House on Garibaldi Street, The

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I sincerely enjoyed this book I thought it was exciting and entertaining and gave a real insight in the challengers intelligence agencies face We are given a window in which to observe ingenuity and on the spot thinking to it s max There is not just the element of excitement that makes this book compelling There is also a sincere sense of justice This is felt most prevalently when Harel describes how the criminal affected the lives of those involved in the case and their families The relief felt by those involved radiates off the page when Harel describes the excitement present
Even though it s been thirty years since I read this story, it has remained with me Eichmann was the most sought after Nazi after the collapse of the Third Reich He had bragged on than one occasion how he was instrumental in carrying out the F hrer s Final Solution Like many he was able to escape to a sympathetic South America and continue living the good life The fledgling organization, Mossad, spent months and months of preparation laying out a plan to bring him back to Israel and be tried for his crimes against humanity yet stay under the radar of the Argentinian police To be caught would probably end the existence of the organization The number
I m speechlessbeyond utterly speechless. Not gonna win any literary awards, but this book delivers the goods as far as operational details of a high stakes espionage action the abduction of Eichmann from Argentina to stand trial in Israel Harel methodically some would say tediously lays out all the planning that went into the operation, from the initial tip that led to Eichmann, to his identification, through his capture and retrieval Lots of stuff to consider establishment of safe houses document forgery false passports etc tailing him and determining best location to abduct drugging the captive building a special room in a safehouse to hold him while waiting for flight out it was a week delayed planning a special flight out to take him back contingency planning for if they re caughtetc etc It s interesting to contemplate how you d pull off this kind of action today very different world back in 1960 There were no flights from Israel to Argentina, rental cars were hard to come by, no internet or easy long distance communication so many things Israel was much
Boy howdy, was this ever a boring book But how can a book about Nazi hunting be boring, you ask Trust me, it can Flat writing seriously, my middle school diary entries about what I got for back to school shopping are interesting , zero characterization, and a hunt that s about as fast paced as watching paint dry My 84 year old demented grandmother has craftier moves than Eichmann did in Buenos Aires And though it takes place in Buenos effing Aires, it might a
This book is not going to be for everyone, but if you love books that involve WWII combined with real life investigative intrigue, this is one read YOU CANNOT MISS So many of the Nazi commandants turned tail after the end of WWII and hid in the far reaches of the world, including Adolph Eichmann, who was the architect of the final solution that killed so many Jewish souls For years following the war, it was the sole mission of Isser Harel, Chief Executive of the Secret Services of Israel, to find these bastards and bring them to justice Every tip, every rumor, every sighting was pursued, until one clue came to the surface in the late 50 s that unearthed Eichmann in Buenos Aires, South America This is the story of that pursuit Every tactical move, every bit of reconnaissance, the planning, the task force, of identifying, capturing, and smuggling the man back to Israel for a trial The fear was that if South American officials learned of the plot, Eichmann would get caught up in extradition proceedings and never be brought to justice The plot is very well written and fast paced The level of detail needed to pull off such a feat was simply mind blowing to me My only complaint is that upon the completion of this book, the re
This is the story of the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by Jewish agents as told by the operation leader Interesting how they heard about him being there from someone who told someone who told someone and it eventually got back to the people that could go get him One of the best parts about the way this story is told is how the author explains the personal connections between the agents history of harm from the efforts to exterminate them and Eichmann Some of their stories were horrible, about how their family members were killed before their eyes or how they were seperated in a death camp never to see each other again They smuggled him out of Argentina in a plane They told the crew who they had prisenor as they were taking off One of them had watched his younger brother be killed in front of him and his mother and sister were sent to the gas chambers He immeditatly burst into tears when was told they had caught Eichmann It seemed like every one of the agents had some personal loss from the Nazi genocide And yet one of them discussed whether it was right for them to make provision for Eichmann s family in Argentina since they were snatching away the breadwinner Fairly well paced though I could see
Read a long time ago inherited from mum s shelves.