Mary Magdalene

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Ik geef niet snel maar 1 ster, maar ok was nog te goed Het is niet voor niets dat ik het boek heel lang heb laten liggen Nu heb ik het alleen uitgelezen voor mijn reading challenge Ik vond het boek te sentimenteel en enorm ongeloofwaardig Het verhaal voelt als n bij elkaar verzonnen fantasie Ook voelde het historisch niet correct, het hele verhaal is geschreven vanuit een point of view van deze tijd De joodse samenleving, de gedachten en gevoelens van Ma
I read this a couple of years ago and at first I didn t think I would get through the first few chapters I found it very graphic and disturbing However, I did persevere and ended up enjoying the book To know what Magdalene s life could ve been like in that day and age, and the sort of terrible experiences and circumstances that could ve occurred that led her to the life of prostitution and demonic possession that she was bound by were so helpful in gaining of a personal understanding of who she was, and particularly how life changing her encounter with Jesus Christ was It s so easy to simply read about Magdalene briefly in the bible and just carry on with no real knowledge of what she went through and therefore not truly understand the miracle that happened to her when she met Christ The power of Jesus to miraculously cha
The story of Mary Magdeline and her devotion to our Lord is humbling. I enjoyed Ellen Gunderson Traylor s portrayal of one of the most enigmatic figures in all of Scripture, and would recommend it to all fans of Christian fiction however, the poor formatting, with pages that look like they came f
I ve read this book a few years ago when i borrowed it from my girlfriend back in high school the story pretty much captures much about what this particular follower s devotion to Christ but what really caught my attention was the way the author made quite a storyline
This book, though read years ago, still tops my list as one of the most impacting books I ve ever read This biblical story is really brought to life in a way that, as a milestone, molded my Christian walk. I love this story so much that I went through agonizing trouble to find it again I had forgotten the author, and couldn t remember the title thanks to goodreads I found it again and I am ordering it today.gonna read it again and again The author spent far time on Mary s story prior to knowing Jesus, and little after Although she conveyed the power of the life changing encounter, I feel she could have develped that part of the story . I read this a few years ago and loved it

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