Les particules élémentaires

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12 , , , , , , 20 , , , 68 , , , , , . It s a curious idea to reproduce when you don t even like life It s rare to come across a book filled with so pure of hate At first I thought maybe it s was just some good old fashioned misogyny, with maybe a little bit of nationalism and Arab hating thrown in, but then something curious happened, the whole of society got thrown into the hate fest that is this book Hippies Hate them a lot Italians Yep, really hate them, we don t say why we just do Nature Fuck it Sex Love it but hate it French Intellectuals Oh really fuck those guys, especially Deleuze, but make it clear we don t like any of those guys from the 60 s 1968 Hahahaha, fucking assholes Children Masterbation fodder, or else just fucking people Growing old Really hate it People lying to themselves that they aren t old Hate them so much too Hate hate hate hate hate It might not sound possible but this book might possibly hate everything, the author narrator doesn t even seem to place himself in any kind of position where it seems like he would be saying oh look at all of these poor shits If only there were people like me in the world, a race of me s And I ll call them super men Nope, there is nothing Nietzschean here, rather it s all sort of the most pessimistic Kant imaginable One were the ethics are based on total shit as an imperative But through all of this hate and the depressing feelings of the total wast
Wow What an incredible book The Epilogue makes a huge difference in how one might view it on the whole It certainly did for me I was getting so depressed by the end that I almost chucked it aside around the 90% mark because I felt a panic attack coming on But I took a deep breath and I switched up my reading soundtrack and I pushed on and am very glad that I did The Epilogue really clarifies so much that precedes it Leading up to that point it is basically 100% bleak, and I mean truly, truly bleak though extremely interesting and entertaining every step of the way There s a fair amount of gross sexual stuff along the way as well, but it s always presented in a detached, rather ungleeful way, and as such it has a point beyond mere shock and or titillation that fully justifies its presence To say this book is just about sexual frustration is to hugely miss the point This is a BIG PICTURE book but carried out through a tightly crafted narrative mainly surrounding two brothers birthed from a massively di
This book doesn t care if you read it.It doesn t care if you buy it or borrow it, if you deface it, if you understand it, if you have the remotest interest in it.It doesn t try to be liked It s far, far, far, too cool for school French author Michel Houellebecq, not caring And when I say that, I do NOT mean it s cool in a positive way I found half of it dry, aloof, and didactic like reading a doctorate level physics textbook It felt imperious and full of itself It felt over my head The other half of it was full of somewhat shocking sexual debauchery that would be at home in a de Sade story Lots of public masturbation, orgies, and licking various people in various places Lots and lots of licking.Actually, I wouldn t be surprised if someone told me Houellebecq was inspired by the Marquis de Sade, whose writings similarly alternate between long, philosophical rants and naughty Libertine caprices De Sade, though, I have to say, has a far charming delivery The Elementary Particles follows two brothers Michel the asexual scientist and Bruno the pervert through their dreary childhoods and then their calamitous personal re
Okay, I decided I would take a go at actually justifying my rating for this book, rather than just make half hearted apologies at my preference for a so absurdly misogynistic and, let s be frank, pornographic novel First of all, I like Houellebecq s unrelenting pessimism It s far beyond nihlism so destructive and negative, so emphatic in its rejection of bougeoise norms, of religion, culture, capitalism This book as well as the other Houellebecq I read, Platform captures the bleak purposeless of modern life better than almost anything I can think of As a recent college grad who for the first time in her life finds herself waking at 7 30 am each morning so she can go plug herself in to the grinding mechanics of capitalism someone whose weekends consist of the churn of drunk hungover drunk hungover, who struggles to find meaning in music, beauty, sex, religion, whatever I can relate to this The emotionally unavailable scientist The absolutely pathetic, lonely, sex addicted failure The petty, worthless little bureaucrat in Platform I m not, you know, depressed or anything, but I can share at least in some part their view of the world as bleak, lonely, and irredeemable except through very brief moments of relieved pain via drinking and sex.Secondly, the book is darkly funny Not amateurish darkly fun
Extraordinary, outstanding, and absolutely not to be missed The Elementary Particles holds you captive like only the best of em can Think a long, cold autumn afternoon sipping coffee and reading Never Let Me Go Think Dan Brown poolside All of these experiences that could conceivably last one blissful, insatiable sitting the novels that are not considered novellas, that is this is one of em The artistry is like a painting, the reading is like some immersive exercise that blends sex with study of molecular biology in new and intelligent ways The two brothers are separated entities who belong to the same sphere of humanity It is elegant very very smart Mr Houellebecq, sir I am your devoted FAN I drag my gory knees on the ground, en route to the basilica of French Modern Literature a palace of gleaming rubies that rea
I wish I was able to write a detailed reaction to this novel, but I feel nothing Not in the sense of poetic existential despair nothing, but total non commitment.These cynical rants against humanity are really all the same, aren t they Occasionally you find one with at least some stylistic flair and originality, like C line s, but here I see failed edgy attempts to shock with bad sex, loneliness, and a touch of misogyn
Years ago, I went out on a few dates with a French guy He was rich and good looking though, of course, way too short , and he seemed pretty smart but I never could bring myself to kiss him He had this typically Gallic extreme snottiness that I found amusing, even endearing, but even as I enjoyed this I suspected that his disdain for everything non French might indicate something a bit too dark for me At a certain point I decided that he wasn t a regular charming misanthrope I discerned that he hated Muslims, black people, and homosexuals even than he hated everyone else, and so I didn t go out with him again.That French guy was a big fan of Michel Houllebecq.At the time, I wondered for a moment why I find generalized misanthropy acceptable even kind of charming but felt specifically targeted hatreds were completely repellant I mean of course I understand why I think that, but how rational is it Why is hating fewer people not okay, while hating everyone is fine Again, of course I understand why that s the case, but it is a little funny Anyway, this train of thought doesn t have much to do with this book, except that maybe it does relate to the French and the way that they think about people But I don t know much about them as a culture, and therefore won t generalize here.I was so into the first half of The Element
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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Les particules élémentaires
  • Michel Houellebecq
  • Dutch
  • 08 December 2018
  • 9789029575157