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Gentleman Jack was an interesting read on many levels firstly, as a commentary on the life of a lesbian in the early 19th century, and secondly, as an account of a fascinating woman who did some amazing things in the course of her life Anne Lister was certainly quite a character, and while I was intrigued by her romantic exploits, it was her extensive travels that gripped me This work shines a light on a little known figure who deserves recognition The only reason I give this book four stars rather than five is the fact that, at times, I found the prose style a little tiresome Although the story ca
I initially picked this book up for two reasons The first is, as I work in a bookshop, keeping up to date with upcoming releases makes my life much easier when talking to customers about the books they were based on HBO is dramatising Anne Lister s life, specifically they are basing their interpretation off this particular biography The other reason is that as a gay woman, I am always hungry for LGBT history in any form I wanted desperately to feel some sort of connection, to hook my own longings onto the chain of women before me and not feel so isolated in my experiences Alas, rather than find any kind of unity, I found myself hating Anne Lister with every turn of the page She was an egomaniac, finding fault in all of her lovers for swathes of reasons, all of them demonstrating about Anne s personality flaws and inflated pride than damning any of her rejected women She found some too unintelligent, others weren t rich enough, others too far below her in social standing She didn t like any woman who had slept with a man, preferring virgins who had not been spoiled She didn t like her lovers to be assertive, preferring them passive and docile both in the bedroom and in day to day life Monogamy was boring for her, but rather than tell her various lovers that, she preferred to lie and quite literally cheat Frequently many of them, understandably, suffered from
She s a Tory and a landlord but I love her Look, Anne Lister was a terrible, terrible person But if you can stomach reading about pretty much any white male landowner with a host of lovers from the nineteenth century, you can handle this Mr Rochester turned female is no less awful, and worse because she was a real person But it means something as modern LGBT people, to see someone like us, openly living their truth, hundreds of years ago Anne s girlfriends were all fascinating women, and I wanted to know about them and less about her It s a shame that the same virtue of self assurance which led her to lead her life with as much confidence as she did, is also the same vice that caused her to hurt the people around her repeatedly and behave incredibly selfishly As the author says, first she seduced me then she betrayed me, much like her real lovers Highly entertaining, though the travel towards the end did have me skimming a little And food for thought because my god did Miss Lister manage to
Anne Lister was a narcissistic but fascinating person, her life full of polyamorous dyke drama and travels This biography is also a poetic middle finger a body part that Anne mentions a lot to the romanticed tales of female friendships now English edition Gentleman Jack Okay I think I need to take a break from this book because it is depressing the hell out of me The research I do on Anne Lister, the it becomes clear that she fact.a horrible human being I sort of went from thinking well, she was a flawed human being like all of us, and it s unfair for me to hold her, as a queer woman, to a higher moral standard than I would hold a man from the same era, to thinking Jesus Christ, even Byron never did anything THAT fucked up And I know it shouldn t upset me so much to find out that a random woman who s been dead for hundreds of years was a total monster, but I am.devasta
It s difficult to argue with the author s conclusion that Anne Lister was an egotistical fortune hunter, but her diaries are an invaluable historical document, disproving the homophobic argument that LGBT people are a modern phenomenon This biography is a quick, informative read. DNF 168 pagesI got a bit bored of Anne Lister and her many lady conquests.