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Ghost Girlfree Ghost Girl, Ghost Girl pdf, Ghost Girl pdf free,Ghost Girl pdf download, Ghost Girl epub, Ghost Girl ebook, Ghost Girl read online, Ghost Girl pdf download, Ghost Girl epub, Ghost Girl kindle, Ghost Girl Mobi – Jadie Never Spoke She Never Laughed, Or Cried, Or Uttered Any Sound Despite Efforts To Reach Her, Jadie Remained Locked In Her Own Troubled World Until One Remarkable Teacher Persuaded Her To Break Her Self Imposed Silence Nothing In All Of Torey Hayden S Experience Could Have Prepared Her For The Shock Of What Jadie Told Her A Story Too Horrendous For Torey S Professional Colleagues To Acknowledge Yet A Little Girl Was Living In A Nightmare, And Torey Hayden Responded In The Only Way She Knew How With Courage, Compassion, And Dedication Demonstrating Once Again The Tremendous Power Of Love And The Relilience Of The Human Spirit Humano Demasiado DesumanoJadie mais um caso de mutismo Mais um caso duma jovem que em resposta a maus tratos infringidos, se encerra em si mesma, num mundo concha.Maus tratos Maus tratos ser um eufemismo incapaz de fazer jus aos abusos que a vitimaram O que nos contam s o Horrores Pavores inimagin veis Cenas que saltaram dum thriller de terror para a tela real Custa aceitar que seres t o abjectos, capazes de tamanhas atrocidades, perten am mesma esp cie de Jesus Cristo, Pit goras, Madre Teresa de Calcut , Nelson Mandela, e outros afins Ser poss vel consider los humanos Membros da mesma Humanidade que nos inclui caso para perguntar Em simult neo com o relato de todo o trabalho investido por Torey na recupera o de Jadie, Uma Crian a Em Perigo , envolve nos numa visita guiada pelos sinistros ramais da DES humanidade Conclu da a sua leitura resta nos implorar por mais Toreys.Se aberra es desta estirpe abundam
DNF spoiler alert for the first half of the book This is the second book that I ve read by Torey Hayden, and I think it will be the last.It s well written and easy to read, as far as the writing style goes, but that s the only good thing I have to say.As for the story itself, I don t believe a word of it.Jadie, the central character in this story, suffers from selective mutism, but only at school For years, teachers and the school psychologist have been trying to get her to speak, with no success Torey Hayden, the new teacher at the school, and in charge of the small class of special needs children, has her speaking before the end of her first day Really Reuben, a nine year old boy suffering from autism, went to use the toilet Some little time later Reuben was heard crying, and when the toilet door was unlocked Jadie was sitting on the toilet, her dress hiked up around her waist and her underpants around her ankles Reuben, standing in front of her, his overalls down, was howling pathetically as Jadie clutched his penis Jadie ran
I finished this book in exactly one week Ghost girl isa compelling book, to say the least The fact that it tells a true story is one of the reasons why its reader is urged to keep on going, but the most important reason is that you can t help but wanting to find out what happened to Jadie.The book is about her, an 8 year old girl who s deeply disturbed and is an elective mute That means she doesn t talk by choice She never laughs, never cries or expresses any other kind of emotion She just is Walking doubled over as if she s crippled, she just seems to not care about life or anything around her at all The author of this book, Torey Hayden, is a special education teacher who has helped children her whole life and has got quite the career record to testify to that The book deals with Torey coming to Jadie s class to teach and slowly trying to get through to her, wanting to find the source of her problems It s obvious from the start thanks to the cover text that something horrible and terrifying must have happened to Jadie or is perhaps still happening for her to be so psychologically damaged And as you get on, you start collecting pieces to the puzzle, though it s all very confusing at first and you share the teacher s frustration.I won t give away anything , since it s really just a book that needs to be read to fully understand its power For lack of a better word
This book freaked me out You know in that praying you can forget it long enough to fall asleep kind of way Seriously if Hayden handed the manuscript to Stephen King and asked him to make it disturbing, there wouldn t be a clown wig wearing, pig blood showering thing he could do about it.The craziest part is it isn t a horror book Well, I guess it sort of is It s a horror book slash murder mystery with the undertones of a thriller that s driven by the special interest story of a child psychologist teaching elementary school The only thing that could make it crazier would be if I told you it s a true story.Also it s a true story.The plot follows psychologist Torey Hayden the author as she unravels damage done to 7 year old Jadie, then fights to rescue her from the worst nightmare you can imagine Best case scenario she s being sexually abused Worst case scenario she s being sexually abused by the members of a Satanic cult probably her parents , has been forced to ritualistically slaughter animals to drink their blood, and also witnessed the brutal murder of a young girl.This is the first book I ve read in one sitting in YEARS Mostly because I m an adult and a parent so disappearing for 16 hours is
De uma forma simples e descontra da somos apresentadas a esta investigadora comportamental de crian as especiais e as motiva es que a fazem trocar o certo pelo incerto, o conforto e um certo facilitismo por um trabalho rduo, lento e s Num impulso deixa para tr s a cidade e opta por um lugar mais rural porque acredita que poder dar mais de si pr pria, sobretudo, contribuir junto de quem mais precisa e com menos recursos dispon veis Com uma resili ncia adequad ssima s suas fun es esta professora vai operando junto daquelas crian as e vamos ficando presos s suas hist rias de vida Jadie a crian a mais enigm tica e intrigante que nos vai deixando avassalados A lentid o do processo de conquista de confian a desarmante e s queremos ler mais e mais para percebermos o porqu das suas atitudes e por outro queremos ver ser feita justi a Meu Deus Sim, por favor
Torey L Hayden knygas Mergait vaiduoklis ir Mergait buvau skai iusi paauglyst je Tuomet jos abi mane labai sukr t ir perskai ius, niekaip i s mon s nedingo ant vir elio u ra yti od iai tikra istorija Kas nesat susipa in su Torey, trumpa j pristatysiu Torey L Hayden vaik su ypatingais poreikiais mokytoja, pad j ja, psicholog ir draug Baigusi ne vienus mokslus ir specializavusis b tent ioje srityje ji nuo ird iai ir sunkiai dirba d l ir su vairiausi sutrikim turin iais vaikais Savo patirtis ir ypatingiausius atvejus ji paver ia knygomis, tikromis istorijomis spaud ian iomis a aras Torey dirba su autistais, agresyviais, seksualiai i naudotais, mu tais ar alkoholik vaikais Knygoje Mergait mes susipa stame su eila Ma amete mergaite, turin ia vairiausio pob d io b d eila b dama ma yt band nu udyti berniuk , kankino gyv nus, absoliu iai atsisak mokytis ar normaliai bendrauti Nebuvo vietos kurioje ji pritapt ar bent nor t pritapti Tada ji buvo paskirta Tori klas Ypating klas , kurioje mok si problem turintys vaikai Itin bail s, autistai, turintys mokymosi problem ir pan Ir be eilos i klas mokytojai suvaldyti buvo sunku Kiekvienas vaikas unikalus ir kiekvienam reikia visko skirtingai iaip ne taip atrast pusiausvyr eila visi kai sugriov Sutrai k akvariumo uveles, susipe su vaikais, niokojo klas , neklaus mokytojos ir grie tai atsisak daryti bent vien u duot e
This was fairly pulp type reading, I got through the book very quickly The author is a special needs teacher has written a whole series of books about the poor children she s worked with but who s stories she doesn t mind using for profitthere s no real educational or informative angle on these things It didn t sit right with me that this is apparently a real case, but obviously changed to protect the innocent to the point where she could have probably made up anything I also don t like the fact how the blurb makes her out to be some sort of super teacherits like she s using these cases to stoke the fire of her ego, when its not even clear how much has been altered But, having said that, it was an interesting read the case is very sad She s not a bad writer, unlike the blurb doesn t seem to really sing her own praises too much in the story even though some of the techniques she apparently used to get the girl to talk are quite interesting I also liked that the conclusion wasn t
Torey Hayden has written this book inspired by her experiences as a teacher helping students with a wide range of emotional disturbances This book follows her as she worked with Jade, a young girl with elective mutism When she and Jade finally get down to business and she helps Jade put a voice to her fears, she discovers that the child is apparently being abused by a cult of Satan worshipping child molesters.I say apparently because it s clear that ultimately this is all speculation While it seems plausible enough that Jade and her sisters have been sexually assaulted her father is arrested some years after Jade is taken from his custody for molesting a child her age , the rest is not really proven.The book is sensational and well written, but inconclusive There is never any proof that Jade s claims are true and as this all took place in the 80 s when there was an h
This is the true story of an experienced special ed teacher who goes to a small town to teach a class One girl in her class in very disturbed and this book tries to unravel why the girl is disturbed Once I got into the book I couldn t put it down But now that I am finished..creepy I don t think I will sleep well tonight This book will probably give me nightmares and I sort of regret reading it I googled and the girl is now grown up, but declined to be interviewed.I have my
This book is gripping and heartwrenching It is a story that I just had to finish once I started, and I read the entire book in one sitting But once I finished the book, I almost wished I hadn t read it There are some very grapic and disturbing images in this book It made me feel bad to even let my mind wander to these kinds of places The very sad thing about this book is that it is a true story And whether you believe Jadie truly experienced these things or not, I really do believe she experienced what she said she did at least to some extent No little child could simply make up the kinds of things Jadie recalls That is why at the end of the book, while the author makes no concrete statement as to whether Jadie s experiences were 100% true, I believe they did happen to her Maybe every detail was not recalled entirely accurately, but there is a lot of evil in this worldand I don t take that for gra

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