Bobblehead Dad

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I won this book in Goodreads First Reads.It was a really great and inspiring read and I m so happy to have had the privilege of reading it For an ARC is was really well done, easy to read, spelling and grammar were good and most of all it was difficult to put down It s easy to forget how lucky we really are and how much our parents really know until it s too late It was amazing to see life through another persons eyes as he battled with a life threatening disease and read as he battled it to the victorious
This book has a lot of really great messages It is, however, super dramatically written, and that always makes me a little cynical Jim Higley uses dramatic writing techniques like parenthetical dashes too often, and in places where they don t really make sense grammatically He indents the way writers do for emphasis far, far too often.For sentences that aren t actually emphatic Like this one.That is my primary complaint As far as the story goes, it s nothing earth shattering, but it is a lovely narrative about a man coming through a terrible experie
This is a truly inspiring story of man that has been diagnosed with cancer and then after surgery on a summer of recovering he is hit by many memories from his childhood As he reflects on all of the loving memories of his life he is faced with a realization that he has been missing in his life then he has been actually enjoying and he is forced to decided what he will do with the rest of his life I would also like to say I have had to many of my family members die from cancer and my dad died by a drunk driver, all before I graduated high schoo
Bobblehead Dad is not only a story about a man who is diagnosed with cancer and his recovery, it is a story of love and a challenge to love for today Jim Higley has a way to your heart with his memories from his childhood and entwining them with the present day A marriage of the past and present that will have you misty eyed by chapter 3 and laughing and shaking your head just picturing the scene in chapter 19 Bobblehead Dad is a must read fo
Bobblehead Dad is an inspirational, fun to read book It is a quick read that you will not want to put down When it is finished, you wish it would go on In a witty way, the book takes you through the authors
Bobblehead Dad was a cover to cover read I could not put it down I loved how the author wove his childhood experiences into his present day fight against cancer Having lost family friends to cancer, I really related to this book For anyon
A story about survival that will inspire you This is one of those books that you will remember fifteen years from now Before you know it, Jim s confidence and determination to live as seeped into that portion of doubt that lives within a
A Great BookThis is an amazing way to think through life lessons and see the wonderful traditions of a family The book is extremely well written. Bobblehead Dad by Jim Higley is a nonlinear memoir told in the form of 25 lesson the author has learned during his life In his forties, the author was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to take stock of his life, the legacy he was given by his family, and the legacy he would leave to his children He described himself as a bobblehead in the introduction, a plastic figure who always had a constant smile no matter what influences or stimuli were thrown at him and simply bobbled throughout his day, but that it was still a plastic smile and he wasn t really living Hence the title of the book.The lessons are short and seem to be pretty much common sense, although the author acknowledges this near the end of the book He explains that while most people know these lessons and they may seem easy, they also seem to be difficult to actually put into practice It would have been better if the author had acknowledged this near the beginning of the book rather than at the end, because it leads to a bit of frustration and forehead slapping.The author s story is told in a nonlinear style Each chapter lesson is divided into two parts The first is a personal memory, usually of growing up in a house wher