No Poverty Between the Sheets

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No Poverty Between The Sheets by Pauline Kiely was an amazing book I read this entire book in one day because of the authors writing style and also because of the story I loved everything about this book and than once I found myself laughing because of the how the story was told I have always wanted to go to Ireland so that fact that they where from Ireland made me love it even The author has a way of writing that made me laugh which isn t something that I usually do while I am reading books but she made me and I loved that I loved that this book is about real people and things that really happened I am a sucker for books that are true because I love learning about other people s lives and what they went through during their lives My favorite character I think would have to be Pauline s dad because of how he acted the things he w
There are many parts of this memoir that are funny, not the least of which are the chapter titles.And the author s love for her extended Irish French shines through loud clear, from the variety of family pictures to the often amusing anecdotes, one of which forms the book s title When asked why she had so many children, despite being poor, the author s Irish grandmother replied, to be certain, there was no poverty between the sheets I learned some interesting history of Ontario, Ireland Quebec Despite living in the province of Quebec for many years, I didn t know that the word tuxon is a French slang word for a robust little man in reference to a baby toddler.I took exception to the fact that there were a number of misspellings typos, too many to ignore Because words matter to me I found these mistakes distracting Also, I couldn t figure out why the author included the entire The Cremation of Sam McGee poem all of it The writin
This rockin memoir tells the story of a French Canadian girl who marries an Irish gent Their story includes their children, their extended family the French Connection , their friends, travels and pets We read of their dreams, disappointments and the love they had for their family It s a crazy reality show in a book Pauline describes her family like this My parents are like two sticks of dynamite, and I m their mixed up kid The expressions Pauline uses are priceless and you can t help but admire a girl who had a crush on Davy Jones from the TV show The Monkees.The boo
Pauline Kiely is a wonderful author and her memoir No Poverty Between the Sheets is a sensational book It is the kind of writing where you forget about your dinner and read through the night I laughed so hard it hurt and had a tear or two
Note This review was first posted in my blog Book and Ink A book about an Irish French family from half way around the world definitely sounds like an interesting read for me The book was just that an interesting memoir of an oversized family by present standards.The story traces the roots of writer s family who emigrated from Ireland to Canada Written almost chronologically, the story begins with writer s parents getting married and eventually having the writer and her siblings The writer eventually falls in love, gets married and has her own kids and has her fair share of losses Being from a large family myself, I know what fun it is when all folks get together The writer sure had a lot of fun Sadly having so many characters in a book had me all confused It would have helped if the writer had a family tree in the beginning of the book instead of the ending Some anecdotes in the book had me in splits like the title, where her grandmother replies as to why she had a lot kids in spite of being poor, while others lacked wit and humor The writing was pretty raw and much like what a seasoned blogger would write if he she were to write a book in terms of language The book has quite a handful of spell errors that had been overlooked The high point of the book would be the emotion
This is a memoir of a very large French Canadian family written by Pauline Kiely With the title No Poverty Between the Sheets, I figured this would provide a humorous view of growing up in such a family Kiely provides this looking back from when her parents first came to Canada from Ireland and France to the day she was born to her time as an adult This memoir is filled with amusing anecdotes, comedy and raw emotion I loved reading about this family s experience through time, especially the 60 s and 70 s It was very interesting to see how music, the mix of cultures, drugs and the changing decades affected the family I really loved all of the stories about animals and the song lyrics from her family The story and some of the anecdotes did seem a little disjointed at times, I never really felt a good flow However, it was a good book to pick up put down over the day Overall, this was a different type of memoir, one about family ties and bonds with the uniq
It took me a while to get interested in this book It might have been because I d heard such good thoughts about it and heard that it was hilarious, and maybe I just built it up in my mind too much It could have just been the mood I was in But then the book got funny Some of it was LOL funny and some of it was just snicker f
No Poverty Between the Sheets is a story that shows how much love there can be in a family with ten children, even if they are poor It will make you laugh and cry at the same time The reader will wish that they had known this family, they must have been wonderful to be around The author made every page interesting and makes the reader want to keep reading and reading and not want the story to end I really loved this book and the characters are great I give th
A wonderful memoir that had me laughing out loud than once From the first page, Ms Kiely drew me in with her to the point, honest style of writing Her love of her huge, extended family, dogs and horses was apparent throughout I lost quite a bit of sleep, as I couldn t put i