Crossing Lines (Behind Closed Doors #3)

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In this third installment of the series we meet Dr Darryl s Hawthorne, all over again, while working with Kyrstal Valentina Ashleigh Jordon, her stage name is Krystal, Ashliegh is her real name She played the role of Darryl s sister, Faith, she has been seeing him, on a professional basis for five years now, and he feels there is finally a break through with trying to help her, when she throws him a curve ball Her real intention for being here this session, is for him to help her to help her friend, Julia Swift Julia is an abused housewife, who won t admit it to anyone, not even her best friend Ashliegh, but she needs Darryl s help Although Darryl is reluctant to give in, he finally does, and off to LA he goes, thinking he will only be gone from New York, for a short time However, things get a bit tricky, and he can t leave We also learn a bit about Lisa, Faith s step daughter who now lives with Darryl, and is 15 years old, as well learning a bit about Georgia and Caleb In order to understand how this situation begins, I would suggest you read the series in order Here are the titles Tainted Love Blurred Lines Crossing Lines I don t normally recommend reading a whole series, but this is one I thoroughly enjoyed If Ms Cawood isn t a best seller, after this amazing series, I am going to begin there is something wrong with the reading world If you loved this book, and it s previous books in the series also, I urge you to leave
Darryl Hawthorne has tried to give his life meaning after the death of his beloved sister Faith, but it s clear that he s been as victimized by her abuse as her children Trying to save everyone else has cost him his own happiness, so Ashleigh Jordan s hare brained scheme is the last thing he needs.The premise of this plot is shocking among other things, a patient should know when they re being treated But once Julia is in Darryl s orbit, you can immediately understand why the two are drawn to each other and why Darryl has to help And Julia isn t the only woman who needs to admit she needs help we re finally going to get to why Ashleigh is so insistent on inserting herself into her best friend s life, and that reveal is going to leave you breathless.Ultimately, Julia doesn t need to be rescued but needs to
As the story line continues, you realize the far reaching affects from domestic abuse It changes not only one life, but the lives of many of their friends and family Definitely read the books in order, as they all tie in together, and the devastating and far reaching affects from the death of Faith are reflected in the remaining family members Everyone suffers in one way or another, but no one than her half brother, who is one of the main characters in this book He is a prominent psychiatrist who is brought into the story to help Julia recognize she is living in an abusive relationship She continually denies to everyone that she isn t, yet she is verbally and physically abused I have to admit, at times, I wanted to take her and shake some sense into her I couldn t fathom someone being so in denial And then I realized that this is showing yet another side to abuse It isn t always the same and