Best Man with Benefits (Wedding Dare, #4)

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3.5 stars There s no other rush like you Logan is taking what he hopes to be a vacation away from the prison he created in his business, Defy Gravity Here to stand as his best friends best man, he hopes to finally relax and enjoy the time away Being the best man comes with some responsibilities, and in Logan s case he is tasked to getting the Groom s sister out of her shy shell and out mingling with the rest of them He remembers Sophie from their college days but nothing prepares him for the curvy vixen in front of him, sad though that she can t see what he and every red blooded man sees when she walks by Looking forward to his task a little bit , he vows to show her just how desirable she really is Do what you gotta do But then it s going to be my turn, and while you might hate how much you want me, by the time I m done with you you re going to be thanking me at the top of your lungs Sophie has had a crush on Logan since the first day she met him, in her mind he is way out of her league, but she decides to be the new Sophie and enjoy the attention he seems to be willing to give her, even if it s just for the week One moment s
4.5 Stars A Samanthe Beck Book Guaranteed Good Read I found myself smirking the whole time I was reading Best Man with Benefits Samanthe Beck has a knack for making sexy fun, she s so clever her writing is always smart and witty Her books aren t drowning in angst, which makes them light easy reads, but they are still loaded with sensual passionate good times Always the perfect blend of fun and sex, a delicious delightful treat every time She s also genius in pairing her characters Loganincredibly sweet, caring, charming and hotvery, very HOT, he definitely lived up to the McCade men reputation and was every bit as yummy as his brothers He set my heart a flutter and I set the misting fan on high Sophie adorable, shy, with a sexy side just waiting to escape, but her endless criticism of herself went on a tad too long While I understood it, and the part it played in the overall story, I had a few of those here we go again moments However, she does something at the end of the book that took guts and spoke volumes about how confident she had become, about herself and her relationship with Logan.These two seem to find themselves in t
4 sweet and naughty stars You d know that I m reading a Samanthe Beck book because I have this silly grin on my face the entire time Truth So it s no wonder I adored this book.Best Man With Benefits is the last book of the Wedding Dare series and at the same time the last book in Samanthe Beck s the McCade Brothers Series Logan McCade is the youngest McCade and also best friend of the groom, Colton He s shit hot but married to his job Sophie Brooks is Colton s socially awkward younger sister and one of the bridesmaids She s shy and is a bit insecure about her looks being that she s neither thin nor statuesque When Colton asks Logan to look after his sister during the wedding, Logan took his job a little too much too heart With Logan s own brand of handling skittish bridesmaids, Sophie is finally having fun and actually believing that she has something to offer to other people I just adore their banter and their shared history And the sexy times are just pure fun And the chemistry is shit hot Logan is quite different from
Take off your underdog cape you wear around like a security blanket, because it doesn t fit at all So much to love about this book Sophie is a great sympathetic character and one that is easy to start rooting for She s recently lost weight and is making an effort to step away from her shy wallflower status She s put herself out there enough to be considered for a promotion at work, and she s beginning to feel confident like she never has before Faced with the other bridesmaids who look like supermodel sorority girls, all of her insecurities come rushing back and it s hard to break those ingrained habits Add on the fact that Logan, her brother s best friend and her childhood crush, is there to witness once again her inadequacies, and Sophie starts to feel exactly like she did when she was a frumpy, overweight teenage girl But Logan doesn t see her that way He only sees how far she s come He s a good guy, that s all there is to it I got that feeling that even had Sophie still been pimply faced and frumpy, Log
You don t know anything about my needs You need me to strip you naked, bend you over my bed, and slide my cock inside you until you forget what it feels like not to have me filling you The perfect conclusion to a fantastic series, Best Man with Benefits is the story of best man, Logan, and the groom s sister, Sophie As I was reading the series which I strongly recommend reading in order for the best experience , the little hints at what was brewing between Sophie and Logan had my curiosity really piqued I wasn t sure how I d like their story since I m not typically a big fan of extremely shy and introverted heroines, but I gotta say, I really liked Sophie.Grown tired of the Old Sophie , the New Sophie is determined to shed her old image and embrace life A wallflower living in bulky sweatshirts and baggy jeans, clinging to an extra twenty pounds like a buffer against the world An unfulfilled woman who wouldn t know passion and excitement except through the racy text accompanying the erotic product offerings of the spicy website she designed and maintained for her firm s biggest client Enter Logan McCade, the overw
4 We just kept massaging the deal until everyone felt good about it Stars Best Man With Benefits brings us to the end of what has been an absolutely spectacular series I have enjoyed each and every book for different reasons, and I know without doubt I will revisit the characters and their stories again and again in the future.Logan Pantyripper McCade and Sophie Brooks, have been a part of the previous 3 books, but not to any massive extent, and you know what they always say about the quiet ones Why are you punishing me For making me want you If it s any consolation, I want, you too Another thing I have liked about the books in this series is that each and every character has been different they have all had their own unique qualities, back story and issues Some have been a little deeper than others, but all have been well developed and easy to empathise with Different doesn t always mean incompatible I felt a massive connection to Sophie this is a woman who likes to blend into the background, stay out of the limelight and is happier in her own company, rather than that of her peers She has made a few changes in her life recently,
4 Discovering The Beauty Within Through His Eyes We have reached a place awareness a clearer picture of all the types of bullying that can take place during the formative years I think we all have known about the practice of teasing the girl who developed early or the boy who was slight and didn t fit in These things have happened for hundreds of years all over the globe But with the advent of the internet, unfortunately life changing decisions by those who were teased have been made into stories for the 5 o clock news causing us to be a little willing to share our own experiences or encourage others to come forward Because what thoughtless children distracted teachers and even well meaning parents say during this time of growth creates the lens we see ourselves through.The last couple of the Wedding Dare grouping of books is Logan and Sophie They are the last piece to this terrific series based on a destination wedding between friends and family We have observed the same week through all four couples and although each is easily read without the others there is an added joy when all are read in succession Sophie is the baby sister of Colton, the groom She knows all of the guys from way back They all have looked at her as the girl who would always take a dare and willing to hang out with them There was 8 years difference between her and Colton, so when she really needed protecting from the bullie
I absolutely loved this one It was funny, sexy and so sweet that I found myself finishing it and immediately re reading it That s how much I loved this book.Its about Sophie, a shy, socially awkward 20 something year old that feels she s been living a boring and mundane life Setting three goals for herself, Sophie plans to come out of her shell while at her brother s week long pre wedding party.Logan, a workaholic, is determined to give his responsibilities as Best Man top priority So when his friend asks him to keep an eye on his little sister knowing she could very well hole up in her room the whole week rather than face the crowds Logan doesn t think twice about committing.What follows is an amazing guy and an equally amazing woman finding their special someone with each other Like I mentioned before, this was a really sweet romance When I rate a book five stars it s because it was a story I really enjoyed, but also because I fell in love with both the H and h That was the case here I can relate to Sophie, with her confidence issues, insecurities, and social hang ups But I loved that she was brave, loyal, and honest Logan, oh Logan, it wasn t hard to fall hard for this latest Book Boyfriend He listened to Sophie s wants, her needs and her fears.My favorite line Wat
4 stars Best man Logan cant help but be attracted to the off limits younger sister of the Groom to be, Sophie But can he break her out of her shell and prove she is beautiful on the inside and out Shy introvert heroines are not normally my favourite type of heroines but Sophie was a cute little thing Although her insecurities were a bit frustrating at times Logan was amazing and I loved the confidence he brought out of her Their en