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It has been conclusively proved that there is no gravity the earth just sucks Rage was a book before it s time One of King s earliest books and the first released under the Bachman pseudonym It s a look into the troubled mind of a teenager a story that is really close to home for many now, but was very far fetched when it first came out Now, due to the rash of school shootings and calls to end bullying over the past couple of decades, the story sounds eerily familiar.I have heard that after a few school shootings a copy of this book was found in the lockers of the shooters Because of this, the book is no longer in print per King s request If you want to read it, your best chance is to find and early copy of the collected Bachman Books at your library or a used book store I am guessing that finding a copy of this book by itself would require a trip to eBay and cost a pretty penny This was my second time reading it The first time must have been over twenty years ago It was definitely before gun violence in schools became a frequent part of of the news When I joined Goodreads and was running through all the books I had already read and was trying to rate them, I gave this book 2 stars I am not sure why I remembered it as 2 stars, I think it is of a 4 star book.Reading this is like reading a cautionary history lesson Much of the language and many of the elements are dated to the late 70s But, with the subjec
Find all of my reviews at was a super shorty so there isn t a whole lot to say without giving the entire thing away I ll just leave it as This, I said pleasantly, is known as getting it on Yep Ol Charlie s having a bit of a shit day and to top it all off It probably says something for the state of the universe or at least the state of my psyche that this book left me with such a meh reaction I d blame it on the fact that it was written by Richard Bachman and not King, but that argument doesn t fly since The Long Walk is one of my favorite stories For Rage being a book that was pulled from printing by King due to its disturbing nature I didn t find it to be all that disturbing I appreciated horrible choice of words there, so forgive me the spin on the deranged student, but for me the execution was a failure I wasn t invested in Charlie or in any of his classmates, and w
..Sad and Frightening

..RAGE is the story of a disturbed child.who becomes a disturbed teen.who acts out on his frustrations by taking a hand gun to school his senior year, taking the life of his algebra teacher, and holding his class hostage for several hours no spoiler here

..In the midst of all the chaos, keeping school officials and police at bay, Charlie shares a few tales of his abusive home life, his encounters with bullies, a sex episode, and strongly requests his captives disclose embarrassing secrets about themselves too All are cooperative.except one.

..A good portion of this short read is dedicated to Charlie discussing his feelings and regrets, but be prepared for a few shockers along the way.

..RAGE is one of Stephen King s earliest novels written under pen name Richard Bachman,
Charlie Decker takes a room full of his classmates hostage Will any of them walk out alive In this Bachman book, Holden Caulfield takes the Breakfast Club hostage with a pistol At least, that s what the book feels like to me.Rage is a really quick read, short and to the point It s also not that great King can say he wanted it out of print because of all the school shootings in the last couple decades but I have to wonder if quality wasn t also a contributing factor.Charlie Decker is a bit of a outcast and has a whole dresser drawer full of issues His classmates, seemingly normal, aren t without problems themselves John Hughes at gunpoint is a good way to describe most of what goes on in the book If snipers were watching the windows of the library in the Breakfast Club, Rage is probably what the result would be like.I don t have a lot to say about this one The e
Holy hell, I had no clue what I was getting into with this one I am a SK lover and King s earlier Richard Bachman books are some of my favorites read The Long Walk and The Running Man if you haven t I happened upon this one rather randomly and couldn t stop reading it It is out of print, for reasons that will be absolutely clear by the time you are done reading the next paragraph SK and his publisher both agreed that it was for the better Written in 1977, Rage starts of with a bang pun intended , when Charlie Decker gets called to the office, mouths off, lights his locker on fire, then shoots two teachers He holds his entire class hostage and the rest of the book is basically a psychotherapy session wherein he and his classmates tell stories of times when they got it on no sexual connotation Are we all a little bit crazy I have no clue The shared experience of the hostage situation was weird but not unrealistic It is amazing to see how people react in stressful situations I mean, there is a body lying in the room and everyone is basically shooting the shit, but I could buy it and that is what is kind of scary It s that moment when everything is so serious and you ve gone beyond the ser
Lately I ve been wondering about why violence seems to breed so freely in the United States I don t have an answer by the way Everywhere I seem to look there is something violent being portrayed books, movies, music, art, heck, even CNN is going to do a new segment on Cold Cases that they have deemed so interesting that further exploration is needed Tupac and Biggie, here s your chance to spin a few rhymesAnyway, I was sitting in my basement, perusing my collection of books, wondering what to read next, when The Bachman Books caught my eye I took it down from the shelf and flipped through the pages, wafting to my nostrils old dust motes caught within the yellowed pages that have traveled with me from place to place over the years, then I started to read the first story Rage The title alone was enough to get me hyped I mean, c mon, it s not like I didn t know that this was going to be a story I would be affected by one way or another I kept reading Pretty soon, my freshman year in college came back to me I had just finished a geology test, before heading into the week of finals, and was meandering my way across campus in that whimsical manner one does after spilling their brains out on some problem o
After thinking a lot about how to rate and review Rage , the first novel Stephen King published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, I still have no clue what to think of this really short novel Rage is not available any as King decided to take it off the market since it was feared the novel would inspire people to run amok, and due to the socially relevant and interesting subject this novel deals with, I was very interested in reading the actual text But after finishing it this morning, all the impressions the novel leaves in my thoughts consist of disappointment The I think about it, the does the opinion that King utterly failed to depict the novel s core in his work become manifest in my considerations.It s about Charlie Decker, the spree killer himself, who kills his teacher in school and then takes several hostages in the aftermath of this escalation King spends a lot of time inside Charlie s head, exploring his thoughts, his inner turmoil and his plagued past Although his character is well developed, his deeds themselves remain unexplained, which may be the most sign
Finally, I ve read this elusive novel The first thought I had after reading this was It s a shame this book is no longer in print.The reason it was removed from print, by request from Stephen King himself, is because the novel was found in the locker of Michael Carneal, a bullied boy who opened fire on students at Heath High School in 1997 Under the assumption that the book partly inspired the school shooting, the book was pulled from print.Given the sensitive nature of the novel, I can certainly understand King s decision to stop its print However, after I read the novel I was very surprised to find it was nothing I had expected it to be In all honesty, I ve read a lot fiction that remains in print that has violent depictions of gun violence in schools than was displayed in Rage. Forgive me if that comes off as insensitive I in no way want to play down the sheer terror and trauma that comes from any violence in a school I simply mean that Rage doesn t deal with as much forward and utterly gruesome violence as some other books out there In fact, many of King s characters in his other novels have been far violent than Charlie was in Rage. What I read wa
In this case the GR bug that says I read this twice is correct The first time was over 20 years ago, so the story seemed new to me In light of all the school shootings that have occurred since this book was written, I understand why King pulled it from publication in later editions of The Bachman Books That said, I do not think this is a good example of King s work I ve always thought that it was King s characters that made his stories so great, but I didn t find the characters in this story to have much depth I didn t care about any of them and other than the novelty of being inside the school shooter s head, I didn t find anything special about this tale, other than that I did need to see it through to the end I re read RAGE so that I could take part in a local Stephen King book group, and I m glad that I did Though I m still waffling about

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