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Like Sam s other books, Hercufleas is vaguely set in Albion, a land of surprising things and people it s a fantastical tale, but told snappily and directly, with another great heroine and a fabulous hero. After A Slow Start This Tale Builds NicelyThis book opens with the birth, hatching , of Hercufleas We meet his family and visit the hat in which he lives We are showered with flea puns and flea words, we meet Hercufleas fleamily , and so on After a few pages of that this looked like it would just be a little engine that could tale with flea jokes But boy, that s just a piece of the story.I sympathize with authors who have to set up an arch, slim and maybe cutesy premise before they can really take off and tell their story Well, Gayton gets that dirty work out of the way fairly efficiently, and then we get to the good stuff The village of Tumber is demolished each month by a terrible, huge giant It needs a hero savior When Greta, who has been tasked with hiring a hero, ends up being swindled and almost killed by a crooked hero renter, Hercufleas hitches a ride on her shoulder and heads off with her to be the hero Tumber needs Greta s attempts to hire a hero are amusing The way she is cheated is dramatic Her escape from the crooked villain is gripping Moreover, by this point the characters have become interesting, the action is unpredictable, the dialogue is snappy, and the flea ness of the humor has been put on the back burner The world around Tumber is fascinating and the odd characters, grizzly squirrels , rival those from any other fantasy adventure This becomes a real quest adventure, a coming of age tale, and a v
A hero s journey story centering around a flea with big dreams and an embittered girl who has lost all she loves but wishes to save her town from a dreadful monster There are many lovely moments in this book, some centering on when Hercufleas drinks a drop of Greta s blood and senses the sweetness when she is hopeful and the bitterness when she is not He longs for his family while she has lost hers and the two finally come to an understanding of each other around this shared experience Hercufleas has several heroic moments, like going into the icy river to be bait for a much needed fish dinner Greta doesn t get the happy ever after ending we think she de
I loved it I think I enjoyed this book than The Snow Merchant The amount of thought that went into this book is mind blowing From the Flea Hat House to the giant world around Hercufleas There s so much attention to detail and amazing imagination that went into this book I really want to read it again because I m sure I ll pick up on things I will definitely be recommending this book to children in the library You won t forget this raisin
Hercufleas by Sam GaytonAn evil giant by the name of Yuk needs to defeat and many heros have failed before him The next hero to combat this evil creature is Hercufleas a tiny flea who is no bigger than a raison This tiny character is small by nature but mighty by heart which is demonstrated many times through the story Throughout the story
What a fantastic riff on the hero s journey that middle grade readers will love The action, humor, and unlikely hero of this novel will appeal to many students the central idea believe something and it is halfway to being real is a great takeaway Young people will love Greta Hercufleas a
A great read It incorporated myths and legends with cool twists Extremely innovative and fantastical characters The author is amazingly talented at word play in both a meaningful and amusing way The morals of the story are easy to see, yet told in such an entertaining way that it in
Adorable children s story about a flea named Hercufleas who wants to be a hero With the help of a human girl named Greta, they go on an adventure to try to save her town from an evil giant Very well written, good character development, and excellent flow. Being legally blind, I used two different technologies to read this book Slow and often frustrating, I still do it.I enjoyed this book It was an amusing, good read with a moral to it The moral didn t hit you over the head which was nice.I would recommend this bood.

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Hercufleas
  • Sam Gayton
  • English
  • 11 November 2018
  • 9781849396363