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Career As The Creative Mastermind Behind Marvel S Spectacular Universe Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Isabella Stocka Welcome true believers, this is Stan Lee We re about to embark the exploration of a fantastic new universe and the best part is that you are gonna create it with me I never thought I would hear his voice again expect from some videos on YouTube, but here he is, sharing his brilliant mind with his audience for the last time The Man The Myth The Legend Mr Stan Lee You may cry, you ll explore, and you ll see yourself in some of it You ll try to imagine the scenes and take the gift of a beautiful message with you You may know me as a storyteller, but hey on this journey consider me your guide I provide the witty and wonderful worlds and you create the sights, sounds, and adventures All you need to take part is your brain So take a listen and think big, no bigger, we make it an epic Stan Lee s Alliances A Trick of Light AudibleCreated by Stan Lee, Luke Lieberman, and Ryan Silbert with it co written by Kat Rosenfield, A Trick of Light is the first instalment in the Alliances series, which combines new heroes and their adventures in a fast evolving world It also focuses on what makes us unique and the need to be connected and to not feel alone What makes this project even special is that we cannot dive into the pages of a comic book and see the story unfold before our eyes, but instead, you are invited to create this world by yourself while listening to Yara Shahidi s The Sun is also a Star, Grown ish voice.Within the story, 17 year old genius hacker, Nia, is the loneliest girl in the world Her world consists of only two people, herself and her father She spends her days in a hologram classroom to learn everything there is about the world she so desperately wants to experience for real She is not permitted to get out and know anyone in person, but she is allowed to go online and have her own social media accounts But this is not enough for her and she intends to free herself.Then there s unmuscular nerd Cameron who goes out on his boat to shoot a new video for his YouTube channel when a storm appears, and he is struck by lightning This video will bring him the attention he was looking for at last Finally, he will become famous Waking up in hospital, he realises that he has changed and he is able to connect to every electronic device He is overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of information, and it seems he has become cyberkinetic With technology ever evolving, Cameron also puts his new abilities to use and creates VR contact lenses and AR goggles.Cameron must now accept what he has gained and soon he meets Nia in an online game They quickly become friends and have the idea to create their own space in the internet where they are safe from everyone who monitors online activities At some point, they cross paths with OPTIC who wants their skill set for their own evil plans However, no one is aware of the mysterious galactic threat which is on its way to earth to destroy humankind.Together and with the help of Cameron s best friend, Juaquo, and Nia s father, they have to have the power to master even the most impossible situations Remember when I created characters like the Fantastic Four and the X Men We were fascinated by science and awed by the mysteries of the great beyond Cameron, Nia, and Juaquo all had at least one person in their lives which they loved, but they still felt alone For them, and many of us here in reality, the internet provides connections and the ability to meet others so A Trick of Light really explores this evolving way of connecting with people For Nia, the digital world is everything she has She calls strangers friends even though she probably will never meet and still, she is grateful that she has them However, as much as the internet connects us, it can also divide us with many spending the day in their own bubble checking social media and not spending time in the real world Today we consider a nearer deeper unknown one inside ourselves we asked What is real A world that we are born into or the one we create ourselves As the story progresses, Nia discovers that most of her life was a lie and she does not know who or what she is any, while Cameron discovers how Nia was involved in his freak accident that caused his powers Juaquo on the other hand has to ask himself if he still wants to hold on to his past, or slowly let go of it and star truly living These three characters really embody how many young people, and really people of any age, can feel lost or out of touch at some point in their lives It shows that no matter what they are facing, they all want to feel accepted as the individuals they are You have to believe in yourself and find that confidence The trio also find themselves in a battle against a cosmic evil power and they have to find their true power within themselves They have to realise that they do not need to stay on the path they happened to be on just because someone or something has put them there.Online or offline, we are the masters of our fate As we begin this story, we find humanity lost within is own techno bubble With each citizen the star of their own digital fantasy But the real conundrum is, just because we have the ability to recreated ourselves, should we Excelsior For the last time, Stan Lee has not only has given us a new adventure which takes place in our modern world, but he also shares with us his wisdom and gives us a last powerful message We are all seeking acceptance We want to be a part of something and know that we are loved and give that love back We want to connect We need to connect We are stronger together and both respect and love are stronger than hate Thanks to creation of the internet, we have the possibility to reach out and do far than we can imagine, if we chose to use it wisely.You will not find a stereotypical superhero in this story You will find a group of young adults who use the technology around them to conquer loneliness and even an unknown galactic power In a way, it s almost a metaphor as there s times where it feel like we will never be able to conquer something, but in fact only need to look inside ourselves and around us because the answer could be right in front of you Without giving too much away, Nia s journey is the one that shows the path which we all have to take at some point.Although it s a new original story and a new story universe, there are some hints that Nia, Cameron, and Juaquo s adventure is taking place in the same universe as previous stories in which we get to know Thor or S.H.I.E.L.D As the book ends, we know that the cosmic threat will take a bigger part in the upcoming books and that three people fighting it will not be enough They need to build an army A Trick of Light is now available from Audible There s also some good news for those of you, who are not fans of audiobooks as A Trick of Light will be available in print this September Thank you to Audible for providing The Nerd Daily with a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was completely caught off guard to find that Stan Lee had one surprise for his fans, hidden up his sleeve an audio novel, no less As soon as the book was announced, I wanted to listen to the snippet provided by Audible, and by the first few moments, I had completely lost myself to the magic of this special book I already knew with absolute certainty that this book would be my next Top Favorite Book of the Year Stan Lee created a new kind of super hero story, one that s really refreshing, yet still typical of Lee s body of work And, I loved both of our new, super hero protagonists, Cameron Ackerson and Nia, who are introduced in this book I ve got my fingers crossed so hard right now, hoping that there s gonna be another book or two to finish out the overall story ARCI hope Stan can hear me from beyond the veil, when I say thank you, for this final bit of joy, from you to me to everyone I d also like to thank Kat Rosenfield, Stan s production team, and the narrator, Yara Shahidi, for harmoniously blending this book into one perfect, and delightful package Bless you Stan, for bringing such Joy to so many of us, for so many years Rest in peace, and harmony An entertaining popcorn film style of YA narrative There s some depth of themes and ideas, but overall the narration and story didn t enthrall me it was lacking in greater sophistication, theatre, and was a little bland for my personal tastes There would be many other superhero or YA fiction fans who would love this and find the narration acceptable However, if you want some brilliant narration I must say that I have been spoiled with a few readers recently Mary Robinette Kowal, Michael Kramer, Tim Gerard and Patricia Rodriguez were particularly notable in how they varied their tones for different characters and moments. I thought I would love this story, but I just felt okay about it Part of it may have been the reader for the audiobook she was too flat for an action story for me Even in moments of high excitement and tension, she kept the same tone Sometimes that can be okay, but when paired with the dramatic music and occasional sound effects, it was a bit odd The story itself didn t really hold my attention I feel like the beginning was a bit too long, which was odd because it still had an insta love romance It was confusing I didn t feel connection to the characters, so I just finished the story going through the motions. This was a good book its was full of moments were i was at the edge of my seat even though it was 11 hours it felt like it was much quicker I was listening to it on a car journey and it points i was just yelling at the back seat of the car. Decent start, promising first chapters, but turned out to be just okay even a bit sobering considering this work having Stan Lee as its flagship.Ann Leckie fans might appreciate it .Though enjoyed Yara Shahidi s reading performance much There s nothing I can point to that as my reason for not being super into this story The first chapters were good I was intrigued and the ideas were great view spoiler Kid gets struck by lightning and got Forge like or Doug Ramsey like powers Those are two of my favorite mutants I was so IN hide spoiler Alliances A trick of the light is a fairly decent read The story itself is very current and deals with the ills of modern society however the plot feels forced at certain points and the narrative makes sharp unexpected turns that are disorienting than fun.Yara is ok as a narrator but I m not sure her voice fits the tone of the book I think she d be better suited for non fiction historical narration than action adventure titles She didn t do a horrible job but if you re an avid listener of audio books you anticipate voice actors that can deliver unique qualities to characters in a way that makes you forget there is only one person reading the story As much as I did enjoy Yara for the 11 hours I spent with her pleasant soothing voice I knew it was her the whole time.Overall it s a decent title to listen to while traveling and going for a walk I got it mostly for Stan Lee s namesake and for that I enjoy his ability to deliver heavy relevant subject matter in a digestible format for all ages.

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