just after his 17th birthday he becomes totally blind.Then Professor Oscar Freeman enters his life and offers him a revolutionary procedure, which he has developed at his special nanotechnological laboratory Soon Horace discovers the laboratory is government funded, and the military have many uses for his eyes His training commences and Captain Aubrey Jacksons is assigned to look after him It is soon obvious to everyone that the potential uses for the eyes go way beyond anyone s expectations However, danger is forever present for Horace, in the form of Rudolph Beckmann, who wants to steal the technology for his own uses.Will Rudolph Beckmann succeed Will Horace fulfil his dream of becoming a special agent I thoroughly enjoyed reading this futuristic, action packed thriller Its fast pace and intriguing technological possibilities lef
Young Londoner, Horace Maberry was blind and could only dream about being a secret agent That is until he acquired intelligent artificial eyes His Nanotronic BioVision eyes allow him to see the world in a new way, and give him the ability to do than just see, and he recruited in to a secret government agency Yet other forces want this technology for far darker reasons Five weapons have been stolen from the lab where his eyes were created He finds he can detect them and communicate with them with his eyes.Tony Thorne has created an interesting scenario for Captain Mayberry However, there is a great deal of telling rather than showing in the book The dialogue
If you are the type of person who hates adventure, action and excitement, do not pick up this book If, however, you are a person much like myself that likes to be captivated by gripping edge of your seat action, then you will definitely want to read this book The action is non stop, from the first paragraph to the last I lost a little sleep reading Points of View because I simply couldn t stop until I know what happened next It is
Tony Thorne s Points of View is a standalone read I don t usually read thrillers, so I don t have much to compare it to, but I loved it It s a great read with lots of twists and turns An interesting cocktail with two parts Walter Mitty, one part