Archangel Rising

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Top of my list for guilty pleasures definitely has to be the books in the Odyssey One Odysseus Archangel ongoing series I absolutely adore those books and eagerly devour them as soon as I can get my hands on them In much the same way that the original Star Wars was just plain fun, these books are thrilling, have great characters, and at the end always make me want to punch my fist in the air and yell superlatives With this second book in the Archangel Series, we have the same great adventure, space battles, outwitting of opponents, and the humor at watching the Imperials think the Earth people are insane.For those wondering where these Archangel books take place in the series, they are a seamless continuation of the original series and other than a new name, nicely continue the major storylines Odysseus characters are half the book along with the Archangel assignment of pirating privateering So the change in name has really to do about this being a new arc in the main series in this case, Steph using the new Archangels to gain intel through anonymous privateering rather than a side story or deviation from the main plot.Story Steph has gained valuable intelligence for Earth but needs some tribute to impress his Kingdom partners They decide to hijack a remote mining outpost that provides a valuable and extremely rare material that Earth could use and that the Kingdom needs But once there, they find a slave colony whose families are kept in a small station under constant threat of instant annihilation if the slaves revolt Steph will have to be clever here not to blow his cover, not to give away the valuable tech of the Archangels, and especially to stay alive when the mission complicates in very unpredictable ways Meanwhile, Weston has the Odysseus escorting Priminae transport ships to evacuate border colonies jeopardized by Imperial incursions When they come across a fleet lying in wait and cloaked, Weston is badly outnumbered and gunned A cat and mouse game ensues that could go very wrong if Weston doesn t read the enemy commander correctly.As can be seen, the book has two fronts Steph s attack on the mining colony while Weston has to figure out a way to engage the Imperial fleet with seriously inferior tonnage and firepower he has to prevent them from attacking the colony The mining station assault is great with Steph putting his valuable marines in key places that can t fail while also trying to create a viable force out of the Free Stars pirates he took on when he captured his Flying Dutchman ship The key theme is that the Free Stars have been living in the shadow of the Imperials for so long that they have forgotten strategy and tactics as well as being victim to poor funding.Weston, meanwhile, has his faithful ships of Bellerophon Bell and Boudicca as well as a small fleet looking to aid the Priminae colony They won t make it to the colony Weston s key crew spots the Imperial fleet using stolen Earth cloaking tech and thus begins a game Weston plays with the enemy intelligence officer do we see you or don t we It s quite fun and I enjoyed the cat and mouse game quite a bit.In both arcs, Steph and Weston outwit their opponents several times but not always without serious incident That s what makes the books so much fun the surprises that always come, both good and bad, as they play their war games Currie provides a lot of humor in the scenarios and is clearly having fun with Steph especially in allowing him to enjoy his yo ho pirating The underlying premise is always that the Imperials and Free Stars polities are so unused to war at that level that they no longer know how to pivot or pounce As well, they are all severely constrained by their social structures.From start to finish, I was fully invested in Archangel Rising I used to dislike the sheer number of POVs in Currie s books, especially the aliens who, for the most part, always thought like the Earth people But now I really enjoy reading them most are only a few pages long at most From the various archangel pilots, Imperial commanders, Free Stars miners, security force, families, etc., there are quite a few here But always we come back to Steph and Weston as the leads in the two arcs of this book As well, there is the reappearance of an old foe at the end and I couldn t have been happier about it, too So yes, a great book with a LOT of action this time, both assaulting a space station and, of course, space battles The book ends both arcs nicely but always with an eye to the next book s arc There are plenty of surprises, escalations of conflict, complications in battle, and enjoyable humor to make this a great read The language always flows smoothly and the books never get bogged down on the science If anything, Currie tends to spend time musing on social issues than on the science This is also a series whose audible books I ve enjoyed in the past, though this is reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher. Evan Currie s two connected military science fiction series continue to keep me reading I ve read every book in the Odyssey series and the sort of spin off Archangel now has two books In Archangel One An elite squadron must go undercover behind enemy lines in this thrilling new space adventure from the author of the Odyssey One series Archangel Rising, 2 in the series, continues with Captain Steph Michaels and his Archangel team functioning as privateers in the undercover operation to gain information about the Empire.Action packed, likable ensemble characters For militatry science fiction space opera fans, I would recommend beginning with Odyssey One Into the Black.Read in November.NetGalley 47 NorthSpace Opera Military Science Fiction Jan 14, 2020.