Docs Ember (Devils Iron MC #4)

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I love Doc and Ember s story The devotion to each other is amazing This story gives you heartache and triumph Saddle up and ride with Doc s Ember, it s a story worth reading. I am new to not only this series but this author as well and I did go back and read the beginning books before reading this one I can honestly say that I felt like it helped me understand the characters a little better Not that you couldn t read this as a stand alone because you can I enjoyed Doc, he was a bit of an enigma to me Here was this guy who is very alpha male but then he could feel so deeply You just didn t see it coming, although there were times when he didn t act as maturely as I knew his was As the story progressed I began to understand him .Amber I could understand, she was a girl who is forced to leave Doc when her past catches up with her She returns later not only in danger but with a secret There were many ways that Ember could have been written but she came off as strong and in the world she is in she needed that strength As I said I enjoyed both characters as well as the others that
This is another amazing book by GM Scherbert This is what I been waiting for since finishing Pearl s Journey I had to know what happened between Doc and Ember, after we meet them during Pearl s Journey We knew something had gone on between them, and they have a kid together.We meet Ember, she moved back to the area after running away years ago and hiding a big dark secret She left town because of her ex boyfriend, but why did she run from Doc and why didn t she turn to him All her secrets come to ahead one evening after seeing Doc in The Dungeon where she goes to be submissive.We meet Doc, who is a member Devil Iron MC He has hardened his heart since his heart got broken by the one woman who had his heart from beginning He can t trust women after the one woman he loved ran off without a trace His life gets flipped upside down when he sees Ember at The Dungeon then finding out he has a
This is the 4th book in the Devils Iron MC Series and I absolutely loved this book This is Doc and Ember s story and I love these characters they will draw you in and keep you captivated from page one till the very end I really didn t want this story to end but was very happy the it has a happy ending I can t wait to read books in this series and from this author she has earned a new fan after reading this series This book does contain some inappropriate content that is not recommended for any one under the age of 18 and if you don t like your reads to have dirty talking alpha male then this book isn t for you But if you like dirty talking Alpha MC Romance with some BDSM thrown in then I recommend you add this series to you library and start with the firs
I absolutely loved the story of Doc and Ember, and finally filling in the gaps that were only hinted at in Awakening At this point in the series the characters feel like one big happy family, and there are some incredibly moving moments As always, GM Scherbert does not disappoint with the shock factor peppered throughout resulting in final retribution for wron
Doc s Ember Devil s Iron MC book 4 GM Scherbert 5 Stars Gifted an ARC copy for an Honest Review.Betrayal , Revenge and Love which one will win My Review link Below This book is a little different then books two and three and the reason I say this is because unlike books 2 3 this one would be fine reading as a standalone If you have read books one through three you will see a lot of repeat stuff but from Doc and Ember s perspective I love how the author started this book back were Doc and Ember first met You will get to see the love, passion, hurt, and heartache these two went through Beware this is a dark MC BDSM romance and there are some triggers For me I loved the fact that we got a MC BDSM combo We got to know Doc a little in books 1 3 We got to know Ember in book 3 If you read book 3 then you already know Ember and Doc had a kid that Doc knew nothing about I can not imagine the hurt that Doc was feeling I sure he had a lot of questions.My heart broke for Ember It is a wonder she wanted anything to do with Bikers or even man as far
Doc and Ember s story was one of the poignant story lines in the Devil s Iron series so far Poor Ember was running from an awful, abusive, sadistic ex who caused irreparable damage to Ember As soon as Ember saw her chance, she ran from him and didn t look back She remembered meeting Doc when she was with her ex, but Doc doesn t remember her Doc is entranced by Ember at first sight and knows she is the one for him After a final vicious attack that causes Ember to flee from Doc with a life changing secret, Ember makes her way in a new city and begins a new life Five years later we find Ember returning to her hometown haunted by Doc and her love for him Doc is still steaming that Ember left him five years ago with no word and when her secrets are revealed, his rage ignites into an inferno What never died was
Super hot read You will not be disappointed This is book four of the series This book is about Ember Ember was just sixteen when she left home She didnt get along with her new stepmother She left there and met Sara After living with her for a while she met Clutch A MC member But one that was no good After a few years of abuse she leaves him and goes back to Sara Sara brings her to an event at the Devils Iro