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This was very different from Forshaw s book, but in a good way As Larsson s life partner, Gabrielsson has some great insight into the author s personality She gives biographical information, emphasizing Larsson s family relationships Much of the book covers their 32 year relationship she also points out where the places used in the books came from, and which characters are based on real people The last few chapters are dedicated to her unfortunate battles with Larsson s family over his legacy it is a serious problem, and very sad I m glad to have read this book to get a better understanding of the situation, and hope that the inheritance laws are changed in Sweden The book is clear and well written, though parts are understandably very emotional While I don t think that the author or her partner were crazy , in parts they do seem a little paranoid that s blamed on their work covering anti Nazi and other extremist groups, but their security seems a little sever even with that However, since personal information sounds like it s readily available in Sweden, it s possible that their fears were founded But to an outsider, it does seem a little extreme.The relationship between this author and Larsson was obviously very loving the title of the book is from a letter he wrote her She is a very sympathetic character, and r
There were interesting points to this book I did enjoy how the author identified how aspects of hers Stieg Larsson s life together were woven into the Millenium trilogy It wasn t until after getting a bit midway through the book that it dawned on me that this was done for manipulative purposes than to really celebrate their lives together Slowly, the author started throwing in tidbits of information re beliefs that the estate of the Millenium proceeds rights being solely hers due to a living together for 32 years and feeling that justified the same rights granted as in a marriage I found the book to be whiney and simply bitchy..I also found it to be overpowering catty I guess one line I would say to this person if, God help me I ever had the chance to meet her would be Woman get over thy self I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw who the publishers chose to review this book, yet I kept reading There is one person I fe
Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg Larsson s The Millennium Trilogy partner of 30 years up until he died, tells her story She provides an excellent context to fully appreciate his books She talks about people, events and the social political climate that has violated human rights and freedom in Sweden and that influenced his writing We learn about both their early lives, their lives together, and her ongoing struggle to gain control of his intellectual property, which includes a fourth book tha
Any good Norse saga features an intractable family feud, death and usually a legal dispute The tale of Stieg Larsson has it all.Given the huge posthumous success of his Millennium trilogy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest , it s not surprising a bitter postscript to Larsson s life has become as gripping as his fiction.The novels have sold than 27 million copies worldwide, and have been adapted into successful films in Sweden The Hollywood version of the first book, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, hits theatres this December.Sadly, Larsson s partner of 32 years, Eva Gabrielsson, won t see a dime or have a hand in managing his literary legacy Her new memoir is a long anticipated broadside at her main foes in her protracted legal battle, Larsson s father Erland and brother Joakim.Larsson died of a heart attack in November 2004 But Swedish law grants no marital status to what in Canada would be common law couples.Now, Larsson s father and brother whom he barely knew as a child, having been raised by his maternal grandparents in northern Sweden until he was eight years old have claimed all rights to his novels And to Gabrielsson s chagrin, Larsson s publisher Norstedts has gone along with it.Gabriel
got this book at the public library, but had I invested 24 in it, I d be disappointed It attains 209 pages by a low per page word count and blank pages following chapters ending on odd numbered pages Gabrielsson mentions photos, but shares very few with the readers.If you want to learn about Steig Larsson, this is not the book to read Try Kurdo Baksi s book Stieg Larsson Our Days in Stockholm, which, while also short, provides context than this one.Gabrielsson s book provides background on Larsson s family and childhood She mentions his work in Africa and their trip to Grenada Larsson s death, funeral and burial are described Another value to his book is in naming the series characters based on and named for real people and how places, plots and images match real life Interestingly, Kurdo Baksi, Larsson s business partner, who appears in the final volume, gets merely a mention if it is him, the spelling is changed in a different context.The Baksi book provides insight as to Larsson s professional life and how he coped as a stalked target and recipient of baskets of hate mail He arrived late for appointments, took unusual routes and transport exits Baksi writes of Larsson s work commitments and political work such that the appearance of t
Indignaci n probablemente justa y contenida, pero el orden de sustantivos en el t tulo no es oportunista G nero Biograf a en realidad no lo es exactamente, o al menos no lo es por completo, pero no hay que llenar el blog de etiquetas y podr a servir como calificaci n aproximada.Lo que nos cuenta Acercamiento
V zasv cen m pohledu Evy Gabrielssonov , ivotn dru ky Stiega Larssona, nen Mil nium pouh m sv tozn m m bestsellerem je to alegorie neutuchaj c ho z pasu za mravnost a spravedlnost Ty knihy jsou pro Evu Gabrielssonovou zrcadlem spole n ch pro itk a vz jemn l sky, ale tak zhmotn n m v ech t kost , jim musela spolu se sv m p telem elit Ve sv ch vzpom nk ch zachytila dvaat icet let spole n ho ivota od ml d a po Stiegovu smrt K bolesti ze ztr ty milovan ho mu e se v ak p idru ily i dal nep jemn okolnosti Eva coby Stiegova dru ka, nikoli z konn man elka p ich z o ve ker d dictv Nesouhlasn a bezmocn sleduje vzm haj c se larssonovsk pr mysl a bojuje za to, aby j byla sv ena spr va du evn ho vlastnictv Larssonova d la nejen Mil nia, ale i v ech ostatn ch text , v nich se vyjad oval k z va n m soci ln m a politick m probl m m.Mil nium tril gia je kapitola sama o sebe, ako ten Marmiteyou love it or you hate it, ale ni medzi t m Tak u n s je to jednozna ne Team Stieg V etci sme tali v etky 3 diely a rozpr vali sa o nich O ich autorovi som v ak doter
After reading the Millenium Trilogy, I saw a documentary on Larsson s life called L horreur bor ale As you must know, Larsson died a few months after finishing writing his trilogy and never enjoyed fame and fortune from the great success that came.In the documentary, they paralleled his real life with the characters depicted in his books and it was also a portrait of Swede troublesome past since World War II Also, we learned that his life partner, Eva Gabrielsson, didn t get anything after his death because as a precaution, they hid their relationship They had been together for over 20 years but they were still singles in the public eye Larsson was afraid she might be attacked because he received threats so he wouldn t be involved in exposing the somber areas of Swedish society When you see Larsson s estranged father and brother that inherit eve
Eva Gabrielsson has a reason to be angry When Steig Larsson, the novelist famous for the Millenium trilogy, passed away suddenly of a heart attack, Gabrielsson lost than her partner His family took over control of his books, his other work and half of her apartment This was an interesting insight into how some of the things in the books come out That said, I thought Gabrielsson was sometimes too snobby that s not the right word, but it is the one that comes to m