Animal Naps

Animal Naps free Animal Naps , Animal Naps pdf, Animal Naps pdf free,Animal Naps pdf download, Animal Naps epub, Animal Naps ebook, Animal Naps read online, Animal Naps pdf download, Animal Naps epub, Animal Naps kindle, Animal Naps Mobi – Fun, Full Color Photographs Illustrate The Sleeping Habits And Locales Of Than Two Dozen Animals Leopards, Koalas, And Some Types Of Monkeys Sleep High In Trees, While Seals And Tortoises Doze On Sandy Beaches In The Sunshine Kangaroos Cover Their Eyes With Their Paws, And Some Types Of Bats Pull Their Wings Over Their Bodies Like Bedspreads I wish the cover showed on Goodreads, because it is the cutest cover ever Here it is on inner photos are also cute though I remain unconvinced that you can actually tell when fish are sleeping However, the text is very awkward With rhyming verse, I maintain that if you can t knock
The only use this book is is to look at the cute pictures The text, unfortunately, is pretty bad The little poems are bland and not well written But the pictures of the real life animals sleeping are simply adorable This book just did not work for me The pictures are adorable but the prose switches back and forth to rhyming then not rhyming Sometimes it almost seems like the words do not make sense together This frustrates me to give it such a low rating but it was not good Yes it had some bits of information about animals and how or what they do when they take there naps which was cute when you catch the drift.For such a cute cov
Based on the cover, I was expecting a book of photographs of animals sleeping, of an art book than a picture book The content, however, is cutesy picture book than art book The photos themselves are smaller than I expected, with some pages having than one photo, and the photos are acco
This book is all about the pictures They are adorable The poems are not In fact, there were only two that worked for me, and even then they seemed a bit trite I m not a good poetry critic, but even I thought there was much lacking in the poems And I didn t like the layout for the text at all If I were to read this in a storytime or a lap read, I would have us talk about the pictures and completely ignore the text Hard to rate this one, since the pictures are so wonderful They would make the r
This non fiction book uses real life photos to depict different animals and their sleeping patterns.Some animals like puppies and seals huddle together to sleep, and others like kangaroo s and bears sleep alone This book can be used to teach about comparing and contras
The photography is stunning Young children will be enthralled by the many different critters snoozing away The light hearted verse describing each animal pleased my ear until I got to the napping bear and stopped up short midway through the poem, when a stereotype
The photos are enchanting, but the text is a disaster The author needs to stop trying to rhyme and let the illustrations speak for themselves What should be a calm book about sleep becomes a rather frantic jumble. The cover does NOT sell the inside at allI thought this would be a very spare, simple book that would let the power of the awesome photos tell their own story Instead, the amazing photos are overwhelmed by too much poor rhyming text and distracting color blocking and borders. Oh man THE CUTE

➼ Animal Naps  Download ➻ Author Catherine Ham –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Animal Naps
  • Catherine Ham
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9780983201410