Eventown free Eventown , Eventown pdf, Eventown pdf free,Eventown pdf download, Eventown epub, Eventown ebook, Eventown read online, Eventown pdf download, Eventown epub, Eventown kindle, Eventown Mobi – The World Tilted For Elodee This Year, And Now It S Impossible For Her To Be The Same As She Was Before Not When Her Feelings Have Such A Strong Grip On Her Heart Not When She And Her Twin Sister, Naomi, Seem To Be Drifting Apart So When Elodee S Mom Gets A New Job In Eventown, Moving Seems Like It Might Just Fix Everything.Indeed, Life In Eventown Is Comforting And Exciting All At Once Their Kitchen Comes With A Box Of Recipes For Elodee To Try Everyone Takes The Scenic Way To School Or Work Past Rows Of Rosebushes And Unexpected Waterfalls On Blueberry Picking Field Trips, Every Berry Is Perfectly Ripe.Sure, There Are A Few Odd Rules, And The Houses All Look Exactly Alike, But It S Easy Enough To Explain Until Elodee Realizes That There Are Only Three Ice Cream Flavors In Eventown Ever And They Play Only One Song In Music Class.Everything May Be Even In Eventown, But Is There A Price To Pay For Perfection And Pretending Every year various dictionaries and encyclopedias try to determine what the Word of the Year is, and every year they make some pretty good choices Here s one that I don t think they ve done yet, but that s been on a lot of minds anyway Discomfort There s been a lot of talk about it lately, particularly in terms of the value of uncomfortable valuable conversations I am, personally, a person who tends to avoid discomfort at all costs, and my privilege is that I can too often do so Only because I live in this age and this era of America can I see where avoiding the messiness of living in this world is potentially dangerous, not to mention irresponsible So, to the year 2019, I hand this middle grade novel In Eventown by Corey Ann Haydu, you ll find a marvelous defense of messiness, mistakes, and uncomfortable conversations We all want to run away from our problems, but it s like that old phrase says Be careful what you wish for It happened in the past It hurt Now Elodee s family is in pain Her father, her mother, her twin sister Naomi, and Elodee herself all feel burdened by something that they can t even talk about any So when Elodee and Naomi s mom gets a job working for the village of Eventown, they simply cannot believe their luck Eventown s the kind of place where you can get a fresh start It s where the neighbors all get together to make you a recipe box of delicious things you couldn t burn or ruin if you tried Wher
I m not a huge elementary reader, but I absolutely LOVED Corey Haydu s EVENTOWN It starts as a typical upper elementary read, so its hidden depths prove all the profound Tragedy devastates our main character Elodee s family, so when Elodee s mom gets a new job moving seems like it ll fix everything Welcome to Eventown A place where all the houses look the same, the air always smells like roses, and blueberries grow year round Where everything seems like the perfect summer day At least on the surface A dark secret lurks beneath the vine covered homes Every person who moves to Eventown has a session at the Welcoming Center After telling your stories including the scariest most embarrassing your memories are locked away Never to be recalled But would you sacrifice your memories if it meant you could forget the most painful parts of your life What s the price for perfection From the description, you can tell EVENTOWN is basically a junior Stepford Wives On steroids The beginning is a little choppy, but as Elodee s family enters EVENTOWN the story quickly picks up pace Like Stepford or its many counterparts, Elodee is initially infatuated by the town s seeming perfection But soon she notices something amiss beneath EVENTOWN s impeccable
With a blurb from Rebecca Stead, Eventown was a highly anticipated book for me However, I found it too slow paced for its climax, which hinges on a reveal of information that is only hidden because of narrative manipulation Eventown is narrated by Elodee, a sixth grader who bakes cookies for people based on their personalities She has a twin sister, Naomi, who likes gymnastics so much she does cartwheels almost as much as she walks They have a dad who likes to garden and a mom who not quite sure what she does The family is leaving their town of Juniper because of some sort of unspoken trauma Elodee, the narrator, knows what happened to her family, she just decides not to tell the reader about it The family decides to move to Eventown, a homogenous community that I wanted to be Eerie, Indiana but is really like Pleasantville but boring Everyone is happy
I love this book for its intriguing cover and review by Rebecca Stead.Its truth about family and sisters and sorrow, and its truth about family and sisters growing apart because of sorrow Dad s sighs were particularly accurate Its portrayal of an easy world perfect for a fresh start Baking and blueberries and ice cream and s s and faded freckles and a rose but that would not be tamed.A slow reveal of what the tragedy was and how the eerily idyllic Eventown worked view spoiler The stories of o
I am a huge fan of The Someday Suitcase by Corey Ann Haydu, so I was thrilled that she shared an ARC of her newest book, Eventown, with BookPosse This middle grade novel will publish in February 2019, so you will have to wait a while to get your hands on it, but I promise it will be worth the wait We meet twin sisters, Elodee and Naomi, on their last day in their hometown of Juniper Things have been difficult for their family for a while something terrible happened, and now they are sad all the time Their parents decide to move the family, and they pick a small, idyllic place called Eventown Everything seems perfect in Eventown the food Elodee cooks tastes better than it ever has before her father s rosebush from Juniper flourishes her mom is finally happy, and shy Naomie feels right at home Unfortunately, Elodee is having trouble assimilating A visit to the Eventown Welcoming Center is guaranteed to help Elodee fit in with everyone else Unfortunately, her visit is cut short, and after that day, t
From the start I could tell this book and I were not necessarily going to get on too well.The book started by laying it on thick that something really tragic, bad, world tilting, etc, etc had happened to our narrator and her family I quickly got tired of being told something awful had happened but with no story development to go along with constantly being told.It felt like the author was trying too hard to be profound.The big reveal occurred too far into the story, about 280 pages into a 320 page book I feel like the story would have had impact for me if I had known what it was they were forgetting instead of just constantly being told they were forgetting something Instead there was a long and kinda boring build up to the reveal and then the book ended almost immediately As far as the utopia of Eventown, I thought it was underdeveloped I would have loved some wo
I am not sure the metaphor works that wanting to forget can be equated with social conformance Camazotz and Orphan Island and the Community in The Giver are similar setups and yet all meant different things, so I guess that s a quibble too the distinctive American attitude that individualism is prized over societal peace and welfare can be exploi
Love has a lot to do with imperfections It was interesting to read this just after reading Coyote Sunrise I don t want to say too much but they both deal with escaping grief in different ways This one was much stronger to me It reminded me a bit of
My New York Times review If you could escape grief by giving up your memories, would you Something terrible happened to Elodee s family, and now her parents have decided to move to Eventown for a fresh start Elodee and her twin sister Naomi are initially excited about the things they remember from a visit a few years ago the amazing ice cream shop, the beautiful views at the end of a hike, the way the air always smelled like roses But while Naomi is eager to embrace the perfection and blend in to life in Eventown, Elodee misses her creative, imperfect way of doing things In Eventown, she can use the recipes she was given to cook perfect meals every time, but she d rather try her own wild flavor combinations, even if they don t always turn out the way she wants And she would rather remember the things Eventown wants her to forget, even if the memories sometimes hurt.I thought the premise here was interesting, but it feels to me like the author belabors the point For a relatively short book, it dragged at times, and the narration rambled I got sidetracked by details a rose bush is described as blooming in March, in a place where Elodee mentions the need for down coats In Eventown the roses apparently always bloom, but this rose bush was blooming in their old town Elodee s cooking skills are pretty advanced, but otherwise she and the other kids seem young for their age Also, considering that one of the main messages of the book is about embracing discomfort and the messiness of life, I thought the end