Betrayed (The Pirate Series)

Betrayed (The Pirate Series)free Betrayed (The Pirate Series), Betrayed (The Pirate Series) pdf, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) pdf free,Betrayed (The Pirate Series) pdf download, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) epub, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) ebook, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) read online, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) pdf download, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) epub, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) kindle, Betrayed (The Pirate Series) Mobi – Jax Is Back With A Mission After Being Away For Five Years, He Finally Runs Into Jade He Has Been Searching For Her And His Daughter He Has A Problem Though, He Has Moved On And Met Another Woman Jade Has Struggled To Move On, To Find Another Lover And Forget The Pirate That Sunk His Way Into Her Heart When He Returns, Her World Is Tipped Upside Down, And He Is Determined Not To Let Her Get Away Again With His Return, Jax Not Only Brings Back Old Memories And Lust, He Brings Along Some Drug Lords And A Pirate After Her Fathers Treasure When The Pirates Contact Her, And Tell Her They Will Kill Her Daughter If She Doesn T Bring Them The Treasure, Will She Betray Jax S Trust And His Crew To Save Her Child 3.25 Hysterical Stars Well this book certainly lives up to its name This book made me insane that I actually had a mini intervention in my private messages box lol.The book picks up with Jane in hiding from her old life in a distant land of California cause it s far away from the sea, right And who does she run into after 5 years in hi
I may need to write the review over when I think about it But I like to write my review right when I finish the books so my feelings are fresh Literally, at this moment the only thoughts about this book I have are WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ I m serious, I m at such a loss for words This book should come with a warning label Mental Instability to be expected I m just Okay, so I ll try to sum this up The book starts back up 5 years later Jade has moved on with her life in Cali Her roommate is supposed to have a date only for it to end up being Jack This begins a downward spiral Turns out he lives 20 minutes from her Has been for about three years Next thing, Jax is back, with his new woman Sammy, in a very happy open relationship Jade doesn t take to that to well Lots of humping of different people happen Jade looses her maturity completely A little Coyote Ugly bar dancing, which I would pay fortunes for to see Jax on a bar, stabbing, threats, fighting like cats and dogs, sexing, fighting, a little slice of The Hunger Games, SORTA GOOD GOD, such intensity I actually have no doubt these two love each other I mean w
1.5 sorry ass stars MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD Tired.Exhausted.Worn out.Depleted.Used Abused And discarded.These are but a few of the states I was in reading this roller coaster of a ride book I was at a point where I almost ringed up my doctor for some meds Yes, people I almost became bipolar reading this Why am I reading this My thoughts are jumbled but I will try and give a proper review It s been 5 years since Jade has seen Jaxx She s not moved on but is trying to with her little girl Lilly.Enter Jack A freak meeting between him and Jades roommate brings her spiralling back into the bottomless abyss that is Jaxx and his pirates.Jaxx has been looking for Jade for several years and because nothing is ever straight forward in this world, he has another woman.Right there I was pissed You mean to tell me you ve been looking for Jade and you re with someone else I should have known that the mood of this book would stay that way bewildering as hell.And because Jaxx loves the shit out of Jade and vice versa, the other woman is soon gone and they pick up right back where they left off.Easier said than done There is do much back and forth between these two it s ludicrous I mean
What an asshole Jax is looking for Jade but has Sammy as a girlfriend for years Then he finds Jade and stays with Sammy, and treats Jade like shit I almost shot him through my Kindle when he sleeps with her, then has a nightmare and almost kills her, then yells at HER and says to call his GIRL Sammy and keep Jade away from him like its her fault POS He chose to leave his child and Jade years ago and now he comes back and is a fucking asshole I hated him so much for so much of this book Jade tries to save her family and give her life for theirs and SHE is the traitor Umm what I don t know why she breaks her own heart by indulging him She was finally with Jack I thought he was better for her but her stupid heart lies with Jax Ugh She is selfish with many things but she has always been put last and overlooked so she feels like she has to demand things because she is like a dry sponge, thirsty for attention, for love, to be someone s everything Everyone has left her, or ignored her, used her, abused her I get it, it was annoying at times but I absolutely get it I just hated him, he was a cheater and cruel No, they were not together at first but really, in their hearts, they were He was a coward, I guess that s what bothered me He ran, he blamed her for nightmares Really dude, big scary guy has to call his OTHER girl to get him and then he cries and holds Sammy in front of Jade Fuck
This was not an easy read characters actions, but I could not stop reading Some parts I skimmed because they were too hard to read.I was so mad with Jax half the time especially when he had that nightmare and ran to Sammy He claimed he did not love Sammy, but I don t understand
What He has moved on and met another woman 1 HOW COULD HE I m pissed as hell agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThat being said, I think there was too much drama in this book and Jade wasn t mature enough She is what 25 26 She has a daughter and still throws tantrums for her benefit I love Poseidon and Mack Jax still hate him, first he says he loves hes, but can t give her what she want, then he leaves her becasue he is bad news for her and after 5 years he finds her and HE is with another women who he shares his bed with and is his girl WTF What an asshole This book ended with a cliffhanger Jade was so stupid and Jax well he is just being him Hate them both Now I m going to buy the third book because I can t stand not knowin
This book was just as fantastic and crazy as the first one Jade came across a little bratty and Jax could be completely clueless but for some reason I still find my self loving and rooting for them I can completely see books with the secondary characte
This book was definitely a digression from the first book It made less and less sense as it continued The main problem is that the characters all come off as schizophrenic, they are never consistent in their acti
Okay there were tyms when I wanted to punch Jax so hard that he would see stars and conk off, and there were times when I wanted to kill Jade.But their banter was good, the chemistry is totally sizzling, they are hot for each other and leave me hot too D As the 2 lovers continue on their separate journies we learn about each individual character than them together I really do take a liking to Jax because he seems to damaged no to care about However Jade is turning into one of those annoyingly childish characters who whines every other line I am dreading to see what happens next.I mean don t get me wrong with everything that is happening to her I guess she has a right to complain but gosh not to the point where it is like she is throwing a tantrum Jade finds out many things about her life that she is really not happy with Her husband is trying to kill her Keegan is leaving her for America a