Ardennes 1944: Hitler's Last Gamble

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There have been truckloads of books on the Battle of the Bulge, so when a new book comes out, sometimes you have to ask, what new can be said about a Battle, or appropriately a series of Battles, that have been examined and reexamined dozens if not hundreds of times Well as this book proves, nothing really Antony Beevor s book doesn t really bring anything new to the table all of the information that is presented has been presented elsewhere This is not to surprising Even having said this it isn t wise to just toss aside a book because it brings no new facts to the table In this case while it presents nothing new in the way of information, it does organize it well and makes it very easy to read Battles as a whole are not the focus of this book Instead it is geared towards the human condition While the book does include descriptions of battles How can you have a book on the Battle of the Bulge and not have any battles In general these are brief and overview than detail The real details are given in regards to the conditions of the soldiers involved He also deals with the
It is serious, well written I read it like a thriller Beevor mixes the university excellence and an accessible writing There is a people who always fascinates me I had discovered him in Paxton s book It is Montgomery This mixture of orgueil and of mediocrity fascina
I received this book through a First Reads giveaway on Goodreads I ve read a number of Antony Beevor s books Stalingrad The Fateful Siege, 1942 1943 and The Fall of Berlin 1945 being two of my favorites and his latest is up to his usual excellent standards Deeply researched, meticulous in detail, and full of helpful maps, Beevor provides a day by day account of the Battle of the Bulge that manages to bring clarity to what was a very confusing battle of multiple attacks and counter attacks, and deftly covers the conflicts and tensions among the Allied High Command This book is in many ways what I consider military history for the armchair general lots of descriptions of when a specific military unit advanced to a particular hamlet to engage a specific enemy military unit So if you are not the type who relishes flipping back and forth to the maps and the Order of Battle to follow along precisely what and where is happening which I do, much to the amusement of other family me
Antony Beevor has once again written a gripping and well researched account of a WW2 battle that deserves to be placed high on the list of the myriad books on the topic Ardennes 1944 Hitler s Last Gamble holds nothing back in its evocative overview of the moments of despair and elation of both Axis and Allied soldiers as they struggled in the depths, muck and mire of the wooded German landscape The reader is transported into the damp and dark foxholes as Panzers roll overhead in an attempt to bury soldiers alive while men huddle and try, largely unsuccessfully, to avoid trench foot and the chill of the forest One cannot help but notice that Beevor s comparisons to the misery of the Eastern Front are incredibly astute.As with most of Beevor s excellent accounts, detailed maps along with his descriptive prowess provide the reader an eagle eye view of the positions of men circled in Bastogne and heartbreaking losses as competing armies struggle ba
Antony Beevor brings his historical expertise and writing abilities to the Ardennes Offensive of the winter, 1944 45, or the Battle of the Bulge, as it s known in America This was the American Army s largest battle ever, and the corpus of written material on it is similarly immense Do we really need another book about this battle Well, Beevor does bring some new material to the table, such as the fate of civilians trapped in the battle, or who managed to flee, and to the towns, villages and farms which were destroyed by both sides extensive use of aerial or artillery firepower And while the massacre of American prisoners by their SS German captors at Malmedy is notorious, he also points out that the Americans themselves took their revenge in a bloody fashion, and with the connivance or approval of high ranking American officers Indeed, one of his main points is that even by the standards of the Second World War in Western Europe, this battle was notable for its savagery and enormous numbers of casualties Fighting in the dead of winter did not improve things Another strong point of this book is how Beevor manages to strip the fighting of whatever glorious aspects it might have without being preachy Nonetheless, the American Army, with some
An excellent account of the Ardennes Offensive I ve read many a book about this campaign the United States Army gives it campaign status Alsace Ardennes so I m always looking for a different approach Mr Beevor has a style that looks at the military situation in depth, but not to the point of overwhelming the reader with platoon and battalion movements He mixes the unit histories with personal accounts ,from both sides, and the civilians caught in the middle I can t help comparing him with the World War II histories that I devoured when I was a kid Many of those books ,from my youth, were written in the fifties and sixties They rarely concerned themselves with the suffering that the ground war inflicted on the civilian population As a result I had the image of Europe as an underpopulated continent Yes there were civilians, but when it came time for the armies to clash they were thoughtfully out of the way When I would view the photos and films of troops fighting ,among the ruins of villages and cities, it never dawned on me that there were civilians possibly many still there among the ruins as well I certainly never considered that the destruction of the infrastructure could lead to famine, cholera, pestilence and so on By the seventies historians began to look at the devestation that the war inflicted on the civilians on all sides but the focus was still on the combatants it seems I
To be specific 3.75 5 but that s just minor nagging mainly because I d love some maps to help the reader draw a better picture as he watches this documentary OK, I have to confess that Antony Beevor is my favourite war historian but there is good reason for that Most of his books are written in a way that we get the feeling we watch a detailed documentary, verging on historical fiction at some points and not a true history book But be not mistaken, this is history as real as it can
Five stars for research Readers should just try and imagine the mental torture of being colder, wetter and apprehensive than one could possibly imagine I think the saddest thing I took from reading the book was the fact that the senior German Generals were unable to persuade Hitler to
A solid account of The Battle Of The Bulge , Germany s last ditch attempt to halt the advance of the Western Allies in December 1944 January 1945 As well as his usual meticulous research, author Anthony Beevor adds some macabre thoughts and comments from soldiers on both sides along with details which are extremely upsetting, such as the murder of US troops and civilians by the Waffen SS and reprisals by US troops who killed German troops after they surrendered Beevor points to the disturbing fact that a number of Allied generals openly approved of the shooting of prisoners in retaliation.Belgian civilians suffered as numerous battles raged around the countryside and Allied generals bickered among themselves Beevor captures the continual atmosphere of confusion which lasted throughout the fighting and sometimes it s difficult to keep u