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Dirty Chick free Dirty Chick , Dirty Chick pdf, Dirty Chick pdf free,Dirty Chick pdf download, Dirty Chick epub, Dirty Chick ebook, Dirty Chick read online, Dirty Chick pdf download, Dirty Chick epub, Dirty Chick kindle, Dirty Chick Mobi – One Month Into Our Stay, We D Managed To Dispatch Most Of Our Charges We Executed The Chickens One Of The Cats Disappeared, Clearly Disgusted With Our Urban Ways And Lucky The Cow Was Escaping Almost Daily It Seemed We Didn T Have Much Of A Talent For Farming And We Still Had Eleven Months To Go Antonia Murphy, You Might Say, Is An Unlikely Farmer Born And Bred In San Francisco, She Spent Much Of Her Life As A Liberal Urban Clich , And Her Interactions With The Animal Kingdom Rarely Extended Past Dinner.But Then She Became A Mother And When Her Eldest Son Was Born With A Rare, Mysterious Genetic Condition, She And Her Husband, Peter, Decided It Was Time To Slow Down And Find A Supportive Community So The Murphys Moved To Purua, New Zealand A Rural Area Where Most Residents Maintained Private Farms, Complete With Chickens, Goats, And This Being New Zealand Sheep The Result Was A Comic Disaster, And When One Day Their Son Had A Medical Crisis, It Was Also A Little Bit Terrifying Dirty Chick Chronicles Antonia S First Year Of Life As An Artisan Farmer Having Bought Into The Myth That Farming Is A Peaceful, Fulfilling Endeavor That Allows One To Commune With Nature And Live The Way Humans Were Meant To Live, Antonia Soon Realized That The Reality Is Far Dirtier And Way Disgusting Than She Ever Imagined Among The Things She Learned The Hard Way Cows Are Prone To A Number Of Serious Bowel Ailments, Goat Mating Involves An Astounding Amount Of Urine, And Roosters Are Complete And Unredeemable Assholes.But For All Its Traumas, Antonia Quickly Embraced Farm Life, Getting Drunk On Homemade Wine It Doesn T Cause Hangovers , Making Cheese Except For The Cat Hair, It S A Tremendously Satisfying Hobby , And Raising A Baby Lamb Which Was Addictively Cute Until It Grew Into A Sheep Along The Way, She Met Locals As Colorful As The New Zealand Countryside, Including A Seasoned Farmer Who Took A Dim View Of Antonia S Novice Attempts, A Maori Man So Handy He Could Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, And A Woman Proficient In Sculpting Alpaca Heads Made From Their Own Wool Part Family Drama, Part Cultural Study, And Part Cautionary Tale, Dirty Chick Will Leave You Laughing, Cringing, And Rooting For An Unconventional Heroine. The blurb summarizes perfectly what Dirty Chick Adventures of an Unlikely Farmer by Antonia Murphy is all about I will just add a few things to convince you to read listen to this book.This is my first time listening to an autobiography If I m honest I never thought I would enjoy a book like Dirty Chick Adventures of an Unlikely Farmer, but after I read the blurb and listened to the sample I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give this book a chance and I m soooo glad I did it Dirty Chick Adventures of an Unlikely Farmer is funny, informative, self depreciating, emotional, and highly entertaining I not only had an amazing time listening to this audiobook, I also learned a lot of things about farming, farm animals and Let me tell you, after listening to this audiobook I have new respect towards ducks I used to like them, now I m kind of afraid of them I won t be able to see them with th
I received this book as a member of LibraryThing Early Reviewers I was actually surprised at just how much I enjoyed reading Dirty Chick by Antonia Murphy I was concerned it would be a little too trying to be funny with no actual humor, which can be painful to read I was pleasantly surprised at the genuine laugh out loud situations that filled the pages, along with a few tender moments particularly when discussing her developmentally delayed son, Silas.There is definitely no sugar coating here with regards to certain farming techniques from the various types of animal poop being stepped on, picked up, and shoved in her purse, to duck rapists, there is certainly a sense of almost raunchy humor that may not be for the very weak stomached yet adds a certain character to the book and is the cause of many funny moments
. I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.The adventures of an American couple raising a family in a fairly rural community in New Zealand, Dirty Chick is a quick and quirky read Some people will be put off by the graphic descriptions of farm life and there is an awful lot of poop in this book but if you can make it through the introduction, you re mostly home free I can also imagine that some people may take exception to what sometimes seems like a snarky tome when discussing her disabled son an alien , to me it seemed like it was probably a pretty realistic description of her feelings and it s clear that many of their decisions were based on what was best for him.I liked it I liked the people and the place It s well written and easy to read In some places it feels like a conversation you d have with friends while sharing a bottle of wine and there s than a little wine in the book, too I liked the alpacas and the goats and the kids and the dogs an
Writing humor is risky business If one writes mainstream fiction or nonfiction and the book is not well reviewed, of course it hurts writing is always personal, at some level but few things are as painful as the I thought this was going to be funny review In writing about her own family and friends, albeit with a few small changes to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned, Antonia Murphy takes her bleeding heart in her own two hands and offers it up to the public for consumption Personally, I have never laughed so hard in my life, or at least not recently My thanks go to her and to the Goodreads first reads program for the ARC.If my earlier reference to Murphy and the bleeding heart made you wince, you won t want to read her book, either, because it has lots of gooey, graphic, gross stuff in it It is edgy humor out there on the edge of wild, like the hinterlands of New Zealand where she has made her home Well, see for yourself This is from the prologue, so it doesn t ruin the book for you As I watched my goat eat her placenta, I was mostly impressedPearl had always been a strict vegan, so her sudden craving for raw m
Antonia Murphy grew up in the San Francisco area and never dreamed she would be a farmer But when she and her husband are expecting their first child they decide to look for a slower and affordable place to live than California They settle in New Zealand, where it quickly becomes evident that most people there grow and raise at least some of their own food Quickly Antonia has dreams of making homemade goat cheese and eating farm fresh eggs, but the reality is much harder and dirtier than she imagined I was really excited about this one because I love a good farm memoir, but I was really disappointed with this one Antonia seems like a glutton for punishment and even when it s glaringly obvious they aren t doing a great job with the animals they have she keeps getting There life was so chaotic that it stressed me out just reading about it And to top it off her older son is special needs and throughout all this animal chaos they are also trying to deal with his seizures and find the right medication to help him I appreciate self deprecating humor, but she just seemed really dumb to keep adding animals that they didn t know how to take care of to their already chaotic home that they were RENTING So, all along they knew there was a deadline when they would have to move, so why keeping adding and animals Instead of being funny, this book was stressful and not well done The only redeeming part was the last 2
I haven t read too many books lately that I didn t want to end, and I could have kept going reading this one Antonia Murphy and her husband decide to leave their lives in the US and sail to NZ, and after a few years and two small kids find themselves housesitting for a year in rural New Zealand Left to look after the animals at the small holding they live in, they gradually acquire a rather motley crew of adopted animals, alpacas, chickens, a rooster, goats and dogs With their two young children, fitting into the local community is a bit of a challenge, especially as their eldest Silas has special needs It sounds like they found the perfect spot though with a school that is able to adapt easily to his needs.I loved this honest and highly amusing story of novice farmers I guess a lot of us have dreams of a small farm, but after reading so many stories about animal poop you might want to change your mind I don t have
A fun and quick book of very interesting farm animal facts Author seems to be quite crazy, and equally lovable Some pieces don t seem to fit, but so what Just enjoy it. I ve been on a streak lately of reading memoirs nonfiction accounts of people who have made the change to smallholding lifestyle farming This was the first book I ve managed to find that s actually NZ based tho and bonus that the author is actually Cali
I really enjoyed this autobiographical story of an American couple and their mishaps as beginner farmers in New Zealand Some parts were hilarious, others were disgusting and many were brutally honest about family life Easy and enjoyable read. By now I d learned that country life is not a pastoral painting Sure, at various times during the year you might see fluffy white lambs prancing in the tall grass, but those moments are rare Real country life, it turns out, involves blood, shit and worms Dirty Chick Adventures of an Unlikely Farmer is the first memoir by magazine journalist, Antonia Murphy When the cost of health insurance in San Francisco sent Antonia Murphy looking for somewhere to migrate to, New Zealand looked promising for several reasons, and before long, Antonia and husband Peter were sailing the Pacific in a south westerly direction Eventually, they found themselves renting a house in the North Island town of Purua for a year while the owners were in Germany And somehow acquiring animals three alpacas, two cats, two dogs, a goat, two calves, a lamb, a rooster with insatiable libido, a flock of chickens, three turkeys and a pair of ducks By this time they had a developmentally delayed son and a feisty daughter Luckily, they also had the help of a capable niece, and the s

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