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This book is fast paced, gritty and a crackingly good read.The thing that I love about this book is that it is so different from any other Young Adult book I have ever read I ve seen books with similiar concepts in the Adult section but nothing of its kind aimed at teenagers The book follows the story of Eddie, a young man who, after the death of his brother, is drafted in to work for a private security firm His assignment is to get close to a girl of his age who is the daughter of a local crimelord.I found Eddie to be a really interesting character He obviously wants to do the right thing but learns quickly that doing the right thing long term means doing some questionable things short term I really liked seeing how his relationship with Sophie developed and how he grappled with his ideals and the morales of what he was doing as he went along.I was gripped throughout the book, I never found the story to be dull at a
When Eddie finds out that his brother Steve is dead he also discovers that Steve has been working undercover for a government agency Eddie is convinced that his brother wouldn t have killed himself but the only way he can prove that is if he accepts the offer to take Steve s place His first assignment is to befriend Sophie Kelly the daughter of crime lord Tommy Kelly and try to find out as much as he can about the family s illegal businesses As Eddie gets to know Sophie and starts working for her father he discovers that being a spy isn t as easy as he thought it would be and he may need to use questionable means if he is going to survive his mission.Long Reach is the first book starring Eddie Savage as the main character and is an exciting start to what promises to be a popular new series The world Eddie enters is gritty and frightening, definitely not one he will survive in one piece if he doesn t keep his wits about him Although this is a young adult series it doesn t hold back on the gritty side of the criminal underworld and includes some quite violent scenes Long Reach is an exciting and pacy read that I m sure will be very popular with older teens and adults.The story has a similar feel to Martina Cole s adult books and doesn t feel dumbed down for it s younger target audience As I read a lot of books by American authors I found the British slang made a refreshing change and it made the bo
Although not a book I would normally pick up myself, I was excited to hear about it and be offered it for review I m always on the look out for books I wouldn t normally read to try and this one was definitely one of them I loved the sound of it and what it was about so couldn t wait to dive right into the story Eddie was a character that I liked immediately It cant be easy under any circumstance to be told that your brother is dead, let alone to find out that you didn t really know him at all so I was immersed quickly into Eddie s newly complicated life Thrown into a world he has no business being in, Eddie doesn t quite realise just quite what he has gotten himself in to Working for a government agency undercover sure sounds like a pretty cool job for a 17 year old boy but it is far from fun and games As his first assignment progresses, getting close to the daughter of a crime lord, Eddie s confusion comes through clearly As he gets to know some new people in his life, he begins to question everything he has been told about the people he
This year Walker Books are releasing a new range of YA fiction and the first of these publications is Long Reach by Peter Cocks At just over 400 pages it s pretty big but surprisingly it didn t take long to read Peter Cocks YA debut is gripping and from the beginning places you right inside the world of Eddie Savage a teenager involved in infiltrating the most notoriously dangerous family in London The book takes you on a journey of love, trust and betrayal The main focus is that of crime but don t be put off if crime isn t your thing It was the first book on that subject that I have ever enjoyed On that note, however, it must be recognised that this is not a book for anyone under around 13 or 14 The levels of graphic violence are extreme and immensely unpleasant It didn t alter my enjoyment of the book but I m sure for others it might.What I particularly liked about
This review was originally posted on ThirstforFiction.comIn the world of espionage, things are never as they seem Eddie Savage, a 17 year old school boy, is not who many think he is He s neither Eddie or Savage, and he isn t a schoolboy either He is a spy, taking revenge on the man that murdered his brother Tommy Kelly, pack leader of London s largest and most dangerous group of criminals I can t claim to be a heavy reader in YA thrillers, but I like to think that I ve read and enjoyed a fair few enough to know when I ve found something special and different Long Reach is such a find a burst of adrenalin in the oft static thriller landscape of YA fiction.Long Reach doesn t read like a debut solo novel Peter Cocks collaborated with Mark Billingham to write Triskellion , and certainly not a standard thriller Peter Cocks manages to reacts both the espionage and thri
I read this book because someone told me it was better than Cherub so I wanted to see for myself It is on my bingo board under the category of A book written by a male It is about a a seventeen year old named Eddie Savage who finds out that his brother is dead and it could have been suicide He then finds out that his brother was working undercover spyin
When 17 year old Eddie learns about his brother s untimely death and is offered the chance to work undercover for an organisation who operate somewhere in the gap between the police and the covert government agencies he doesn t hesitate Especially when he has to get to know the pretty teenage daughter of the local ruthless killer and psychotic cri
Good unusual story a undercover spy who is a teenage boy, different, enjoyable. Good read But a really poor endingEnjoyed the book.But found the ending odd.There were too many things left unansweredWhich was a shame T