Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1)

Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) free Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) , Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) pdf, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) pdf free,Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) pdf download, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) epub, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) ebook, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) read online, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) pdf download, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) epub, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) kindle, Into the Nothing (Broken Outlaw, #1) Mobi – Xander Evans Has Been On The Road For Many Years Never Settling Always Moving From One Place To Another, Unable To Let Go Of His Past He Lived A Tragic Childhood, Spending Most Of Those Years In Foster Care He S Never Felt Like He S Had A Home That Is Until He Stops In The Small Town Of Truman Valley, Missouri, Where He Meets A Woman Who Will Change Everything He S Ever Known Paige Watson Has It All A Loving Family, Beautiful Home, And A Great Career The Only Thing She S Love After Escaping An Abusive Relationship, She Opens Her Heart Up To A Stranger He Is Unlike Any Man She S Ever Met He Came Into Her Life And Turned It Completely Upside Down Everything Is Perfect That Is, Until One Fateful Night A Night That Would Tear The Watson Family Apart, Never To Be Put Back Together Again A Night That Would Send Xander Away To Prison For Life. 3.5 stars Into the Nothing is a romance that leans towards the suspenseful mysterious side The prologue of the book pulled me in straight away Our hero is currently serving time for a crime he did not commit After that prologue, we go back in time a few years to see what happened to put him in this position that changed his life forever I won t talk too much about the story, I ll let you read it for yourself but I will say that BT s writing is strong The story was intriguing It had parts that were sexy and sweet, and other parts that were mysterious and gritty I thought the male POV was written perfectly There was a lot about this story I liked, but I didn t connect to Paige as I wished I would That was probably the thing I had trouble with the most I find it so hard to love a book when I never click with one of the main characters.The story started as a sweet romance with some fun moments You could see that Xander and Paige both had some things in their past that made them a little broken, but they were both starting to open up about themselves The story continues and things start to get a little crazy Here comes the suspenseful parts of the story My heart broke for both Xander and Paige and the situation they were both put in My mind was racing as I tried to figure out what really happened As I was really starting to get into the story
3 STARS For his first solo venture B.T Urruela presented a mystery type story told in dual povs which is a standalone for this new series I found the plot interesting yet overall a bit messy I do have to point out the fisting teaser is totally out of context and was taken from a conversation at a bar in case readers were turned off by it In fact the couple doesn t even sleep together until after the halfway portion of the story and no such thing occurs This story is of a mystery and suspense feel as it starts with the hero wrongly imprisoned and then we are gifted the story of how Xander came to work for the Watson family who owns a vineyard and falls for their daughter, Paige Family is foreign to me Always has been When I get a glimpse of it, it s hard to let go The love aspect of the story was well paced and I did find it indeed believable The reveals however fell on the predictable side and the ending was very rushed The story overall could have been fine tuned bec
Into the Nothing is BT Urruela s debut novel and I am happy to say he is not just a pretty face His writing is raw, emotional and real After reading the blurb I thought I had a pretty good idea of how this story would go, but BT s approach was new and fresh.Xander is new in town when he meets the Watson family The Watsons appear to be the perfect family and are happy to take in the man who protected their only daughter Paige and Xander quickly develop a relationship, but it didn t feel rushed Their connection developed over time and felt genuine Here is the part I wasn t expecting, we know Xander goes to prison for life We even see in the prologue he is in prison, so while I was expecting us to see that immediately we actually get to see the beginning events in great detail It actually takes a good part of the story before we see what events actually took place This story is sweet and sexy, but also suspenseful I did guess the twist pretty quickly
ARC received from author via Southern Belle PR as part of blog tour Well, well, well Not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn t it that s a good thing, I swear just bear with meBefore anything else, this may not have anything to do with the book, but I do want to give a shout out to BT I ve been stalking, I mean following him, on various social media platform and I couldn t be impressed at the things he s accomplished, never mind his looks What Have you seen him g He s very engaging and I always enjoy perusing his SM accounts, just saying Even though I own a copy, I haven t had the opportunity to read A Lover s Lament, which he co wrote with another author, but this one is his first solo attempt For his first solo write, I say not bad The opening of the story grabs you immediately, that s for sure.Xander has quite the past, tragic at that He was full of secrets, a transient at heart, and Paige s town just happened to be one of the ones he was passing thru He met Paige and her dad by fluke, and what was meant to be temporary ended up not being so Paige and her family took him in, feelings starting to grow until that fateful night, that is I really really wanted to love this It s got the elements I usually
Fantastic Debut, Solo Novel Before I begin my review, I would just like to note that I did in fact beta read this book for this author My review is of my thoughts and feelings during the entire process Family is foreign to me Always has been When I get a glimpse of it, it s hard to let go The first few notes themselves have me in a trance They re beautiful and heartbreaking and moving all rolled into one He transitions from to string to string and strums with the ease and fluidity of a pro, and it s only a matter of seconds before my hands fall to my sides I was as lost in the music as he was The beauty in his voice, the depth of his words, it overwhelms me He overwhelms me Into the Nothing is the debut solo novel of author B.T Urruela My first thoughts upon finishing this book was what did I just read I was floored I was shocked This book took me on one wild and crazy ride with an ending I did not see coming.Into the Nothing is well written and grabs you from the very beginning You will have your eyes glued to the pages to find out what will happen next As you go deeper into the story, you won t be able to put it down.One of the things I loved about Into the Nothing is that the story is not as romance focused Into the Nothing is character and plot driven The reader is really given a chance to get to know the characters and experience the story as if they are standing in the book right along with them I
Into the Nothing is the story of Xander Evans and Paige Watson Two strangers who met one night, a night that would change both of their lives forever Xander is a nomad of sorts, no family to be had, no place to call home he is just passing through when he comes to the rescue of Paige and a man who is a little too handsy Paige s father invites Xander into his home and offers him a job, leaving Paige and Xander to face their chemistry head on Somehow perfect ended up tragic and Xander is sitting in a prison cell, left only with the thoughts of the girl who stole his heart.ITN begins with a glimpse of present day Xander, locked away for a crime he didn t commit As we go back to the night when he first meets Paige and the Watson family, we are taken along for the journey as these two fall in love and experience everything being torn from their arms I have not yet read BT s co authored book although it is sitting on my Kindle , so this was my first glimpse into what he d have to offer in the romance world I have to say, for a first book, this was a fantastic start There were some minor bumps in the road and I think some emotio
Into the Nothing is the first solo project by B.T Urruela, and I enjoyed Xander s story Unless you ve grown up in a thriving metropolis like New York City, you can probably relate to Paige and Xander There is nothing quite as unique as the dynamics of small town life Each small town has their own Paige and her family including the town took care of their own until the unspeakable happened Into the Nothing is a story of tragedy, heartache, faith and overcoming I didn t fin
Rating 3.25 5Review to come Interesting, we need male romance writers