Magical Tales from Many Lands

Magical Tales from Many Landsfree Magical Tales from Many Lands, Magical Tales from Many Lands pdf, Magical Tales from Many Lands pdf free,Magical Tales from Many Lands pdf download, Magical Tales from Many Lands epub, Magical Tales from Many Lands ebook, Magical Tales from Many Lands read online, Magical Tales from Many Lands pdf download, Magical Tales from Many Lands epub, Magical Tales from Many Lands kindle, Magical Tales from Many Lands Mobi – Reading Magical Tales From Many Lands Author Margaret Mayo From A Wide Variety Of Traditions Around The World Come Fourteen Folktales Of Magic, Mystery, And Mischief To Each, Artist Jae Ray Brings Her Rich, Glowing Colors, Her Elegant Sense Of Figure And Form, And Her Gift For Detail.A Zulu Tales Tells Of The Indomitable Unanana, Who Rescues Her Two Children From An Elephant S Belly From Japan Comes The Story Of A Timeless Shimmering Kingdom Beneath The Sea In A Rousing African American Story, A Band Of Witches Get Their Comeuppance Fantastic Transformations, Diguises, Magical Objects, And Spirits Reveal A Powerful World Beyond The Senses, A World That Influences Justice And Happiness In Human Affairs.While Suggesting The Diversity Of The Earth S People, This Gorgeous Collection, Crafted For Reading Aloud Or Alone, Also Shows Through Themes Of Kindness, Courge, Stadfastness, And Love, How Much We All Share. This caught my eye while I was shelving books at the library I love fairytales and I thought the illustrator was the same person who worked on Barefoot Book of Princesses also retellings , but it turns out I was mistak
I ve been reading umpteen collections of folktales for a storytelling class I can attest that it is really hard to find stories that are great for oral storytelling Or rather, stories that I personally want to tell This collection has 14 tales and I want to tell at leas
Many fabulous tales from each part of the world Absolute favorite fairy tales from my childhood Still an amazing read to this day Gorgeous illustrations Highly recommend I would recommend the book Magical Tales from Many Lands which is retold by Margaret Mayo and Illustrated by Jane Ray This book is a multicultural book that has 14 short stories from different cultures Arabic, Japanese, Jewish and Chinese and The short stories are very entertaining and provide an historical take on fiction Just like folk tales, these short stories enlighten the reader into a journey of th
One of the most formative books of my childhood A great range of stories, from the south of Africa, ancient Persia, Russia and North America Gorgeous art Really beautiful The kind of book that you cherish as a child and appreciate and as you get old I d love to have my copy to hand now, but as it
Picked this up specifically for the Zulu tale of Unanana and the Enormous One Tusked Elephant Akin to Little Red Riding Hood At the beginning I expected a moral to the story If there is one, this version doesn t include it. Interesting and intriguing set of tales from around the world, most of which I d never read before Really enjoyed this one, although the illustrations seemed a bit chunky and glaring in their colors at times to me, they still were very nice. I read this book countless times as a kid, and I still enjoy them I ve always loved retelling of folk stories which give you a small taste of that certain culture or time and Mayo captures it well in this book I also have tons of memories with this.. Love the stories Simple yet enchanting.

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  • Hardcover
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  • Magical Tales from Many Lands
  • Margaret Mayo
  • English
  • 02 January 2017
  • 9780525450177