Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day free Forever and a Day , Forever and a Day pdf, Forever and a Day pdf free,Forever and a Day pdf download, Forever and a Day epub, Forever and a Day ebook, Forever and a Day read online, Forever and a Day pdf download, Forever and a Day epub, Forever and a Day kindle, Forever and a Day Mobi – After Being Cheated On By Her Boyfriend Jaiden Murder On Many Different Occasions, Brielle Finally Decides To End Their Relationship But Unlike Most People When Breaking Off A Long Term Relationship With The Man You Once Loved, Brielle Is Much Happier Single Than She Has Ever Been Until An Unexpected Weekend Of Fun With Her Best Friends Leads Her To Meet And Become Attracted To None Other Than Royalty Records CEO, Kiyan Sanchez After Taking A Chance With Kiyan, Brielle Finds Herself Again Hurt By Another Man S Actions And Words Now Second Guessing If It Was Too Soon To Be Taking A Shot At Love, She S Ready To Give Up On Men And Love All Together What Brielle Doesn T Know Is Kiyan Is On A Mission To Teach Her A Lesson On How To Forgive Past Mistakes And Look Forward To The Future, With Him As The New Man In Her Life However, Kiyan Isn T The Only One Lurking In The Shadows Ready To Teach Brielle A Life Changing Lesson Prepare Yourself And Get Ready To Embark On The Journey Of Friendship, Love, And Betrayal. Loooooooove this bookone of my favorite so far..enjoyed the main character s..this book taught me a great deal about the value of friendship and also taught me not to be too gullible.because some times the people who you think wil
Overall this book was a great read The author has great potential and I m looking forward to seeing a lotfrom her The one thing I dislike the most, was there was too much profanity But all in all, this was definitely a five star book I can t wait to read Always and Forever I had this book on my to read list for quite awhile I m so glad I didn t let it remain there This book was a medium paced page turner that had a lot of funny dialogue Six female friends and six male friends share ROD friendships 4 of the male friends pair off with 4 of the female friends All is good except that one of the 6 male friends, really really spoiled his chances of developing a relationship with one of the female friends SO because of that, he has to settle for the friend zone w I had this book on my to read list for quite awhile I m so glad I didn t let it remain there This book was a medium paced page
Wow, this book held me on pins and needles..I had a hard time putting it down I cant wait to see what happens to the gang Danielle and Cameron, Shance and Alonzo, Chloe and Tyrese, Brielle and Kiyan and Sabrina and Hakeem Next edition comes out in the summer Always and Forever it seems to
Go Jasssyyyy U did that Idky I let this book sit on my iPad for so long it was a great read Different from all the other story lines I ve been reading lately The characters and their relationships with one another were very believable and relatable I m jumping right into part 2 If you re conte
I liked this book I liked the whole friendships between the girls as well as the guys Loved the fact that the hero had to work for the heroine especially after he made the wrong assumptions about her Liked the fact that that they were show
This is my first read by the Author and i am so glad i went through my kindle and tapped it.This story was awesome and I truly enjoyed it.I look forward to readingby this lady she has real talent and real skills.Reader Chick Honestly it was just alright to meI wasn t able to finish this bookSome things went a little to fast in this story for meI didn t get itI got a little bored but I definitely saw potentialI think this book may cater to a much younger crowd. AmazingThis was my first time reading this author work and I really enjoyed the storyline All the characters were amazing. I think this book has a lot of potential The story line was good but needed to be put together better, if that makes sense I will read the next book because I really want to know what happens.