Coffee Cake Days

Coffee Cake Days free Coffee Cake Days , Coffee Cake Days pdf, Coffee Cake Days pdf free,Coffee Cake Days pdf download, Coffee Cake Days epub, Coffee Cake Days ebook, Coffee Cake Days read online, Coffee Cake Days pdf download, Coffee Cake Days epub, Coffee Cake Days kindle, Coffee Cake Days Mobi – Meg Has Finally Graduated And Has The Time She S Dreamed Of For Months Time To Sit At The Feet Of Jesus And Soak Up His Word As She Seeks What Future Plans He Has For Her She Soon Runs Into A Problem Her Family Unwanted Interruptions And Household Duties Tear Her Away From The Time She Longs To Spend In The Bible Journey With Her As She Strives To Learn The Balance Of Spending Time In God S Word And Applying It To Her Daily Life. Out of all of the short stories I have written up to this point, Coffee Cake Days has by far been the most difficult Many times, people look up to an author as, She s got it all together However, as I wrote this story, I went through probably the worst time of selfishness for example, the very instant I was typing out Meg s struggle to serve her family, one of my brothers simply asked me to make them some coffee And I had Meg s struggle as my own would I put aside my project and serve him Coffe
AMAZING STORY I ll be posting my full review on May 26th, so go to http to read it I jumped into Coffee Cake Days blind, not having read the synopsis, but having heard all great things about the author, Amanda Tero, and I finished it a short while later my whole brain engaged It was a little frightening as I could see so much of Meg in me Her viewing her family and chores as distractions from spending time with Jesus Her memorizing verses about dying to self and serving others while at the same time grumbling about helping her family, only to be convicted by the words she was memorizing I ve been Meg so many times.The author s writing was so real and honest, a fact
Very short, but very good I wasn t fond of Meg s character at first, but her change in attitude was wonderful I appreciated the Biblical message in it and thought it was addressed well I liked Meg s family even in the short time you see them they re cu
This is my first book by Amanda Tero and I must say that I really enjoyed it It was a very quick read, I read it in one sitting, but it was a valuable reminder that we need to trust God and obey Him Sometimes that means we don t get to do what we want, even if that something is very good I.E., like reading your Bible What I Liked I could feel Meg s struggle to be selfless, because I think to at least some extent, all of us struggle with being selfless instead of selfish I know I do This book encouraged me that God orders my day, and even when things come up that I wasn t planning for, I need to humbly submit to Him and be willing to be selfless This book was very well written For the short time I got to spend with Meg in the story, I was satisfied with the ending Amanda Tero definitely pulled this short story off very well Good job What I Didn t Like There wasn t anything that I didn t like about this book.I
Wow This refreshing short story brought a genuine smile to my face and a renewed conviction to my heart and I m not even the intended audience young adult Amanda Tero tells the simple story of Meg, a newly graduated teenager whose family responsibilities continue to deprive her of Bible time Meg felt like such a real person to me her struggles and responses are authentic, ringing true throughout the story It s not too often that I find a great story with engaging, fallible characters with a fantastic Scriptural but not preachy message to go with it, but this is definitely one of them Highly recommending for family read alouds, and I d also say that, while the main character is an older teenager, there s no content at all that would prevent me from recommending it to a good reader from 10 years old and up I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I haven t received any other compensation and was not required to provide a
This is worth reading and it won t take very much of your time at all Meg, newly graduated, is wanting to study God s word thoroughly But she can t seem to find the peace and quiet she desires Her siblings seem to always bother her at the wrong times and she becomes irritated Reading the passage And He said to them all, If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me For whosoever will save his life shall lose it but whosoever will lose his life for My sake, the same shall
Loved this short story It is my favorite of Amanda s works that I have read so far, perhaps because I could relate to the main character so much The truth that the author relates is clearly portrayed, and really makes me
This is a great short story with a message I need to hear although I admit putting aside ANYTHING to read the Bible isn t something I have a problem with Kellyn Roth Age Appropriate For All AgesBest for Ages 15 19This is the best type of story one that you can see yourself reflected in and which causes you to ask some hard but important questions In the space of these few short pages, Tero pulled me into Meg s world and made me feel what she felt.Meg felt so real, and her struggles quickly draw you in I found myself getting upset with her and then realizing that I am often guilty of the same mistakes that she is It was one of those stories The rest of her family, although we don t spend much time with them, is still well written