A Matter of Will

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A fun book for sure Sort of a Godfather meets Wall Street that pits wet behind the ears stockbroker Will Matthews with a filthy rich rich stranger who met him at a hockey game and made him an offer he couldn t But as Will Matthews soon learns, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.At first, Will who is struggling to make his quarterly quota of new clients is puzzled by the out of the blue attention he gets from Samuel Abaddon and by proxy, Sam s drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, Eve After turning over ludicrous amounts of money to Will to supervise, Sam showers the young man with expensive dinners and other high priced treats all with no apparent strings attached Despite a few why me moments, Will can t help but think he s died and gone to heaven.As all this is going on, lawyer Gwen Lipton is trying to make a name for herself in the huge firm for which she works, but she can t escape the reality that she s just treading water Needless to say, neither Will nor Gwen have much time for a personal life, but they both turn to dating apps once in a while for quickie meetups that both hope might turn into something meaningful And surprise well, not really the two meet up and hit it off Any real romance, though, is destined for the back burner as Sam s demands on Will s time grow by the minute and Gwen suddenly gets assigned to one of the firm s highest prof
4 Stars Publication Date June 25, 2019Will Matthews is a young guy trying to make it on Wall Street as a wealth manager with a large firm Worried he may not make his quota and risk being fired, he feels that he hits to jackpot when he meets Sam Abaddon, a very wealthy man who seems to want to invest with Will He also meets Gwen, an attorney that seems to be just perfect for him Lots of good things coming his way, he seems to be getting it all That s where I will stop and save any further details as I don t want to spoil the plot I really enjoyed this I liked Adam Mitzner s writing style and his character development of Will and Gwen It was fast paced
I m pretty sure that A Matter of Will is my first foray into the world of bestselling author Adam Mitzner, and it certainly didn t disappoint me not in the slightest It s a surprisingly ambitious thriller with a plethora of twists pushing you into backing the wrong horse Because of this, I found myself having to constantly revise my opinion to suit the changing situation as I feverishly turned the pages desperately daring the dastardly Mr Mitzner to fool me again and to my glee, he obliged several times Now it s not often I appreciate being taken for a ride but the plotting was just so wickedly clever that I revelled in my utter foolishness for the entirety of the book.Barely a page goes by without some form of excitement and once it gets going the pace is pretty spot on It s a refreshingly original
Will is a stockbroker that s about to get fired for not meeting his quarterly quota A co worker gives him a ticket to the NY Rangers game and he sits next to Sam a mysterious super duper wealthy man who hands him 18 million to invest Lucky guy This book reminded me of the movie Wall StreetMichael Douglas as SamCharlie Sheen as WillDarryl Hannah as EveAlthough Darryl Hannah is not miss innocent interior designer she claims to be.Naive showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.That s the first word that came to mind to describe
I enjoyed the book because of the individual characters, especially Gwen It s hard not to like Gwen since she is sincere, honest, beautiful, and has a sharp wit Almost all the other characters are cheats, liars, dumb, or out for themselves, including Will. Nothing goes as expected for Wall Street broker Will until a sudden passing of a friend leaves him with a business deal he d only dreamed of with a hot romance as an added bonus.Now feeling on cloud nine Will is finally reaping the rewards but don t get yourself in a tizzy just yet as things are abo
A Matter of Will was a fun ride that I would highly recommend It s the story of a young Wall Street broker, the titular Will, a mysterious and hugely wealthy couple, Eve and Sam, and Will s girlfriend Gwen, a young lawyer One night at a NY Rangers game, Will meets Eve and Sam Days later Sam brings Will into his heady world and invests heavily with him, a life changer for Will Concurrently, Will meets Gwen through a dating app, and they quickly fall in love Although the story is primarily about Will, Eve, and Sam, there is also a side plot involving Gwen who is participating in a huge murder trial Everything is sunshine and unicorns for Will and Gwen until the day he witnesses a murder The novel reminded me of movies like The Devil s Advocate and The Firm where young up and comers learn the hard way that if it seems too good to be true, run The reader knows pretty much how things are going to go for young Will, but that in no way detracts from the
I have to say Adam Mitzner has become one of my favorite authors He can write, and his plots are twisty and divine.This book tells the story of a broker trainee Will, who meets a mysterious couple who seem to be able to grant Will s wildest wish to be a success on Wall Street.With the woman of his dreams by his side a young lawyer named Gwen it seems like Will is ready to take New York by storm, but quickly things turn out not to be quite as great as they seem.Everything I have read by Mitzner has been amazing I enjoy his detail, realistic dialogue, and interesting plots In addition, he is a rare male author that does not diminish his female characters And, even though many of his plots are wildly unrealistic, he writes so well, as a reader you will be there every step of the way With a
Adam Mitzner s A Matter of Will is his best work yet The main character, Will Matthews, is an innocent dreamer who truly believes that people are good and trustworthy His naivet blinds him to the cold reality that unfolds in this unpredictable page turner w