Being Mr. Blakemore (Blakemore Files #7)

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This was a captivating ride to Snarkville that had me entranced for 2 hours Ms Olivia s BWWM IR novels are quickly becoming a permanent part of my top 10 Gotta Have It list of IR Romance novels..My only issue with this book was the cliffhanger, and the lack of an satisfy
Wow I remember now In one of the Blake stories I remember when Ryanne was in the store and Delgado was having a conversation in his head about what her deceased husband had reported to him about Ryanne I remember he invited her out and seduced her Their soon to be born child was conceived during that time Elizondo Renteria must be the other Renteria s brother for wasn t it roughly eight months earlier that they all cruised together If this the right Renteria, wh
Great seriesEach of the Balti books are a complete story but you need to start with the first book so you can learn the characters and the storyline Her books are so funny and I think without reading the other books you d miss out on a lot o
One heck of a ride Wow the excitement intrigue just continues on And there continue to be moments where I laugh out loud I do fear however that some of these endearing characters will die horribly and I m saddened by that But Kudos to Ms Gainesa wonderful writer Well onto the next adventure I love how Olivia Gaines mixes romance, drama, and humor to make her characters real I love them all even Eduardo the drug king pin Her characters grow on you This story also shows that Eduardo loves family and does what is needed to ke
Oh my Gherrddd Laugh out loud HILARIOUS Do not read this book out in public because you will be getting side eyes from everyone when they hear you cackling like a hyena A Very Good Adventurous Romantic ComedyBeing Mr Balti The Blake Files Book 7 is a very good adventurous romantic comedy that earned a rating of five stars This Blake installment was just as hilarious as the others in the series It was laugh out loud funny and I enjoyed reading this boo
Being Mr Blake, Being Mr Blake, is a laugh out loud, action packed, sskicking read I enjoyed the characters and how they relate to each other The continuing storyline just grabs youand doesn t let go until the end I laughed so hard and often at Saxon and Eduardo Waiting on the next one. Great Read The Blake series never fails to entertain If you are in need of a good laugh, this is the series for you I encourage you to read it in order While you can consider it a romance, you will not miss the sometimes unnecessarily graphic sex scenes Thank you Ms Gaines 5 stars