Accidentally in Love with...a God?

Accidentally in Love with...a God?free Accidentally in Love with...a God?, Accidentally in Love with...a God? pdf, Accidentally in Love with...a God? pdf free,Accidentally in Love with...a God? pdf download, Accidentally in Love with...a God? epub, Accidentally in Love with...a God? ebook, Accidentally in Love with...a God? read online, Accidentally in Love with...a God? pdf download, Accidentally in Love with...a God? epub, Accidentally in Love with...a God? kindle, Accidentally in Love with...a God? Mobi – Twenty Two Year Old Emma Keane Has A Secret Friend He S Powerful, Mysterious, And Devastatingly Handsome In Her Dreams, Anyway.In Real Life, He S An Enigma Maybe Just A Teensie Jealous Definitely Overbearing He S Also A Voice Only She Can Hear.So Who Or What Is He He Won T Say But If She Wants To Be Free, To Be Normal, Emma Will Have To Trek To The Jungles Once Ruled By The Mayans And Find The Forgotten Ruin Holding The Answers.However, The Ruthless Deity She S About To Unknowingly Unleash On The Modern World, Might Not Be So Easily Extracted From Her Life Bottom Line, He S Got Enemies, And Now, So Does She. This was a riveting paranormal romance story, full of fun, humor, and excitement that kept me up reading late into the night Initially, I didn t expect much from this book, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me.Emma Keane had never experienced a normal life like other girls Ever since she could remember, she d heard the man s voice talking to her, and it d driven her crazy to the point that she couldn t stand it any The only way to get rid of him was to go into the Mexican jungle where his body was, and set him free from the spell that trapped him for seventy years.But after successfully saving him, instead of finally getting her life back, she was thrown into a series of dangerous situations As she was dragged into the world she never knew existed, she discovered who this man really was But the most shocking thing she found out was the truth about herself I enjoyed Emma s character She was very funny Reading her inner dialogue made me laugh so hard Despite the fact that she acted or thought childishly at times, I think I can make an exception for her considering all she had been through I like that she could be strong and brave if needed, and most of all she wasn t a pushover.Guy or Votan, on the other hand, had me frustrated several times He kept telling her to trus
I m being generous with my stars because this book made me laugh Anytime a book can accomplish this, I give an extra star for a tip Got to remember to tip them extra for doing math So, we have Emma, who by all accounts seems to be schizophrenic She has a voice in her head that talks back to her Get this girl a giant dose of Thorazine See There s a bright side to everything But, alas, Emma is not crazy, she has just been talking to a god all of her life He s trapped in a jar I hate when that happens I wonder if this scorpion is the voice in my headSo, he convinces Emma to travel to a jungle in Mexico to release him from his jar And, guess what Jar guy is super hot Lucky Emma NO Not Jar Jar Jar GUY is hot Stupid Jar Jar ruins everything Aaannnd, a bunch of creepy guys want to kill Emma So, Jar Guy is trying to protect her But, she s basically an idiot It s hard to pro
A great introduction to a new paranormal romance I really don t do these because I think I m terrible at them, so forgive me beforehand This is my very first book review.What I really noticed first about this book were the pre hispanic mythological deities on the cover Well doh I m at least 1 4 hispanic But I really loved the book in general It s well written and developed It s funny and the characters are lovable it s even ki
The main girl, Emma whine, whine, whine, be judgmental, whine, whine, be self absorbed The main guy, Guy I m being secretive for your own good I am sure it is the intention of the author to make Emma whine during her distressing circumstances as Emma was described as whiny in the words of the book What I am not sure is if I am supposed to react to all of this positively Was I supposed to find Emma whining as realistic because a person in her situation would complain about it Was I supposed to find her strong for standing up to Guy and complaining about things, whether she was right or wrong Was I supposed to find their constant bickering with the back and forth of Emma s whining and accusations and Guy s refusing to tell her things for her own good funny or amusing To be fair, I do understand that she is in a terrible situation, with people chasing after her and wanting to kill her, and being frustrated at Guy for not telling her anything However, I also understand Guy s choice not to tell her because every time he
Accidentally in Love with A God is the first book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff s Accidentally Yours series It s a light read with a fun mix of fantasy and paranormal romance, infused with gods, goddesses, curses, plans for world domination and, most importantly, hot, sexy men Cover Twenty two year old Emma Keane has a secret friend He s powerful, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome In her dreams, anyway.In real life, he s an enigma Maybe just a teensie jealous Definitely overbearing He s also a voice only she can hear.So who or what is he He won t say But if she wants to be free, to be normal, Emma will have to trek to the jungles once ruled by the Mayans and find the forgotten ruin holding the answers.However, the ruthless deity she s about to unknowingly unleash on the modern world might not be so easily extracted from her life Bottom line, he s got enemies, and now, so does she This is such an entertaining story It s got a great plot, a hot, hunky hero, a sassy heroine, lots of humor and some steam, and there s a great supporting cast All those things ar
The world of this novel is fascinating It kept me going through almost two thirds of the book with poor characterization and a flat story.I kind of wanted to like Emma She s sweet, but with a hard edge that makes her unafraid to push back on some awful behavior by Guy or anybody else, for that matter Unfortunately, she s also either prone to wild mood swings or subject to an author s taste for needless drama I lean towards the latter that has her continually signing up for abuse.And Guy is just an idiot Also a jerk A jerkiot He lies, breaks his promises, discounts Emma needlessly, and is rather brutal
This book was hilarious, with good world building But the main characters were really frustrating. Emma Keane is 22 years old and just wants to be a normal, single woman She wants to go out on normal dates, flirt, have fun But that s a little hard to do when you have had a voice in your head your entire life, a very sexy voice at that But he s always there, intruding, bossing her around, being protective of her She wonders if she is crazy Especially when the voice whom she has named Guy, convinces her that she must travel to Mexico deep into the jungle to free him from captivity where he has been for the past 70 years But she is willing to do anything to rid herself of his presence Little did she know of the adventure that waits for her Guy or Votan which is his real name, is a God The God of Death and War to be exact He is 70,000 years old and has been trapped for so long His connection to Emma is the only thing that has kept him sane And, she is the only one that can free him Once she does, can he let her go Or is their connection deeper than that I wasn t sure just what to expect with this book It is the first book in the Accidentally Yours series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff What I got was a fun, sexy book full of great one liners and plenty of snarkiness Emma is a feisty young woman that is thrown into a world she had no idea existed And on top of th
I m sorry but I can t stand either of the main characters and I don t really care what happens to them I gave up at 42%Emma has done nothing but moan and complain about everything since the very first page Admittedly Guy would irritate the heck out of anyone but that doesn t mean I want to listen to her whining on for page after page Guy talks to Emma like crap even though she is going out of her way to rescue him He constantly belittles her and keeps secrets that put her in danger for no apparent reason I was over the moon when she kneed him in the nuts because he totally deserved it I also can t understand why every single man Emma comes across seems to have the hots for her, she has kissed 3 different men in the last couple of chapters and I ve reached the point where I m just not interested any .There have been some amusing one liners in the stor
3.5 stars This man, or whatever he was, radiated hazard He should come equipped with a set of blinking lights or flares He was bad Very, very, bad. I m a sucker for a good PNR Add in a feisty heroine and a sexy hero, and I m one happy girl So why didn t I love this book It had all the right ingredients for a 5 star read for me Humor, great writing, rich world building, action, it had it all Maybe it s a case of me being too picky, maybe not But for whatever reason, this came out to be just an OK read for me.I think my problem was with the romance I just didn t feel the love between Emma and Guy They bickered so much when they were together, I think the only time they got along somewhat was talking to each other in their minds There was so much back and forth from both sides that I started to get irritated.Guy would go from caring to rude to seductive to plain mean I couldn t catch up Emma was a great heroine she was feisty, quirky, and funny I knew I d like her from the first chapter Guy had his moments At times I liked him, most times I wanted to smack him.The pace of the story was pretty good, up until the end The ending felt a bit rushed to me The epilogue

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