No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1)

No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) free No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) , No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) pdf, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) pdf free,No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) pdf download, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) epub, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) ebook, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) read online, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) pdf download, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) epub, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) kindle, No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless, #1) Mobi – WARNING May Contain Werewolves A Pyramid Predating All Known Cultures Appears Without Warning Its Discovery Throws Into Question Everything We Know About The Origins Of Mankind Inside Lies Incredible Technology, Proof Of A Culture Far Advanced Than Our Own Something Dark Lurks Within, Eager To Resume A War As Old As Mankind When It Is Unleashed It Heralds The End Of Our Species Reign A Plague Of Werewolves Spreads Across The World A Sunspot Larger Than Anything In Recorded History Begins To Grow Yet Both Pale In Comparison To The True Threat, The Evil The Werewolves Were Created To Fight It S Like Stargate Meets The Walking Dead One Of The Author S Totally Biased Friends. When a pyramid suddenly appears a team of scientists thinks that it is the discovery of their life This pyramid predates any other things every unearthed on earth and they have no idea where it came from What they don t know is that with the pyramid comes something that they think is legend But it also heralds the end of the world They need to figure things out before things are too late While looking through Audible, I came across this book and had to add it to my list I love werewolves and this sounded awesome I m so glad I got a chance to listen to this because it was so so good Character wise, there are many but all of them have a central role to play They are well written and developed but I think my favourite was Blair He is only a teacher but is drawn into the action because he is the best at his job He is the one that can translate the hieroglyphics but his life is changed because of it Plot wise, I loved everything about it I loved the lore and history behind the pyramid It was fascinating I loved finding out about the werewolves and why they were created I loved the scientific and military aspect of the story The werewolves are spreading like a plague but there is a reason why and the tw
I ve been letting this one marinate for a while and I m still not sure how to rate it It kept bouncing between 2 and 5 stars The concept is excellent The writing isn t bad I kept hitting dry spots that completely lost my interest There were too many action scenes They bore me I think this was overall a noble attempt at blending genres than were perhaps meant to be blended It s one of the coolest ideas for a story I ve come acr
This was an awesome mix of adventure think Indiana Jones , Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Mythology all in one action packed story While this one did start out a bit slow for me , it did really start to pick up once Blair is in Peru at the site with the rest of the scientific team From here I found the story very engaging and the story pulls you along on the wild ride that is There are no Such Things as Werewolves There is so much I want to say about this story but so far everything I start out typing is just full of spoilers..I will say that in the beginning I was very happy with myself to have figured out what the ancient enemy was.only to have that turned upside down and realized about 60 70% in that I was very wrong which is a good thing, I like a book that surprises me And the cliffhanger this ends on..I mean could you do that to us the listener reader that was just kinda mean I will now have to satisfy myself with the prequel The First Ark and bide my time for the audio of the next book to be released Narration Ryan Kennard Burke is a new to me narrator although his voice is so familiar I m wondering if he has narrated ot
I enjoyed No Such Thing as Werewolves The premise seemed a bit silly but I m glad I gave the book a chance as once things get moving they don t let up a whole lot on the pace throughout the rest of the book There is plenty of foreshadowing of things to come throughout the work, but you still never really knew exactly what would happen when I like that main characters are regularly killed off so you never know exactly who will be safe and who in danger during the action sequences in the book It s also hard to know who to root for the bad guys aren t so easily defined as all of the characters are fallible.I listened to the Au
I was given an electronic copy of this book by the author for an honest review First of all, I applaud the author for a unique take on a werewolf story The greatest thing about this novel was the complete attention to detail for both the primary story and the back story Tying together ancient civilizations, werewolves, zombies and the entire human race in a complete and concise manner, the auth
60% DNF I was desperate for a good WW book but I just can t push through this one It s all over the place with too many characters to keep up with Damned shame because I really like the narrator He is the
This one read like a tv mini series I can t decide if that s a bad thing or not Maybe The story was interesting, but perhaps tried to do too much Definitely entertaining Cliffhanger ending leading into the sec
Take notice of the warning, May Contain Werewolves No Such Thing As Werewolves is a fast paced adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed What if ancient cultures were far advanced than we realize This book answers that question with a mixture of
A mystery surrounding an ancient pyramid, werewolves, zombies, science fiction, romance, good guys and bad guys, and all rolled into a paramilitary action novel Well I tried, but there was really nothing here for me I never really got passed the cast of clich d cha
Received via NetGalley and Chris Fox in exchange for an unbiased review.Blair is called to a mysterious pyramid of unknown origin or age to decipher strange glyphs that could possibly revolutionize our understanding of human history It is there he uncovers the truth werewolves exist and they aren t our true enemies He and Liz must release an ancient being to possibly avoid catastrophe, but with the clock ticking can they come to grips with this strange new reality and fix the mistakes they ve made before it s too late Fox attempts to take the Werewolf lore and make it his own, drawing on old lore and establishing a connection between werewolves and humans like never before The werewolves aren t necessarily as evil as we initially believed, and maybe they hold a purpose beyond slaughtering innocent humans for food The development of a lore that places humans as a race not bred for sustenance but rather the unblooded delves into the current s lore s weaknesses if we are just food why not enslave or massacre our population It was difficult to read this book and to take it seriously Fox attempts to establish too many new tweaks on old lore, and develops a story that is entertaining but quickly leaps out of the pool of believability Although well written and enjoyable, the book itself becomes less serious and comical after a point A development of new alter

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