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Unfortunately, I found this book to be a bit disappointing Though the translation felt very smooth and without error, the perspective that of a 42 year old autistic woman felt rather inconsistent, and often bordering on the inauthentic The book felt like a fictionalization of the life of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has made an amazing impact on both industry and the animal human bond Here, Karen revolutionized the tuna industry rather than cattle, but the similarities from the use of a harness, even to the swine slaughterhouse added up to too many coincidences for it to seem just without giving Grandin some credit.The injustice aside, I previously held high hopes because the description mentioned feral children, the ocean and autism all fascinating topics for fiction One of the pre release blurbs called this book comedic, and I definitely failed to find the humour in this book that alternated between the horror of the fishing industry and the difficulties of Karen s communication with others Despite this, the book s overall tone was not depressing, but rather matter of fact, the one of the successes of the point of view in accuracy though these insights sometimes led
Implausible and weird.Let me explain I thought this was going to be a novel about the journey of the aunt bringing her orphaned, wild, autistic niece into society But no Within the space of a few pages Karen went from zero to self taught reader and fairly competent communicator implausible The rest was about her education and subsequent career as a humane animal slaughterer weird It wasn t badly written or anything, and there was just enough interest to
I really enjoyed this book, particularly all the underwater fish scenes Being part fish myself, I could totally relate to the protagonists favorite pasttime of simply laying her head on a rock on the bottom of the ocean and leaving the realm of thought behind in yet another example of her rejection of Descartes Cogito, ergo sum philosophy of life I loved the lemon leaves and the grove she ultimately planted, as well as her unlikely love for Ricardo I loved the tuna paradises and her ability to see and feel the world from the perspective of animals, namely fish and I wish someone would really figure out a way to save the bluefin tuna I don t eat sand, but my kids have certainly had their share as babies so she might be onto something there And I loved her jellyfish rescue This book was a refreshing change, a unique story, an
Una historia contada por una mujer autista en el que se nos relata su vida y c mo llega a ser un genio de la cr a y venta de atunes Al principio, cuando su t a se hace cargo de ella, cuesta un poco leer porque ha estado toda su infancia maltratada y desatendida Pero luego la historia despega y, aunque a ratos cueste seguir su l gica autista, la historia est muy bien.Lo m s divertido de todo el libro, sin duda, la escena en el ba o en Jap n y los botones del waterAl parecer, la protagonista es una copia muy descarada de una
Este libro es m gico No se me ocurre un adjetivo para describirlo Nunca hab a le do algo parecido Si buscas una novela para reflexionar sobre nuestra delicada relaci n con los animales y con muchos toques filos ficos, este libro es para ti Me encant. I love the cover The basic idea of the book that is found in the abstract is great, but I find the book to be so poorly written I dont recommend this book. Goodness, I ve never had such trouble in picking a shelf for a book How in the world do I classify this one Autistic fiction perhaps, but if I create that shelf then I almost feel obligated to seek out of such an animal and with the exception of The Curious Incident of the Dog at NIght I m not sure what would go on that shelf.This was a book that was at times difficult to read Maybe autistics shouldn t read about autistics because it really underscores just how different our thought patterns are sometimes Karen resonated so deeply with me at times that it left me shaken Which is of course, the mark of an excellent writer, that she could evoke this response when she herself is not autistic to my knowledge anywaymakes me wonder.Yes, the obvious parallels of Temple Grandin s life are impossible to ignore But the knowledge of tuna fishing the industry is in itself very impress
I had to read this for a Latin American Literature class I m taking At first I thought it would be a boring book I Loved this book Karen the main character s struggle being autistic allowed her to relate to the tuna than as she calls it humans She is always under estimated in her abilities but her Aunt sees in h
A very peculiar book I found it really hard to get into the rhythm of the writing at first and then I wasn t sure if I was enjoying it or not.Having said that, I raced through the last half and didn t want to put it down.Having read a few books with Autistic characters, this wasn t new, however this wa