Lucifer: Revelation (Blake's 7)

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I was bought this book and the first in the series as a gift being a long time fan of Blake s 7 I thought it would be interesting to know what happened after the series ended.To be honest this isn t the best of books The pace of the book is extremely quick with very little time given to character development or the subtleties of telling a story The story just goes bang bang bang through the plot, written like an essay by a school pupil I also found much of the plot unbelievable if you can find Sci fi unbelieveable as everything is fixed with a bit of stealth mode and Orac s vastly improved superpowers Orac is no longer in character with the rude arrogant Orac we know from the TV series and Avon has lost the hidden humanity he disp
So, Avon is on the run as usual Everyone wants him dead so they can access Orac Everyone and every group is double crossing everyone else Lots of killing I find it disconcerting that Orac is the most compassionate character. Overall, it s better than the last one of the Lucifer books Since it s a little shorter, I m going to go with Paul Darrow must have gotten an editor He still has a lot of issues with telling instead of showing.The other thing is that Avon is coming off as fairly Mary Sue ish He s suddenly become a much better fighter than he ever was in the seri