Sole Survivor

A catastrophic, unexplainable plane crash leaves three hundred and thirty dead no survivors Among the victims are the wife and two daughters of Joe Carpenter, a Los Angeles Post crime reporter A year after the crash, still gripped by an almost paralyzing grief, Joe encounters a woman named Rose,

Total Control

Sidney Archer has the world A husband she loves A job at which she excels, and a cherished young daughter Then, as a plane plummets into the Virginia countryside, everything changes And suddenly there is no one whom Sidney Archer can trust Jason Archer is a rising young executive at Triton Glob

Empire of the Clouds: When Britain's Aircraft Ruled the World

In 1945 Britain was the world s leading designer and builder of aircraft a world class achievement that was not mere rhetoric And what aircraft they were The sleek Comet, the first jet airliner The awesome delta winged Vulcan, an intercontinental bomber that could be thrown about the sky like a