Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War

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This has to be one of the densest stories ever published in the DC line So much happens on every page, I was a bit overwhelmed and had to rely on a Wiki to make sure I hadn t missed anything important And yet, very clearly, this was just a stage setter the book is absolutely littered with references to the Blackest Night event that is on the horizon, past Final Crisis I think Final Crisis itself was seeded in this story as well, if the return of some infamous baddies from prior crises is any indication I dare say no for fear of spoilers but suffice it to say all the Crises so far seem of a piece, so I can believe Final Crisis will cap it all off.The fact that so much plot is squeezed into so few pages does have some bad effects however The art seemed frantic at times, and some panels, while gorgeous, need several minutes of consideration before you get everything that s going on Some major events in the plot could well have been several TPBs on their own, but are dealt with quickly Parallax taking over and leaving another Green Lantern for example I for one thought this story would ve been better told over maybe 1.5x the issues that it was Anyway, this makes it a must re read kind of a book story No way did I get everything this first time.The eruption of colors universe wide at the end again, trying to avoid spoilers here P is fun The philosophical schi
Apparently this is the precursor to the Blackest Night event The Sinestro Corps War is a massive undertaking Sinestro, a former Green Lantern once the greatest of them all till Hal Jordan took that title, has formed his own Corps His is yellow and based on beings who can instill great fear He decides to go to war with the Green Lantern Corps He recruits not only many yellow lanterns but some seriously powerful people from Cyborg Superman and Superman Prime to the Anti Monitor and Parallax This powerful conglomeration of forces attacks the GLC It s all out galactic war from there This was a huge series that ran through all the GL titles Thus, as with any such undertaking some are quite good and some are just good I was glad that none of them were bad The artwork goes from great all the way down to good Still, thats better than most such collections manage All in all it was a great tale, full of violence and massive conflict Sinestro has always been one of my favorite characters and I liked the fact, that even at the end he had proven his point that he could make the GLC become ruthless than it professed to be During the events of the war the Guardians of the galaxy rewrite the rules of OA and allow GL rings the authorization to use lethal force That seemingly obvious strategy was a victory for Sinestro who had always argued for such measures.A great series and one I am glad to add to
Gracias, Geoff Muchas gracias. This was a chunker Getting through this graphic novel took some work, granted it was the complete story, which has broken down into separate volumes, but still I am not used to using a bookmark with a graphic novel This was a great story, seeing how the Sinestro corps came to be and hinting at all the other different corps that were soon to follow This was epic unfortunately I had a hard time digesting it.There is a lot to process here It doesn t help that I sometimes have a hard time following along when a story is jumping between different comic books, although it s a loss easier when there are only two books as opposed to seven like there are in crossovers now Let s just say I got lost.Also, I usually love it when a story focuses a lot on the alien members of the GL corps, but I really didn t get much out of those portions here They focused so much on the humanoid aliens that it wasn t as much fun That s why I like the old Alan Moore stories This was
This is to date my favorite Green Lantern story ever Sinestro forms an evil corps of his own to battle the Green Lantern Corps While the green rings are powered by willpower, Sinestro s yellow rings are powered by fear The art is great and the story is gritty There are too many moments to name them all but some that stand out are when the guardians allow the Green Lanterns to use lethal force and when we find out the Sinestro Corps has such members as the the Cyborg Superman, Superboy Prime and even the Anti Monitor The body count is very high as members of both Corps fall in battle We see the Guardians have to take a proactive approach to things and the foundation is laid for future storylines, especially the Blackest Night.Some may find this to be a little dark for a Green Lantern sto
I missed reading Green Lantern This was amazing Definitely the best part of this series so far This was massive So many things happening So many characters involved Hal, Kyle, Guy, John and innumerous non earth Lanterns Even the Anti Monitor was in this I had to take my time so I wouldn t miss anything impo
There is a spectrum of power unseen in the universe made up of sentient thoughts and feelings Made brighter or darker depending on the universal emotional state of intelligent life Today, the universe feels fear This book had me going through the emotions It took me a while to get into it, but once I did, it became un put down able You know how I love well written characters, right Well, Geoff Johns is awesome at that There s this one panel where the Green Lanterns from Earth Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are in a legitimate battle and they re all just having this bro centric conversation on the side that should be completely out of place, but it isn t It sperfect.There were several times throughout this story that the world dropped out from under me because I couldn t believe what just happened Once with Parallax and twic
Primer c mic de Green Lantern que leo Ah , a lo bestia, por qu no He empezado por aqu gracias a Mss Black, que ten a dos y amablemente la he sugestionado para que me diera uno muahahaha La verdad es que al principio me sent algo abrumada por no conocer el personaje ni el mundo y verme inmersa de lleno en una historia de semejante envergadura Mea culpa Y no es que de esta forma sea una lectura f cil El c mic de por si es denso, en el sentido en que tiene mucha informaci n en cada p gina y pasan muchas cosas, pero a n as se puede seguir bastante bien si le pones la atenci n necesaria Esto es, me he enterado de la trama y del desarrollo, pero no ha sido una lectura para desconectar, sino que me ha tenido bastante concentrada tratando de unir los hilos de la historia De hecho, es un c mic que dejo apartado para una relectura porque estoy segura de que se me han pas

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