The Sixth Soul

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Does the lead detective have a tortured past Check Does he have a person in his life he is close to who fits the killer s motives Check Does he have a boss who seems to want his head Check Does he have an ambitious colleague who wants to undermine him Check I enjoyed this when I read it in 2013 Even back then it was unoriginal and predictable, but it kept me entertained If I had read it today, I would have given it 1 sta
Ab der Mitte war es vorhersehbar, aber war trotzdem sehr gut. SATAN COMES TO EARTH AND TAKES ON HUMAN FORM WHILE READING THIS I THOUGHT IT FELT REAL, A LOT LIKE WHAT THE WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW, EVIL ABOUNDS EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK I DID FIGURE OUT EARLY ON WHAT THE EVIL WAS I DID ENJOY IT D 4.5 stars dark and gripping. Took me a while to get into this one, I found it rather depressing and dismal, there was little or no light relief at all in the pages.It s gruesome and dark thoughout, despite this I was pulled in albeit reluctantly, which is the mark of a good book in my eyes All the way until three quarters the way through I had this pegged as a three star, till towards the end our author builds the tension to an intolerable level
Read this in one sitting, loved every minute of this book couldn t put it down I think I ve found a new favourite author hands down If you you like crime thrillers then Mark Roberts your man I m off to read book two DCI David Rosen is on the trail of Herod, a serial killer who abducts pregnant women and tears the infants from their wombs before dumping the women s bodies This was a thrilling read with plenty of excitement. Dark subject.I found this to be a good read This book had me totally gripped at times , annoyed at having to put it down as work called I did feel some disappointment as I thought a couple of the characters should have had their motives explained I still find myself want
A real page turner of a bookWhat a fast moving exciting thriller this was A serial murder story with a satanic backdrop, it had everything I will be on the lookout for other books written by this author.