Twenty five year old Venetia Lanyon s beauty is rivaled only by her sensibility Intelligent and independent, her future seems safe and predictable Lovely Venetia despairs of ever meeting the handsome hero of her romantic dreams but is nearly resigned to spinsterhood, thanks to the enormous amount


The three great nephews of irascible Mr Matthew Penicuik know better than to ignore his summons, especially when it concerns the bestowal of his fortune The wily old gentleman has hatched a freakish plan for his Country bred stepdaughter s future his fortune will by lovely Catherine Charing s dow


To Arabella Tallant, the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman, the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven, for in addition to living in the glamorous city, Arabella might even find a suitable husband there Armed with beauty, virtue and a benevolent godmo